Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Furniture

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Stunning Kitchen Island Design Ideas Alaris London Ltd KitchenStorage
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The smell of fresh baking, the stirring of a pot, opening the pantry and looking at the ingredients for dinner inspiration or simply sitting down and enjoying a hearty meal and a chat – that’s the joy of a kitchen. The kitchen is that area of the home where the heart really lies. It is where we put the majority of our earnings – it is the fuel that keeps us going as far as our goals and aspirations go. A belly full of lovingly prepared food makes a person ready to meet challenges and add accomplishments to one’s to-do list at the end of the day, as the items added at the beginning of the day get successfully struck off. The kitchen, its appliances and its furniture make a great difference to the space and the people functioning within it.

Kitchen furniture is a major and upcoming niche in the global décor marketplace. The options are many, yet it is imperative to choose kitchen furniture with care. This includes making the right choice as per the family members, the age of the various people living in the home, the needs that the kitchen fulfils – kids who do homework while dinner happens can imply that you need to invest in a large island with a counter to accommodate them and their books!

So how to choose the perfect kitchen furniture? Read on to know more.

Size does matter

​White and grey Schuller units with solid black Dekton worktops (by Cosentino) AD3 Design Limited Modern kitchen
AD3 Design Limited

​White and grey Schuller units with solid black Dekton worktops (by Cosentino)

AD3 Design Limited

The size of your kitchen is the major factor that pretty much dictates what goes in and what stays out. The larger the kitchen, the more space you have for installation of multiple counters, L-shaped cabinets and a huge island right in the centre. Meanwhile, a smaller kitchen will have different demands. A small to medium sized kitchen will need smart space planning where portable islands with garbage dispensers and pull out chopping boards will be regular features, as well as drawers and cabinets to maximise storage space. A pullout pantry with shelves on the door is also a good idea for a small to medium sized kitchen.

What is the Shape?

The shape of the kitchen is another deciding factor that will dictate what kind of furniture that goes into it. An L-shaped kitchen will require careful placement of the island and the cabinets around it so that space is maximised even as convenience is taken care of. A square shaped or rectangular kitchen makes for a simple scheme with cabinets all along the sides and the island in the middle. An open plan kitchen is one that can accommodate stools around the island and various avenues for the thoroughfare. This kind of a kitchen also gives you the option of various cupboards and the installation of other shelves.

How much storage do you need?

This is an often asked question – the answer to which, changes with the passage of time. How much storage do you need? You need to carefully mull over this as you take stock of your grocery list as well as the list of utensils and crockery that you store. Add to this the canisters, jars and other items and you have a fair idea of how much space you will require fitting it all in. Remember to factor in shelves, extra cupboards, cabinets, counters and pull out drawers, especially in the corners of running cabinetry.

These couture cabinets have been designed by London-based interior designer Evgeny Belyaev Design

To be or not to be: The Kitchen Island

Stunning Kitchen Island Design Ideas Alaris London Ltd KitchenStorage
Alaris London Ltd

Stunning Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Alaris London Ltd

Kitchen island or not? This is a huge question that many households try to answer. The pros of a kitchen island include the fact that the family can gather around and do multiple tasks together while cooking happens. It promotes bonding, sharing and helping each other out. But in a small kitchen, the island can unnecessarily hinder movement and make space look smaller than it already is. In a medium sized kitchen, you can invest in a mobile island (usually in metal, with wheels). This helps you push it to a corner when you need more space in your kitchen. The shelves and drawers below can give you precious storage space. The kitchen island can house the sink or even the cooktops.

Which material to choose

Stunning Kitchen Island Design Ideas Alaris London Ltd KitchenStorage
Alaris London Ltd

Stunning Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Alaris London Ltd

Another all important question while doing up your kitchen is: which material to choose? Usually, granite or wooden countertops work well. But the market is teeming with options like laminate and medium density fibreboard for a more budget friendly option. Maple, oak and other options in wood are ideal for cabinets while stone and fibreboard are good options for counter tops. You need to choose the material with care so as to ensure that safety and good looks go hand in hand. Do check the safety standards followed by your supplier.

Go for shiny or matt?

Which way should you ideally go in your kitchen design: shiny or matt? There are pros and cons of both looks. A shiny metal surface can give you a sleek modern, industrial style look while stone and other wooden surfaces can give you a matt look. Either which ways, maintenance is a matter that will require your hands on approach. A shiny surface will be more prone to scratches, which will show up instantly. A matt surface has the benefit of being able to conceal scratches. A scratch proof spray before you actually starts using the kitchen is also a good idea!

Which colour suits the decor?

Which colour? This is another matter that may leave you stumped. The basic rule of thumb when doing up a kitchen is to choose a dark colour for the countertops which enjoy the maximum activity, and subsequently, greater risk of spills and stains; and a lighter colour for cabinetry and other details. Colourful laminate helps you give your wooden or metal cabinets a nice pop of colour and gives your kitchen an interesting personality of its own!

Remember to keep the lines and edges neat and design uncluttered when you are choosing kitchen furniture. The shelves and other cabinets should be easy to install and easier to reach out to. Convenience and good looks are two major factors while choosing furniture for this space.

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