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Before we tell you which bedroom décor piece should go where, a quick catch-up on Feng Shui. Originating in China, Feng Shui is a pseudoscience which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. And that includes our homes and the various rooms inside it.

Now then, we all know that the bedroom needs to be a place of rest, relaxation and romance. Not work and not exercising (but more on that in a bit). And since we spend up to eight hours a day (sometimes more) in our bedrooms, we can all agree that they are quite sacred – therefore, who wouldn’t want to introduce a strong sense of tranquillity (and style) into their bedrooms? 

But first, do a quick de-cluttering to clear your bedroom of negative energy. Bonus points if you can burn some sage or cedar to help establish a fresh foundation on which to build the chi (life force energy) of the room. 

Then, we can proceed with how to set up a proper Feng Shui bedroom.

1. A Feng Shui bedroom: No electronics or exercise equipment

Sorry to crush all dreams of laying in bed watching movies, but Feng Shui tells us that a bedroom’s positive energy is destroyed when televisions, computers and exercise equipment are brought into the room. In addition to creating high EMFs (electromotive force, which is not good for one’s health), these elements also bring the energy of work, stress, and distraction into a space meant for relaxation.

2. A Feng Shui bedroom: Cleanse the air

According to Feng Shui, air is never just air. And your bedroom’s energy can’t be positive if it’s full of stale air and pollutants. 

So, open the windows! And we also recommend using a good quality air-purifier to keep your bedroom fresh and full of oxygen. 

Plants and flowers are welcome, but note that your bedroom needs to be fairly large. And those potted pretties should be located far from the bed, not right next to it. 

homify hint: Note which essential oils you use to purify your bedroom air; while actual essential oils have healing properties, fragrance oils are mostly toxic.

3. A Feng Shui bedroom: A colour scheme that soothes

The best palettes to use for a Feng Shui bedroom are so-called “skin colours”, which vary from pale white to rich chocolate browns. Anything in this range can help promote the best flow of energy, even a lively peach. 

The purpose of these tints? To help promote maximum sensuality and peaceful vibes. Just make sure you don’t overdo it on the peach – you might just attract some unwanted attention. Rather use it as an accent tone on scatter cushions, window treatment, and small décor pieces. 

And feel free to go with accent walls and wallpapers, just be sure to keep them to a minimum with gentle colours and limited patterns.

4. A Feng Shui bedroom: Be careful where you place the bed

For a perfect Feng Shui bedroom, you need to place your bed in the “command position”. Never place it against the same wall as your door, as it can cause you to feel threatened. 

But although you need to be able to see your entry door from the bed, it should never be placed directly opposite the door. Feng Shui teaches us that this is the position of the dead (“to go feet first”), which doesn’t have a good ring to it. And never place your bed directly underneath a beam or window. The window can suck up feelings of security while you sleep, while the beam will have a “cutting” effect, a subconscious threat. 

Also make sure your bed is easily approachable from both sides and, if possible, has two bedside tables (one on each side). 

And speaking of beds, don’t overlook the importance of headboards. They not only provide additional style, but in terms of Feng Shui they also give a feeling of support in life. When choosing a headboard, pick one made from fabric and with soft edges whenever possible. Avoid heavy cast-iron headboards or ones with bars, as these have that same cutting energy you're trying to avoid.

5. A Feng Shui bedroom: Pair it all up

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Master Bedroom


Even if you’re happily single, outfit your Feng Shui bedroom for two people. That means two pairs of everything (two similar nightstands, two pillows, two seats, two lamps, etc.). 

In Feng Shui, pairs are thought to promote loving, harmonious energy.

6. A Feng Shui bedroom: Be clever with your art

Those movie posters of action- and horror Hollywood hits were fine when you were in high school and university, but not anymore. Feng Shui tells mature adults that choosing bedroom art is about picking images you want to see happening in your life – thus, ones with nourishing, happy and beautiful energy. 

The best art for the bedroom are images related to the emotions of love, happy relationships, body healing, and intimacy. But shy away from artwork that contains water (such as nautical images), as water features are a major Feng Shui taboo.

7. A Feng Shui bedroom: Enclose the energy

Keep all doors (entry door, closet doors, the one leading to the bathroom, etc.) closed at night. This will keep the positive energy contained in your bedroom, which allows for the best and most nourishing flow of power to boost health- and relationship levels. 

And guess what needs to be behind those closed closet/wardrobe doors? A clean, organised and uncluttered space that further enhances a sense of peace and calm in your Feng Shui bedroom. 

But what about attracting positive energy in the cooking space? That’s when we turn to The recipe for a Feng Shui kitchen.

What are your thoughts on the positive power of Feng Shui?

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