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​Let’s liven up those bland walls

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Few things are as heartbreaking as an empty wall. That sad, bland surface that screams for a spot of colour or a dash of art, anything to liven it up and help it do its part to boost the room’s aesthetic levels. 

Luckily for you (and your walls), homify is here with some fresh inspiration. We know that a wall is so much more than just a vertical structure that separates one area of your house from the next. It is an additional décor space that can either make or break the style of a room; thus, it’s not a space that is to be taken lightly. 

Which is why we bring you this batch of fresh design tips to help liven up your walls. Whether it’s wallpaper or paint, wall art or a mirror, every single example below was, at one point, a sad and bland wall that was nothing more than a room divider. But after some clever thinking and ingenious creativity… well, see for yourself!

A painted landscape

We kick off our list with an option that is purely breathtaking. With a wall like this one, by the inspired professionals of Wzorywidze, one doesn't really need to add any more décor to the room, as that wall art makes for one majestic focal point. 

Our image above is a great example of when wall décor becomes wall art. Bringing in a remarkable vision of freshness, nature and beauty into the room, the wall surpasses the job of a second window. With its surrealism vibe, it adds not just light and images, but also colour and pattern to the space. 

And since this particular wall art is all about nature, it was a fitting choice to add furniture and décor that play in the same realm, such as a wooden table and chairs, and the deer décor object.

Make (and hang) memories

3D Decorative Panel - Loft System Design - model Sand Storm Loft Design System Walls & flooringWall tattoos
Loft Design System

3D Decorative Panel—Loft System Design—model Sand Storm

Loft Design System

Of course a humongous wall art is not for everybody (or for every house), so we move on to another choice that is more of an everyday style. If you’re the type of person who likes to share memories of good times (and like to see them on a day-to-day basis), then surely you have considered adorning your walls with personal photographs?

Loft Design System shows us how to do wall photographs in style. Using cheerful and colourful images that talk of serene beaches and tranquil mountains, our designers opted to add the images to crisp white mounting board, which contrasts quite uniquely with that decadently dark wall. And it’s not just the colours that balance each other – see the wall’s curvy, swirly effect, and how it offsets with the frames’ sleek and smooth surface. 

Definitely wall art done right!

Perhaps a painting?

Art work is always a plus in any home – they add colour and stories to a room, plus serve as great conversation enhancers. Our example above is a great modern painting that is sure to make a guest do a double take, and perhaps ask the host/hostess if there’s a story behind it. Its golden hues do a tremendous job of complementing the wall’s brown tone, making the light blue canvas even more striking.  

Of course we’re not suggesting that you stick with modern art. Art Deco, Classicism, Fauvism, Realism… they all have some striking pieces that are sure to fit into your type of home style. 

homify hint: Ensure that your paintings are hung at the correct height, approximately at eye level. According to gallery standards, the centre of the painting should be about 150 cm from the floor.

More with mirrors

Mirrors are most definitely a popular décor choice, whether they are hung on walls or placed on the floor. Most of the time a mirror’s position on a wall is to serve as a reflection of a nearby window’s natural lighting. However, our example above shows how a mirror can be used as wallpaper instead.

Filling up an entire wall, this choice is certainly an interesting (and very different) approach to mirrors. It adds a tremendous amount of visual space to the room, reflecting not just the natural lighting, but all the colours and patterns from the furniture and décor as well. 

Plus, opting for a full-wall mirror means you don’t have to worry about adding additional wall décor or art! 

Let’s look at some stylish options when it comes to: Incorporating A Mirror Into Your Domestic Space.

Add some pattern with paper

As a dedicated follower of homify, you are aware of how much we appreciate the right wallpaper. It has come a long way since it was first introduced in the pre-1700s, and although it has never really gone away, it is now considered to be a fashionable trend once again. 

The right wallpaper can look quite effective – but paired with the right accessories it will look downright stunning. Although it depends on your type of furniture and accessories, it is recommended that you opt for patterned wallpaper that can function without any additional adornments. This is just to ensure that your wall (and room) doesn’t look incomplete should you feel like getting rid of that side table or trinket collections, for example.  

Feast your eyes on homify’s amazing collection of paint and wall coverings – you are sure to find more than one pattern and style of your choice!

Great gardens

If you love nature, but don’t want to commit to a full-on wall art project as seen in our first example, you can still add a garden-like effect to your wall in the form of a vertical garden. Granted, this is an option that requires a bit more upkeep, yet the beauty is definitely worth the effort. 

This is a striking way to adorn a wall or to add a touch of nature to any spot you choose, such as your balcony. And like wallpaper, there are thousands of options to choose from: types of plants/flowers, structure arrangement, choice of materials to use… all of these can make up a stunning vertical garden that will not only boost your wall, but will also add some natural beauty (and fresh scent) to your desired space.

Are you bored of your walls? Found the wall art of your choice? Tell us all about it!

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