​Interior inspiration: 13 bathroom colour ideas

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Who says an ordinary bathroom has to stay ordinary with a run-of-the-mill colour scheme? Just because it’s one of a home’s private spaces doesn’t mean it has to be neglected in terms of visual appeal, right? 

But here on homify, we understand that bathrooms can be one of the most difficult rooms to renovate. As it’s a necessity in any home, you don’t really want to be left for too long without one. Not even to mention what it can do to a budget. But today we are not talking about breaking down a wall or widening the shower space – it’s all about pizzazz with these bathroom colour ideas. 

And if you think that subdued whites and stone greys are your only options for the modern-day bathroom, then consider this article just for you. There’s an entire world of bathroom colour ideas, and we’re just scratching the surface…

​1. Bathroom colour ideas: A splash of sunshine

We’re all for bold ideas; thus, if you’re brave enough to go with a cheery yellow such as this one (and not many people are), have at it! Just keep in mind that the more patterns/motifs your tiles flaunt, the fewer decorative items you’ll need to use in order to refrain from an overly busy bathroom.

2. Bathroom colour ideas: A spa-like look

We love the cool aquatic hues of these patterned tiles – perfect if you want a spa-like feeling with your shower hour. Classic evidence of how aqua colours, warm wood, and white accessories go together. Just don’t use too much wood, as it can very easily overthrow your entire bathroom.

3. Bathroom colour ideas: A nautical touch

It doesn’t get any more “beach house bathroom” than this: whitewashed timber planks and an artistic splash of painted fish (in a variety of cool blues and greens). That electric blue coating up the bathtub is the perfect touch.

4. Bathroom colour ideas: Look to your floors

Who says you can't use your bathroom floor to flaunt some colour (or pattern)? This London bathroom has the best of both with its two-tone palette that enjoys cool blues, fresh greens, and (slightly) warm salmons. And the generous batch of sunshine streaming indoors is a fabulous bonus!

5. Bathroom colour ideas: Know when to stop

Don't get the blues with an overkill of blue-painted walls (or any other colour you opt for). These Mediterranean tiles sport just the right touch of denims and admirals without overthrowing the entire bathroom in a blue haze.

​6. Bathroom colour ideas: Charming chartreuse

Just like blue can evoke images of the seaside, so does green have the power to transport us to a fresh forest. And here’s the perfect example of how to go about a subtle way with a strong colour. Chartreuse holds no hostages, meaning you don’t want to splash (or tile) this colour from floor to ceiling. Rather invest in a focal wall or highlighted area, like this welcoming shower space.

7. Bathroom colour ideas: Graceful greys

Grey doesn’t have to by synonymous with cloudy days. Create a clean and simple look for your bathroom with various shades of grey. It keeps the palette flowing and provides depth and detail.

And don’t shy away from décor in other hues, like pink flowers or a green bath mat.  

homify hint: Stay away from grey if you find it depressing rather than soothing or elegant.

8. Bathroom colour ideas: The king and queen of monochrome

Black and white (and in this case, a hint of grey) has been a classic combination since the Art Deco period in the 1920s and 30s. For a timeless look, opt for a black-and-white patterned bathroom floor, yet keep the walls and ceiling in a softer tone. Add silver-framed mirrors and shiny lighting fixtures, and you have a bathroom that’ll remain trendy for years to come. 

homify hint: Jazz up your monochrome bathroom with some bold red towels and accessories.

9. Bathroom colour ideas: Pretty in pink

Thanks to wall decals, murals and wallpaper, tiles are not our only option to bring some colour into our homes. And in these days where sticking, removing, and re-sticking colours and patterns to walls are becoming easier and quicker, we are all for being brave with oversized prints of… well, whatever you fancy for your bathroom wall.

10. Bathroom colour ideas: Look to your textiles

Towels, bath mats, curtains and other textiles: the easiest way to switch up your bathroom's colour palette, especially in one with a neutral-based scheme like this example. 

homify hint: Opt for a seasonal colour change; cool blues and greens in the summer, and warmer hints of reds, oranges or hot pinks in the colder months.

11. Bathroom colour ideas: Complementing hues

Colours next to each other on the colour wheel are partners for life. Case in point, the fresh green and blue sported in this bathroom. What a fun character and eye-catching style with these Mediterranean tiles, which seemingly can't be contained to just the floor area!

12. Bathroom colour ideas: Mocha and neutrals

For an elegant look that’s warm and inviting, yet not too punchy, stay within the neutral realm.  Start your colour palette with one shade of soft beige/ mocha and a creamy white. Add layers of various similar coffee-like hues for extra depth and character. 

But keep in mind that darker shades advance and lighter shades recede. Use blocks of colour to highlight areas such as the bathtub – it helps to provide interest. 

However, should you opt for this colour scheme, don’t add any bold or bright colours – they’ll only pull down that elegant look you’re trying to achieve.

13. Bathroom colour ideas: Purple and green

Complementary colours (like our iris purple and fern green in this example) are the ones who sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. And they always go well together. 

What is especially successful with this bathroom is the fact that its subtle walls are balanced by the busy patterned floor. And with that amount of style and detail on the floor, there’s no need for additional décor! 

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Which of these bathroom colour ideas work for you – and which ones don’t?

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