Cool colour ideas for small kitchens

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Do you know what makes us really sad? The notion that a small kitchen can't be a gorgeous or colourful one! While there are some schools of thought that might say you need to stick to super simple and unfussy finishes in a small space, we think you can do whatever you like in your own home, as long as it makes you happy and is usable!

We have put together some of the most fantastic colour schemes for a more modest kitchen and we just know that you'll love them and be inspired to be a little braver in your decorating ambitions. After all, as long as you can make toast, you'll always be well fed, so who cares if the space doesn't feel stately in size?

Bring on the blue

Regardless of the shade, we always find blue to be such a wonderfully calming colour. It adds a depth and classic touch that few other colours can really muster and we think it is perfect for including in your preferred small kitchen colour palette. 

This wonderful deep blue resonates with the white and almost creates a charmingly nautical vibe that is supported by natural wood accessories and a casual storage set up. It's smooth sailing all the way through to dinner time in this space and we think it's the blue that really makes it work. Had a more tame colour been used, we think the effect would have been too washed out. Hurrah for brave choices!

Dare to go black

We know you are shaking your heads and wondering if we have lost our minds, but yes, we really are supporting a black colour scheme for your small kitchen! Cast aside the notions you have of black shrinking the room and making it feel too claustrophobic and dare to take another look!

We love this galley kitchen, from Floret, as it perfectly demonstrates just how chic, stealthy and beautiful black can look. Rather than making the space feel too small, it naturally lends a new authority to the room and we love how bold it is. No disguising a small room here, it's all about being proud!

All white on the night

Small kitchen colours will normally include white, but it's really interesting to note that a lot of people almost forget that it is actually a bright colour! In a small space, white can help to trick the eye into seeing a larger room, but it can also really draw attention to what you are trying to hide!

We think it's a good idea to balance an all-white kitchen with some cheeky little colour pops, so maybe invest in some potted herbs for a splash of green, as seen here, or even buy some artisan dishcloths that come in bright shades! It's all about balance.

Monochrome mania

Mmmmmm, we do love monochrome! When black is a little too heavy for you and white is a little too safe, mixing the two together can have hypnotic results! The perfect way to embrace a little high-end contemporary chic, black and white add some impossible to ignore elegance to diminutive kitchens.

Small kitchen colours don't have to be one solid block, so combining two strong shades together is a great touch. You can choose to highlight certain features with the lighter colour, while disguising other elements in the dark. Now that's ideal for untidy cooks!

Vivid brights

Now we are getting to the fun part! Small kitchen colours don't have to be muted, though that can be a lovely option that we are going to take a look at. In fact, you can be as bold, brazen and vivacious as you dare, so reach for the Seville orange and grab hold of the glorious green!

We love this kitchen, as it is not huge, but still makes lovely use of some vibrant shades and does so with such an unapologetic tone! The orange mosaic tiles make the cooker the star of the show, while bright green accents punctuate the space at every juncture. Just in case the white is too overbearing, in comes a mustard yellow light shade too! Phew! This is almost too hot to handle!

Muted but marvellous

We said we would look at muted colours and here we are! Just because they are softer than vivid primary shades, it doesn't mean that they don't have a fantastic impact on a space and what we love about this example is that it's the floor that brings a pop of colour!

Here we were thinking that small kitchen colours only referred to cabinets and walls, but all the time, your floor could add a new dimension of style too! The pretty yellow and turquoise tiles are supported by little accents throughout the room, such as the dining chairs and light wires and as a whole, this tiny space feels huge in character. Delightful!

For more small kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Making The Most Of A Small Kitchen. We think there will be a lot more that you can do to get great value from your space!

Are you hankering for a more colourful kitchen? Tell us what shade you want to use!

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