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​Striking styles for your small hallway

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They say the first impression is what counts, and today we want to help make your house’s first interior impression a positive one. Yes, we are of course talking about the hallway – that small corner where one doesn't really linger for too long. This is a very fleeting space in the home, where we literally just grab our coats (or hang them up) before leaving (or entering) the house. However, just because we don’t spend a lot of time in the hallway is no excuse to let our designer guards down. 

Your hallway is the greeting for your guests. It gives them an idea of the style, colours, and décor they are about to discover in the rest of your house.  

But should you still feel a bit uncertain about the type of “look” you want your hallway to flaunt, fear not – for today, we bring you no less than 7 striking styles that could be perfect for your home’s primary greeting spot. And regardless of how small that space may be, you are sure to find a few hot tips to boost your hallway to the “wow” level!

Modern: impress your guests

It is no coincidence that the modern design has become a favourite among many many designers, architects and homeowners worldwide. With its neutral colours, simplistic linear vision and asymmetrical balance, it always leaves a “wow” impression. And that is why it was the first style on our list for today. 

Making a modern hallway / entrance hall does not mean a complex situation with an immense diversity of textures. Clean, calm and quiet – as they say, less is more. Should you seek some visual representation, see our example above by Renato Lincoln. The overall palette is a neutral blend of whites and beige; however, some additional colours creep in for visual effect (like that stormy blue side table with two sunshine-glow pots for a striking colour contrast). 

Clear floors, clean floating steps, and a delicious pebble section beneath the staircase that offsets prominently with the overall sleekness of the room. Keeping this hallway clean and tidy will be easy as 1, 2, 3!

Minimalist: the windowless entryway

It happens very rarely that the hallway entrance has its own windows. Most of the time it relies on the window from the adjoining room for neutral lighting. For this reason, we want to emphasise the importance of adding artificial light sources to your entry hall (unless you, your family and friends have superior night vision). There is nothing worse than having a departing guest stumble into the hat stand / stub his toe against the wall due to lack of lighting – that can be equally embarrassing for the both of you. 

The absence of a window in your hallway already provides you with a clean space – which can be quite perfect for the magic of minimalism. Here Biarari E Rodrigues show us how to focus on only the essential elements. Focusing on the presence of space instead of decor, the minimalist style is all about tranquillity and clear areas. A handful of wall art, a chair and a potted plant – plus your fabulous downlighters to fully optimise your winning selection of wallpaper – and you’re set!

Mediterranean: for the holiday atmosphere

If you can’t go to Italy or Greece every day, then bring Italy or Greece to you! A splash of Mediterranean flavour in your entry hall can be just the thing for that permanent, relaxing vibe in your home. 

First of all, add the essence of summer: flowers and plants that will induce a batch of fresh fragrances into your entry hall. Then add the materials: wood, wicker and stone are favourite options in the Mediterranean realm, and they go stunningly with strong natural colours like earth browns, greens or blues. 

As shown in our example by Prestigious above, sunshine is a must here, so be sure that your entry hall is coated in natural lighting. And you might want to add a fantastic mirror to enhance that reflective element – just to be sure!

Asian: receive the harmony

We've departed from the Mediterranean, but will now make a quick detour for a bit of Eastern flavour. As we are all about pleasing everybody, we feel it’s essential to touch on this very popular style as well. 

Similar to minimalism, the Asian style takes a very simple and direct approach to its designs – that is what makes it so attractive. So, if you want to bring some Asian flavour to your hallway, then opt for materials such as bamboo (which can be used for flooring, furniture, frames and blinds). Sisal is a well-known choice for rugs. And remember to use colours that contrast perfectly with each other – see how well Ociohogar above offset warm earth tones with cool steel colours.   

And for that ultimate oriental décor, why not add a bonsai? Plants are always welcome in any space, yet this is the ideal add-on to welcome your guests with an Asian touch.

Country: that old-school charm

For a delightful greeting from yesteryear, you can go either country or rustic – both have the same charming appeal. Ltd. SCOPE took the reins on this one and brought in wonderful touches of old décor pieces that sport rustic finishes.

As shown above, wood is an important material to use, whether painted in an off-white tone or kept in its natural, delicious brown. Wall hooks for the hats/scarves and a wooden bench for the shoes (or firewood, as shown) work a treat. And see how beautifully they all mix together in soft whites and browns, proving that country/rustic does not necessarily have to mean harsh, scratchy surfaces. 

To boost your decorative objects, add a handful of field flowers for a final, charming touch.

Eclectic: a soothing palette

Eclectic generally notes a mixture between styles; where ancient meets modern, East blends in with West, and luxury goes hand in hand with simplicity. A combination of styles, personalities and tastes generally means a mixture (or contrast) between colours and textures, resulting in a very vivid vision. 

However, that does not have to be the case. T2 Arquitectura & Interiores show us that eclectic can also look quite serene and peaceful. Elements (furniture, décor and other trinkets) each bring their own unique style to the room with wood, stainless steel and other patterns, yet all flaunt the same neutral palette of whites, browns and a touch of black.  

And with an entrance wall like the one shown above (colourful pictures hung in stunning black-on-white frames), your visitors’ interests are sure to get hooked immediately!

Industrial: make an amazing entrance

Definitely a unique approach to design is the industrial style. With its exposed structures and raw, natural materials, it usually looks a bit “unfinished” – and that is exactly the formula to its success. 

Should you deem this urban look to be most desirable for your entry hall, then look for rustic pieces, recycled materials, and exposed surfaces such as brick and wood. Opt for neutral colour tones that show off a dash of vivid colour (such as that bright red splash flaunted by Cip Architekten Ingenieure above). 

Et viola! An amazing how-do-you-do for your guests upon entrance! 

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Which style would fit perfectly into your home? Let us know in the comments!

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