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We may be in the last stages of summer, but that certainly doesn’t mean our homes’ interior looks have to start layering up for winter now! On the contrary, what better way to celebrate the (still) enjoyable weather than giving your living room a decorating overhaul?

After all, our living rooms are made for relaxation and socialising, and that is why we invite you to update yours with a fresh look with these summer living room ideas.

Let’s see what we can do to keep the look of summer lingering a little longer in our living rooms…

1. Summer living room ideas: Light and breezy slipcovers

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When we think about summer, we see light, friendly, pantone and pastel colours. Thus, we rearrange our furniture to reflect this glorious summery look. 

And what’s the first thing we do? We change up our dark, bold furniture pieces with light slipcovers – no need to go out and buy brand new furniture just because it’s a new season, right? 

Even a breezy tablecloth in a ‘friendly’ hue draped over a dark table shall do the trick!

2. Summer living room ideas: Be inspired by the sea

The seaside look is a timeless trend that reaches maximum popularity during spring- and summer time. But you don’t have to go all white with pale flooring and driftwood décor. By all means, bring in some uplifting tones like turquoise and ultramarine, then throw in a striking piece of contrast in the form of cherry red (just a tad, though). 

These colours really come to life when paired with wooden furniture and accessories. 

homify hint: Include a sea-inspired wind chime. Instead of hanging up a traditional design, choose one of those quirky ones that flaunt seashells and driftwood to really set that beach-vibe / summery look of your living room into motion. Make it even more attractive by adding colourful gemstone and stunning shells to make your wind chime totally yours. Complete the look with coastal-inspired lanterns on the patio / porch leading out of your living room.

3. Summer living room ideas: Get curvy

We are talking about your furniture and accessories, not your summer body! Where possible, swap out hard angles for softened, rounded ones in your living room. This includes a square coffee table being replaced by an oversized ottoman to lend a more casual vibe to the space. Or a corner chair being swapped out with comfy poufs (even better if they’re in a lighter colour).

4. Summer living room ideas: Bring in some plant life

With such a huge focus on outdoor living, it makes perfect sense to bring some Mother Nature indoors for summer. Choose your favourites to add colour, texture, pattern and pleasing scents to your living room – and if you can’t decide, opt for one with a light, airy feel in its leaves.

homify hint: Adding to those summery colours of your living room sofas can be some indoor plant pots. After all, nobody is forcing you to place them just on your porch or patio, are they? Bring them inside, and let those colourful pots help promote that welcoming, summery vibe. Just be sure to place them somewhere where the plants themselves will get plenty of natural light.

5. Summer living room ideas: Do an art swap

Don’t overlook the importance of your walls with summer living room ideas. If they are still bare (and with all the articles here on homify detailing the importance of wall art and how to hang them we can’t imagine that they still would be), now is the time to add spice! 

If your living room walls are dark, change the mood of the room with pieces that flaunt bright colours (we’re talking ocean blues, daffodil yellows, candy reds, etc.). You could even try swapping out art from other rooms in your home to give your living room a fresh new look without spending a penny.

6. Summer living room ideas: Take down those heavy draperies

It doesn’t have to be tricky when it comes to summer window treatment – you want to let fresh light (and pretty views) in, but you also don’t want to burn up the indoors with too much summer sunshine, right? 

We recommend leaving those heavy drapes for winter and focusing on soft, sheer curtains and roller blinds in summer. That way, you control how much light and sunshine you allow indoors without going too dark. 

But be sure that your window treatments match the look of your living room. If you’ve chosen to mimic the nautical look, go for curtains/blinds with starfish prints or beach-side colours, for instance.

7. Summer living room ideas: Change your scented candles

We are in love with all things related to beauty here on homify, and that includes pleasing scents! And while scents like fresh-baked gingerbread and hot-roasted coffee are ideal for winter, we prefer to switch it up with an ocean breeze or cucumber-melon for summer. And to make that possible, we embrace the great, big world of scented candles! 

Placing just one or two on a coffee- or side table in the living room can greatly influence how the space is perceived!

8. Summer living room ideas: Organise a separate drinks station

We are certainly not suggesting that you start building an expensive bar counter in the living room – just a simple little tray with glasses and pretty coasters placed on the coffee table immediately informs guests that cool, refreshing drinks are on the way (which, of course, you’ll be keeping chilled in the fridge until said guests arrive).

As we proclaimed earlier, living rooms are made for relaxation and socialising, and nothing says “relax and let’s chat” easier than offering someone a nice drink!

9. Summer living room ideas: Bring outdoor furniture in

We are certain that you already have a few fancy furniture pieces placed on your patio or deck for outdoor use. But if there is piece that you really love (even if it’s a quaint little wicker chair in which you sit to admire your garden), why not consider bringing it indoors for a summer switch-up? 

This unexpected placement of outdoor furniture can bring a fun, casual and relaxing vibe to your living room in an instant.

10. Summer living room ideas: Geometric patterns

It’s all in the detail, and that’s why we place emphasis on patterns – especially geometric ones, which scream ‘summer’ (in our style books, at least). 

It can be as simple as a cute throw pillow with a Moroccan print on the sofa, or a new living room rug flaunting a vivid scales motif – your space, your call! Either way, the vibrant, friendly look of summer is not complete in your living room without a dose of geometric patterns in your furniture and décor! 

And speaking of living room schemes, have a look at Our favourite, easiest tips for a colourful living room.

Which of these summer living room ideas will you be using before winter strikes?

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