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French double doors can be such a classic way to open your home out into your garden. Whether they open straight from a kitchen, dining room, or newly built conservatory, French double door can bring light and class to the room. Large window panes usually dominate French double doors, offering a beautiful view to the outside of your home. There's nothing more pleasant than sitting at your kitchen dining table, looking out over your garden and relaxing in the sun pouring through the panes. 

But why keep French double doors just to your living areas? Recently there's been a trend in dispersing them to different places in the house. For example the bedroom has become a popular place for the French double door feature; it's becoming increasingly prominent in contemporary design. So where to put your French double doors, and which design to go for? Here are ten charming French double doors to help decide which is for you.

Simple style

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Wimbledon Loft Conversion

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Sometimes simple design can be the best design; and here it certainly works splendidly. This classic suburban house has been added to quite considerable, what with a lovely conservatory constructed at the back of the house and a dormer built on the roof. There are actually two sets of French double doors here' one to the left hand side of the conservatory, and the other just behind the outdoor dining area. They both are framed in white, with long panes of glass running up the doors, unbroken by paneling. 

Double door decadence

This music room is the absolute height of chic. The floor to ceiling windows are draped by stunning clean, cream curtains. They flow from ceiling right down to the floor, streaming alongside the windows. The amount of natural light allowed into this room really gives it that vibe of elegance, especially with the cream marble of the floor. Standing starkly against the otherwise bright room is the glossy, black piano; the key component of the room. 

Contemporary kitchen

Here we see a contemporary kitchen with beautiful French double doors opening out at the end of the room. The kitchen itself is simply stunning; well decorated and elegant, complete with a range stove. The large range is painted black, standing out wonderfully against the greys and beiges of the surrounding room. A stove always works well to bring a country vibe to a kitchen, which works well, giving this modern kitchen a sense of rustic homeliness. 

Bedroom balcony

A Stunning Master Bedroom with White Floral Wall Mural & Lime Edge Rug Design by Deborah Ltd Modern style bedroom
Design by Deborah Ltd

A Stunning Master Bedroom with White Floral Wall Mural & Lime Edge Rug

Design by Deborah Ltd

And as mentioned earlier, French double doors have become hugely popular in this year's home design fashion. These lovely, broad French double doors let in lots of natural light to the bedroom. In addition, they are flanked by two long windows, further adding to the light and airy atmosphere of the room. French doors in the bedroom are such a lovely idea; imagine waking up to a lazy Sunday morning, enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the fresh air, just outside your bedroom. 

Conservatory doors

This is such a beautiful conservatory; with its lovely glass panelled roof and charming natural green colour. The shade of green which has been chosen for the wood work is a lovely choice. It's bright and light but understated, a calm shade which blends well with nature. The French double doors are wide open in this picture, letting in air and light to the conservatory. This is a really gorgeous place to sit on a warm summer's day, chilled glass of wine in hand and enjoying the sun streaming through the glass. 

Boldly modern

This is a really modern take on French double doors. The two visible walls are both made from glass, with the one facing the decking predominately taken over by the double doors. These are unlike the previous ones we have seen, though, as instead of the classic white these have dark frames supporting the glass. Devoid of any extra frills or designs, these double French doors rely on minimalism for their contemporary feel: just the bold panes of glass and the dark frames which divide them. 

Country rustic

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Extension, Oxfordshire, HollandGreen HollandGreen Country style kitchen

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Extension, Oxfordshire


This is a quaint country patio, perfect for meals outside in the sunshine, admiring the surrounding countryside. And the great thing about this outside space is it's so low maintenance, with stone slabs paving the dining space. The French double doors are an absolutely charming feature of this scene. Painted a lovely country cream, the doors have six panes of glass in each; that traditional country style that never goes out of fashion.

Airy dining area

A simple and contemporary dining area, again with the modern colour scheme of light greys and beiges. One wall is completely dominated by French double doors and the windows which flank them. The glass extends from floor to ceiling, divided up by elegant white panels. There are curtains to either side of the windows, so when the nights are drawing in and getting darker earlier, you'll be able to pull them together and create that cosy dining atmosphere. 

Bedroom charms

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Master Room with French Doors

A1 Lofts and Extensions

Here we see another set of French double doors in the bedroom. It's such a wonderful feature to have in a master bedroom; it really adds sophistication and class. The black ironmongery of the bed is welded into intricate patterns and swirls, becoming a gorgeous focal point for the room. And it matches the black gates outside the French double doors, tying both the exterior and interior designs together. 

Open doors

This is a truly classy extension with two sets of French double doors flung back to let the in the breeze. The darker green paint works beautifully on the outside of the building, contrasting the clean white of the indoor paint.The doors open out onto a small patio area, where you can step outside and be instantly soaking up the sun's rays. French double doors have really worked in this setting to create an atmosphere of light, class and elegance.. 

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