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​The homify guide to cosily warm interiors

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Treasure House, Polzeath | Cornwall Perfect Stays Rustic style living room
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We know what you’re thinking – winter is still a few months away! True, but when we say “warm interiors”, we not only mean tips and tricks for raising your home’s indoor temperature, but also ways in which you can make the look of your home feel cosy, snug and comfortable. 

There’s a lot to be said for a house that flaunts a “come in and get comfortable” look (it’s only one of the many many things they teach interior designers). Fortunately, all you need to do to achieve the same homely style for your indoors is follow our homify guide.

No more shivers while walking across a bare floor; no more ‘brrrr’s’ while you’re curling up in an ice-cold bed – these are the best (and most stylish) tips for warm interiors!

1. The look of warm interiors: Warm wall colours

Hells Kitchen Penthouse Bhavin Taylor Design Living room
Bhavin Taylor Design

Hells Kitchen Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

Any professional interior designer/decorator will immediately tell you that paint is one of the best ways to achieve a warm, cosy look. And from both an aesthetic point of view and an economic one, this choice is often spot on. 

Even though we love aquatic blue and forest greens, they tend to cool down the ambience of a room. So, for that warm look, move into the ‘fire tone’ section of your paint store – reds, oranges, yellows, hot pinks, beiges, etc. 

homify hint: With gold making a grand comeback this year, we definitely recommend adding a (small) splash of this tint on a surface somewhere in your home!

2. The look of warm interiors: Balance out those whites

Hampstead Heath Apartment Bhavin Taylor Design Eclectic style living room
Bhavin Taylor Design

Hampstead Heath Apartment

Bhavin Taylor Design

One look at a wintery landscape is enough to give anybody the chills; however, balancing out a snow-white (or grey) interior with rich shades and warmer colours will have the opposite effect. 

Don’t even consider going for an all-white, stark colour palette if you want to enjoy a comfy, warm feeling in your home. That can very easily lead to a sterile and cold look. We recommend a dash of rich purple, bright orange, or vibrant red in your interior colour palette. Bonus points if you can also decorate with birch logs, pine cones or even white coral for additional texture.

3. The look of warm interiors: Terrific throws

Fairtrade Cotton Throw rigby & mac Living roomAccessories & decoration Cotton
rigby & mac

Fairtrade Cotton Throw

rigby & mac

For a homely, warm look, we imagine ourselves curling up on a comfy sofa, wrapped in a rich blanket or throw, and sipping hot cocoa (or red wine). And to make that vision come true, here is where you need to invest in comfortable textiles and textures. 

For optimum snug style, go with fabric and décor that incorporates wool, sheepskin, faux fur or even velvet. A top-notch choice would be a lovely cashmere throw draped stylishly over a sofa or bed. 

And go one step further with throw pillows to exude even more visual warmth.

4. The look of warm interiors: Plush rugs

Pavilion sofa bed Loaf Living roomSofas & armchairs Grey

Pavilion sofa bed


We love an exquisite tiled floor, but they don’t usually mix well with warm interiors. Instead, invest in some lovely area rugs that not only keep your feet warm, but also bring in colour and character. 

Just remember to pick rugs that complement the existing style and colour scheme of your home. Navajo textile rugs and blankets are especially perfect to battle a cold, stark ambience and bring in a cosy feel.

5. The look of warm interiors: Luxury layers in the bedroom

Wykeham Court by WN Interiors homify Modern style bedroom

Wykeham Court by WN Interiors


Several layers of bedding (including quilt covers and comforters) are only one way of adding visual warmth to bedrooms. Play around with your lighting (warm glows are vital); invest in some warm-coloured shades for those table lamps; perhaps plop down an accent chair or ottoman in that empty corner, complete with a scatter cushion or two (in burnt orange or garnet red)…

6. The look of warm interiors: Got wood?

We’re all familiar with those wooden cabins nestled in a blanket of snow – how cosy, right? Well, what adds to the cosy factor is the overload of wood indoors. This natural material has an undeniable warmth which enhances warm interiors splendidly. 

Our recommendation? New wooden cabinets, a stunning timber dining table, a simple little coffee table in natural wood, etc.

7. The look of warm interiors: A magical fireplace

And while we’re on the subject of cosy cabins, what could be better for a warm interior look than a fireplace? That orange glow filling the room with such radiance, the sound of logs in the flames… It makes those wooden furnishings, cosy throws and warm colours you’ll be adding to your interiors even more stylish and successful!

8. The look of warm interiors: Organic greenery

Treasure House, Polzeath | Cornwall Perfect Stays Rustic style living room
Perfect Stays

Treasure House, Polzeath | Cornwall

Perfect Stays

Green is a cool colour, true, and that is why we recommend adding only a minimum amount of plants and flowers sporting this tint in your home for a warm look. To accentuate those greens even more, add some fabric accents in strong contrasting colours (like cherry red) – it’ll tip the scales back to your warm-colours look. 

Another idea would be to opt for all-white natural decorations, like pale birch branches in a vase. Either way, a touch of Mother Nature indoors is always a winner.

9. The look of warm interiors: The flicker of candlelight

Even a few tea light candles can add a magical and social ambience to a little get-together in your living room, not to mention what it can do for visual warmth. 

But no need to go overboard and rival your roaring fireplace – just use a few candles to usher in a charming warm glow. And always use basic safety precautions, like candle lanterns and keeping them away from the little ones.  

Styling up your home with these tips for warm interiors will help set you on the path for winter, which is slowly but surely creeping closer. 

Let’s see how else You can stay warm without huge heating bills.

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