​14 garden furniture ideas to lure you outside

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A garden for entertaining in Charlesworth Design Minimalist style garden
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The temperatures have become warmer, the skies bluer, and sunny days are much more frequent (well, as much as they can be here in the UK). But still, here on homify we love spending time outdoors, especially when said outdoors are just as comfortable, practical and stylish as the indoors. Which brings to a vital overlooked factor: garden furniture.

Who says one can’t pay extra attention to how gardens, patios, terraces and even tiny little balconies are styled up? Nobody ever said that you require hectares and hectares of lush green fields in order to enjoy a stunning al fresco time. A few square centimetres can really go a long way – it’s all about thinking outside the box. 

So, with our creative hats on and our love for outdoor socialising firmly boosted, we’ve scoped out some modern and contemporary garden furniture ideas to help lure you (and your family and friends) outside…  

1. Garden furniture ideas: A contemporary design

A private garden, Surrey Bowles & Wyer Modern garden
Bowles & Wyer

A private garden, Surrey

Bowles & Wyer

Very few people have the opportunity to enjoy such a spacious yard. But we say if you’ve got it, then flaunt it! And these homeowners (and their professional gardeners/landscape architects) most certainly did. Look at those contemporary garden furnishings standing out most prominently amongst the neutral- and natural hues of the garden. And that centre firepit completes the look perfectly. 

​2. Garden furniture ideas: A little patio becomes pretty

Bespoke Western Red Cedar hairpin leg table and built in floating bench Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design Modern garden Concrete
Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design

Bespoke Western Red Cedar hairpin leg table and built in floating bench

Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design

Smaller outdoor spaces are the norm here in the UK, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make magic with what you’ve been given, right? Case in point, this backyard spot: all it took to turn that tile-clad patio (in an oh-so sensual stone grey, mind you) into a welcoming spot was a timber table and matching bench. Now comes the important question: what décor pieces would you add to make this space more “you”? Scatter cushions in various colours? A little tablecloth with a vase and flowers?

3. Garden furniture ideas: A great gazebo

We always say that if you’re going to do something, it might as well be BIG. Hence, our love for this stunning wooden gazebo which becomes an outdoor living room. A roof/overhang ensures a cosy and dry space, while a wooden deck, furniture and additional décor pieces enhance the welcoming factor splendidly.

What would this look like in your back yard?

​4. Garden furniture ideas: A splash of colour

Contemporary Garden Design by London Based Garden Designer Josh Ward Josh Ward Garden Design Modern garden
Josh Ward Garden Design

Contemporary Garden Design by London Based Garden Designer Josh Ward

Josh Ward Garden Design

Too scared to experiment with unusual garden furniture? Then play with colours to put a unique spin on your garden design. Don’t forget that garden furniture also have the potential to enhance your outdoor colour scheme. Fancy a touch of ice blue in your yard, yet can’t find the right flowers? Problem solved!

​5. Garden furniture ideas: Comfortably cosy

Moroccan style garden Gullaksen Architects Mediterranean style garden
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

Style is one thing, yet comfort is entirely another. And just like decorating the indoors, you have to be committed to balancing both when it comes to your outdoor spaces.

We just love how this garden space was enhanced via colour, texture and fabric, which make up the ideal space for some socialising and relaxation.

​6. Garden furniture ideas: Adding more elegance

There are definitely rules when it comes to garden furniture ideas – but what are rules if they can’t be broken (or, at the very least, bended just a tad)? Who’d have thought it would be a terrific idea to hang wall art and mirrors on garden shrubs? This is clear proof that it can work (perhaps not on a permanent basis, but most definitely for an outdoor soiree).

​7. Garden furniture ideas: Stylish shading

A Garden for Entertaining in Charlesworth Design Minimalist style garden
Charlesworth Design

A Garden for Entertaining in

Charlesworth Design

Enhancing the practicality factor of outdoor furniture is anything that adds shade, because you never know when that sun can become too hot (or that unexpected drizzle might show up). And even if you don’t have the space for a wooden pergola, there’s always the possibility of a beautiful sun parasol to complement your existing furnishings.

