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Impeccable Refurbishment of a Family Townhouse

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A Full internal refurbishment to a six bedroom river-side house in West London with new rear extensions to ground and second floors and mansard with terrace to third floor. This is going to be one impressive house, but what we are most taken with is the gentle and sympathetic style that the interior has been furnished with.

White and a plethora of natural materials come together throughout this home to create an upmarket, chic and extended family home that will be sure to induce a little envy.

Let's take a look around to see if you like the layout and styling and could be tempted to try something similar yourself!

Not so humble beginnings

Naturally we can't speak for everyone, but we have to admit that when we first saw this house, we did wonder what could possibly be done to improve or expand it! A terrific townhouse with bags of character and a wealth of space, we think this is a lot of people's dream home as it stands!

Flower Michelin, the design team in charge of the refurbishment, must have thought something similar, but been grateful for the opportunity to tackle such a generous and handsome home. Essentially, it's the opening up of the spaces that we are most interested in, so let's have a look inside!

Pushing through

Instead of having a number of self-contained rooms, the residents here have opted to open up the space so that one large open plan area can be enjoyed, as is the fashion at the moment. If we were ever in any doubt as to why this is such a popular approach, this super home has banished all of it!

To walk in and find this wonderful space on the left is such a treat and to see that it pushes through all the way to the back of the house is just inspiring. This kitchen/dining room masterpiece looks nothing short of superb and so light! Gorgeous. 

Creative in the kitchen

The new rear extension has certainly elevated this project from amazing to downright astounding and we have to say that this bright white, minimalist kitchen installation is ticking all the right boxes. It's just so chic in an effortless way that we can't and don't want to take our eyes off it. 

Everything here looks so wonderfully put together, so even though the rooms have all been opened up into one, there are still clearly designated zones and areas, all marked out with beautiful lighting, perpendicular furniture and soft furnishings. Wonderful!

Space for everyone

What a lovely room! So much more than just a living room, this space offers the potential for comfortable and sociable homework completion, safe internet browsing and quality family time, regardless of what each separate person is actually doing. 

While the rest of this floor is wonderfully open plan, there is the option of closing the doors and hunkering down for some cosy time in here, which we think is such a lovely touch! While wide open space is delightful, sometimes you want to dim the lights, get on the sofa and shut the world out!

Old world charm

Here is where some of that traditional townhouse glamour comes into play, in the most delightful muted, soft and stunning bedroom. The proportions of this room are nothing short of gorgeous and with delicate references to the heritage of the house, this is probably our favourite room!

We can just see an en suite peeking into view, with period plumbing and suite items really helping to ground this space in the age of the house. The pale pistachio wall colour really does add a heritage flavour and that antique bed ties everything together just beautifully.

Penthouse perfection

When three floors aren't enough and you have a noisy pastime to house, we can't think of a better way than with a loft conversion, like this one. Looking out over the rooftops, even the loudest hobby will be drowned out by the lovely view and clean air!

Adding a modern twist to the rear of this lovely family townhouse, we think it's wonderful that the front has not been altered too much. Just imagine having this as your bedroom! What a treat that view would be every morning. A fantastic project that has clearly been designed and completed with a specific clientèle in mind, we can only imagine how well this house functions for them!

For more terrific townhouses, take a look at this Ideabook: Top 10—The Best Townhouses in the UK. We have such a soft spot for these superb pieces of architectural history!

Are you a fan of how traditional styling and modern touches came together? What would you have done differently? Let us know!

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