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Matching your living room to your Zodiac sign

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Queens Park House Honeybee Interiors Eclectic style living room
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Today on homify, we turn to the stars to see what is in our future – design wise, of course. It is true that some of us believe our personalities (and, thus, our lives) are shaped by the cosmos. That each person’s character and destiny is influenced by his date of birth. Whether or not you share this belief, it does make for some fascinating reading.

But, on to the design part. The planets have aligned, causing us to want to focus on living rooms and determine which styles and designs (and decor, colours, materials, patterns… ) were meant for each of us via our star signs. So, scroll down to your relevant sign – or read all twelve if curiosity gets the better of you! 

Let’s see what fate (and style) has in store…

Leo: beauty that soothes

Like the Lion struts proudly through the jungle, so does the Leo consider his living room his space par excellence. For people born under this star sign, art and gorgeous furniture pieces are a must, as well as warm and vibrant colours. 

Designcubed presents the ideal space for the Leo: warm and stunning hues, a fireplace to add some vibrant heat, plus large windows to ensure a strong link with the lush environment outside.

Let’s heat things up some more with these: Fantastic Fire Pits.

Virgo: everything in its place

The Virgin of the Zodiac insists on everything being clean and organised. So, how do we please the people of the Virgo? We introduce them to Vismaracorsi Architects, who managed to conjure up this stunning room.

With its sober palette and clean lines, this living room perfectly reflects the characteristics of somebody who considers themselves neat and well structured. A dash of vivid colour here and there ensures some visual quality, with plenty of natural light to guarantee a feeling of spotlessness.

Libra: a balancing act

The Scales need to ensure balance. They love following a trend, as long as it goes hand-in-hand with harmony, softness, and comfort. They want hard style, yet presented in a soft colour palette. 

Therefore, for the Libra, we present this classical living room that flaunts a strong sense of modern vibes. Lavish chandeliers, sophisticated seating space, contemporary artwork, plus a unique marriage between cool neutral tones and fiery hues… we have SA&V to thank for this ingenious design.

Scorpio: proudly chic

Mysterious. Fascinating. Sexy. Dramatic. That’s the Scorpion – it loves its elegant spaces, yet demands a touch of mystery. Quite a challenge for interior designers to create the perfect surroundings for such a magnetising personality. 

Therefore, we turn to SA&V once again to give us a room with dizzying height, luxurious materials, and poses of art with a chic attitude. All of this combines deliciously in colour tones that are nothing short of sensual. And of course, to please the Scorpio, some metal with sharp edges would do just fine for dramatic effect.

Sagittarius: the born entertainer

When it comes to the Zodiac creatures, the Sagittarians are the ones who love having guests over. However, don’t pressure them into a too-tight space: they want comfortable and large areas, preferably with a nice view. They need luxury, but won’t go overboard. And remember that the Archer likes to travel, so be sure to add some souvenirs from abroad. 

Enter Goo Architects, who dishes up this astonishing room that flaunts tribal elements, adequate floor/seating space for the guests, a glow of natural light, and a warm palette for a friendly character.

Capricorn: sociable with a taste for the modern

Open plan space Markham Stagers Modern living room Bricks White
Markham Stagers

Open plan space

Markham Stagers

Give the Capricorn an open floor-plan for his living room, where he can socialise and communicate without any barriers. After all, the Goat of the Zodiac loves his social status, but is not pretentious about it. 

So, we opt for neutral tones of whites, beige and greys for clear communication. And since the people of this star sign appreciate the industrial aesthetics, Markham Stagers opted to include divine elements such as brick walls and exposed wooden beams for that urban vibe.

Aquarius: a stylish sense of humour

Aquarians are known for their sense of humour. They don’t take life too seriously and this translates into their home space. So, don’t depress the Water-Bearer with sombre tones.

Lluiscorbellajordi hits the right notes stylishly with this loft space to accommodate all that cheerfulness. No walls, no barriers. And since bold colours are a no-no, bright and vivid tones were splashes onto the neutral palette to add some more optimism. And with bright natural light and a swing-chair, this living room space cannot get any more cheerful.

Pisces: bright designs for covert thoughts

Secretive and always hiding their emotions – those are the Fishes. As their personalities can be intense, they require a space that can lure out those cropped-up feelings. So, look no further than the eclectic style

In this colourful space by Honeybee Interiors that is a mix of styles and full of emotions, the Pisces is sure to open up. Dark patterns, mixed materials, and light colours will harmonise strongly with hidden thoughts – and even the look of this living room mimics a vivid and colourful school of fishes!

Aries: full of modern energy

Make way for the Aries, as they need their space. Radiating with energy, the Ram seeks a place free of walls and barriers. Thus, we opt for an open plan with doors and windows that allow for scenic views. 

In addition to free-flowing energy, Aries is known for modern taste and a love for solid furniture. Therefore, Buro Architects included only the essentials for this space. Avoiding excessive décor, they let the sober tones prevail, but included at least one fiery colour (that devilish red) to mimic Aries’ energy.

Taurus: seeking comfy quality

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Mediterranean style living room
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

The sofa – the Taurus’ number one spot in the entire house, for the Bull of the Zodiac treasures his comfort. Adorned with pillows, high quality fabrics, and the elegant colours of nature (rocky beige, lake blue, sea foam green), this living room by Bloomint Design is a warm and snug haven. 

Since rest and comfort are so important, the ideal environment for this star sign has a “weekend in the mountains” type of vibe. However, don’t neglect the aesthetic side, as beautiful elements need to be present in order to ensure a fully rested (and happy) Taurus.

Gemini: creativity in a dual setting

The Zodiac Twins have a bohemian streak to them, and also a slight urban one. To ensure full creativity, the decor needs to be somewhere in-between. The environment needs colour with some artistic pieces, as well as a good batch of contemporary style. A visually rich experience that also offers a solid sense of dynamism.  

Enter Thaisa Camargo, who brings forth an airy colour pallet that flaunts vibrant accents of colour, as well as a dash of sleek surfaces. Hippy decor combines with contemporary furniture, resulting in the perfect space for Gemini’s creativity to thrive.

Cancer: A cocoon of romance and comfort

For the Crab, there is no place like home—why else would the crustacean take its home with it wherever it goes? It seeks comfort and protection, is fairly sensitive, and has a strong bond with family. 

On to Immofoto-Sylt, who seemingly understand the Cancer perfectly, as they photographed a space that is an extension of all these qualities. A fireplace and cushy sofa creates the perfect homily atmosphere, while candles and soft floor lamps exude a tranquil and safe vibe. Soft colours flowing in comfortable spaces – fit for a Crab!

What’s your sign? And does it match your chosen living room, or do you prefer another one? Share with us!

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