8. Garden furniture ideas: A day bed outdoors

Day beds are usually restricted to living rooms and bedrooms, yet some ingenious creator somewhere one day decided to move them outdoors. And with that simple idea, a whole new world of outdoor comfort was created, as proven by this poolside piece (in the unique form of an apple, no less). 

All one needs now is a good book and a glass of wine!

9. Garden furniture ideas: Dining al fresco

Large family garden Garden Arts Modern garden
Garden Arts

Large family garden

Garden Arts

Dining in the fresh outdoors is not only about eating. It’s also about gathering the family and friends, setting up entertainment, and escaping your usual daily routine. But be smart about your garden furniture: always choose weather-resistant pieces, coverage from the sun, and a solid base for that dining table.

And if you can manage a top-notch view as our example above, then even better!

10. Garden furniture ideas: A touch of tranquillity

Technically not a furniture piece, but we're always game for anything that adds tranquillity and visual aesthetics to a space, which is definitely what these contemporary water fountains are doing!

11. Garden furniture ideas: Don’t forget storage

Who has the time (and willpower) to keep tracking back and forth to move those furniture pieces and exterior décor indoors every time that garden party is over? Just like your home’s indoor areas, storage is vital to keep your garden and patio looking clean and open.

And if you think that garden storage needs to be a rusty old shed hidden in a corner, somewhere, simply look at our example above to quickly change your tune!

12. Garden furniture ideas: Upping the social factor

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas Design Outdoors Limited Mediterranean style garden
Design Outdoors Limited

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas

Design Outdoors Limited

An all-inclusive barbecue space that adds tonnes of practicality to a garden/patio? Count us in (at least when the weather allows for it).

13. Garden furniture ideas: A singular seating spot

Eastbourne townhouse Capability chris
Capability chris

Eastbourne townhouse

Capability chris

Even something as simple and subtle as a timber seat can ensure an extra touch of style and luxury to a garden space. Of course the fact that the surrounding plants and flowers have been chosen, planted and maintained quite perfectly adds to this garden’s successful look.

14. Garden furniture ideas: Don’t forget the shine

Zinc Lattice Balls homify Classic style garden Aluminium/Zinc

Zinc Lattice Balls


No list of garden furniture ideas can be complete without mentioning lighting fixtures. And we are simply mad about these Zinc Lattice Balls combined with ground-based uplighting. Who said you can't put pride into your garden's lighting look? 

Outside furniture ideas: When in doubt? Go back to basics!

When it comes to garden furniture in the United Kingdom, sometimes we have to be practical. The best garden furniture ideas aren't always fancy — don't be afraid to go with a classic idea like wicker chairs. Out in the garden, they look pretty and stylish next to some flower beds.

Outside furniture ideas: Adirondack chairs

You really can't go wrong with Adirondack chairs — they're sturdy, easy to clean, and last for ages. Not a fan of white? You could paint these a fun color. Another great option is to buy cushions to place on outdoor chairs and take them inside when not in use (don't leave them out in the rain)!

Your garden furniture materials: Wood and wicker

Roof Terrace Garden in Nottinghill, London GreenlinesDesign Ltd Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
GreenlinesDesign Ltd

Roof Terrace Garden in Nottinghill, London

GreenlinesDesign Ltd

• Natural wood remains a sturdy and comfortable option when it comes to garden furniture, regardless of design style. But remember that regular maintenance and preservative treatments for weather and UV protection are crucial! 

• Rattan and wicker are other natural materials that can be trusted to put a casual, comfortable spin on garden furnishings, but these will also need weatherproofing every few years.

Your garden furniture materials: Steel and Aluminium

Ganton Street Roof Terrace London Aralia Modern commercial spaces Iron/Steel Green

Ganton Street Roof Terrace London


• Although steel and wrought iron are both very sturdy, they’re also not very comfortable. Thus, commit to plush cushions for comfort, plus the occasional painting/treatment with a weatherproof finish to ensure your modern/ contemporary garden furniture are not susceptible to rust.  

• Aluminium, plastic, and PVC are some of the best options for rustproof, lightweight, cost-effective and easy-to-clean garden furniture ideas. But due to their lightweight designs, it may be necessary to secure them as soon as winds and storms pick up. 

Next up for your inspiration: Choosing materials for patio surfaces

Which of these garden furniture ideas is a must-have in your book?

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