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​9 front garden ideas anybody can try

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Not blessed with green fingers? Not all of us are, but fortunately you don’t need to be a professional with all things garden related (or hire a fancy landscape architect) to give your yard the style factor it needs. But we do expect you to know why it’s important to give your front garden attention. 

In terms of kerb appeal, front gardens are vital. And while the rear gardens are more for relaxing and socialising, front yards are there to show off your commitment to style and beauty (which means that if your front yard is dull, people will surely think your home’s interiors are quite similar). 

So, how do you spice up your front yard without first undergoing a crash course in gardening? By checking out these 10 front garden ideas that anybody with a bit of time and a lot of commitment to beautiful outdoor spaces can try…

1. Front garden ideas: Don’t stand out too much

Every neighbourhood and every street has a ‘look’. And if you take your front garden’s design too far away from what’s considered ‘in’ on your street, it will stand out in the wrong way. 

Of course we are not suggesting that you let your flowers die just because your neighbour couldn’t be bothered with his, but don’t let your house’s front yard become the one at which everybody points at stares. If the other front yards on your street are neglected, keep yours alive, yet neatly and subtly trimmed. Vice versa, if your next-door neighbour’s garden looks like it was just made over by a team of experts, you may have to put a little more effort into yours. 

But if in doubt, keep it low-key, neat and formal.

2. Front garden ideas: Focus on symmetry and structure

The modern look is all about straight lines and a tendency to shy away from overly designed spaces. Your front garden should follow suit. 

A house with a front yard full of curves, twists and wildflower bushes will look like something out of a fairytale – and not in a good way. Go for the opposite look (well-defined flower beds, a neat pathway, linear layouts) and you’re on the right track.

3. Front garden ideas: Let it guide others

Front Garden Design Woking, Surrey homify Modern garden

Front Garden Design Woking, Surrey


A front garden is not just for show; it also needs to signal where people should go (something which far too many homeowners ignore). 

When guests drop by, you want your front garden to impress, but also to immediately point them in the direction to your doorway. Focus on a neat, clean and clear path. And don’t hide your front door – adequate porch lighting and perhaps two big potters on either side should highlight it neatly.

4. Front garden ideas: Remember your windows

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Burghley Avenue


Whatever types of plants you’re planting in your front garden, plant them high between the windows and low in front of them Accentuate the patterns of your house, don't work against them. Doing this will give you a good pattern to copy with the rest of your front garden. 

This lower-and-higher planting can also be used at the sides and alongside the road. Focus on using the same spacing, and your front garden’s look will flow quite beautifully.

5. Front garden ideas: Think about kerb appeal

Imagine you’re styling up your front garden because you want to sell your house in the near future (this might even be the reason why you’re doing it). Focus on kerb appeal: what would you want to see when looking at your front garden? Kerb appeal is about looking neat, well maintained and cared for. 

homify hint: Keep planning rules in mind, as they are often specific to front gardens. Anything from the height of your fence to your house’s colour may be an issue. To find out what applies in your area, contact the planning department of your local council.

6. Front garden ideas: Prettify with pots

Front Garden Design Woking, Surrey Linsey Evans Garden Design Modern garden
Linsey Evans Garden Design

Front Garden Design Woking, Surrey

Linsey Evans Garden Design

Don’t overlook the value and practicality of potted plants. They can bring colour to any season and can be changed around as often as you deem fit.

We recommend starting with violas for winter, tulips in spring, alliums in summer, and agapanthus in autumn. Becoming more familiar with gardening will allow you to get more adventurous with your containers and plants.

7. Front garden ideas: Lose the lawn

Extension and renovation, Wimbledon SW19 TOTUS Modern houses

Extension and renovation, Wimbledon SW19


A fresh, green lawn is perfect for socialising and relaxing, and that’s why we say keep those in your back yard. Think about the amount of effort it takes to get your lawn mower to the front garden, mowing the scratch of grass there, cleaning it up, etc. Are you seriously committed to doing that regularly? 

Instead, go for gravel, paving, or a low-maintenance option. Gravel may also require the occasional bit of raking to get it into place, but it’s nowhere near as taxing as grass. 

If budget constraints aren’t a concern, how about laying down a nice spread of bricks, slabs, or driveway pavers?

8. Front garden ideas: Say “no” to trees

We are all for a tree providing nice shade and everything, but if it’s growing in your front garden, then it’s going to be quite close to the house, right? What about once that small tree becomes so big that its roots go down under the foundations? Taking it out then can cause just as much damage as leaving it in. 

All round, it’s just safer to avoid trees anywhere near your house.

9. Front garden ideas: Evergreens is the answer

Plant evergreens on your front garden borders; they will quietly get on as you’re giving shape and style to the rest of the yard. 

Evergreens don’t grow too much, don’t require too much maintenance, and once they’re established (usually after just one season), watering isn’t a problem. True, they don’t flaunt many flowers, but in terms of looking visually appealing, they are top notch. 

Well, that takes care of the front; now, How to make small back gardens super stylish

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