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​Why you should have a minimalist bathroom

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Imagine walking into a gleaming-white, uncluttered bathroom after waking up, not having to trip over laundry or search for that missing tube of toothpaste. That’s the dream, right? 

Is that what your current bathroom looks like, though? If not, then we have good news: achieving this dream space is indeed a reality. All it’s going to take from your side is a bit of spring cleaning, the willpower to achieve said cleanliness and shipshape layout, and a firm commitment to giving a minimalist bathroom a try.

But before we list how to go about that, let’s talk a bit more about the minimalist style…

1. What is a minimalist bathroom?

The essence of minimalism is the de-cluttering of a space and ridding it of all excess pieces like furniture, accent décor, and, most importantly, junk. The end result of a minimalist space is a clean and simple look – bookshelves that only show a few noteworthy elements instead of overflowing with knickknacks, for instance. 

Minimalism is all about paring it down to a few essentials. Think of a minimalist bedroom where the only necessary elements would be the bed, a simple nightstand, and a dresser. You’d still be warm and comfortable, yet, at the same time, there’d be no tripping over piles of clothing. 

The other thing that makes a minimalist space stand out is its neat and organised arrangement. After all, less is only more if there is no sign of clutter!

2. How to create a minimalist bathroom: Get rid of (almost) everything

The bathroom is a fantastic space to give the minimalist style a try. Here are a few simple tips to get you started!

Get rid of most of those products. Why would any person require four bottles of shampoo and six different types of moisturiser? Having a minimalist bathroom still allows you to keep what you need, yet restricting it to one of a kind. And yes, since your collection of soaps, hairbrushes, makeup, towels, and goodness-knows-what-else you keep in your bathroom counts as clutter, it’s time for a clean-up! 

Remember, it’s all about the essentials.

3. How to create a minimalist bathroom: Trim the décor

West Winds - Main Bathroom Brass & Rose Interiors Minimalist bathroom Tiles Grey
Brass & Rose Interiors

West Winds—Main Bathroom

Brass & Rose Interiors

Keep those decorative seashells for another room – they don’t go in your minimalist bathroom. Your goal is to create a clean, simple, white space that sports no unnecessary décor. 

And since the bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in any home, virtually any extra decorations is going to contribute to a cluttered look. 

Stick with one or two decorative items that bring charm and character to your bathroom and won’t crowd the surfaces – toss the rest.

4. How to create a minimalist bathroom: Bring in a few glass jars

Refurbishment project West Sussex At No 19 Minimalist bathroom
At No 19

Refurbishment project West Sussex

At No 19

Although any storage tool will do, we love glass jars for neatly holding together any items one doesn’t want scattered all over the sink, or medicine cabinet. 

Remember that your minimalist bathroom must be completely free of clutter – even behind closed cabinet doors.

5. How to create a minimalist bathroom: De-clutter all surfaces

It might take some effort and (a lot of) willpower, but it is possible to keep all those surfaces in your bathroom clear. And it forms one of the vital foundations of any minimalist space, bathroom and otherwise.

6. How to create a minimalist bathroom: Keep it clean

It is just so easy to toss a towel or t-shirt on the floor, but resist – cleanliness is key when it comes to a minimalist bathroom! 

Apart from teaching yourself to steer all those things to the laundry bin or hang them where they should go (i.e. towels on the railing, or outside if they’re too wet), take a minute out of your busy day to quickly wipe down surfaces like the sink and toilet. It’ll ensure an extra touch to that clean, fresh feel you’re going for.

7. How to create a minimalist bathroom: Go with an all-white palette (if you can)

Although this step is not completely mandatory, it does ensure the perfect finishing touch to a minimalist design. And the great thing about white is that it’s available in a multitude of different tints. Thus, if possible, paint those bathroom walls a creamy ivory shade and hang up a daisy-white shower curtain.

8. The benefits of a minimalist (and modern) bathroom

Case Study: Seven Stars Barn, Berkshire BathroomsByDesign Retail Ltd Minimalist bathroom
BathroomsByDesign Retail Ltd

Case Study: Seven Stars Barn, Berkshire

BathroomsByDesign Retail Ltd

Right, so we know how to achieve a minimalist bathroom, but what’s in it for us?

A more organised space. In a chaotic world, it is nice to have at least one room that stays organised all the time. Just imagine walking into a perfectly clean and uncluttered bathroom every morning – that’s sure to enhance your mood for the rest of the day! 

Less cleaning. No more furiously scrubbing the bathroom from corner to corner every time you have guests. With your minimalist bathroom, there are fewer things to clean, meaning it’s just a simple matter of quickly tidying up before having people over. 

A positive approach to minimalism. As soon as you realise the benefits of a minimalist bathroom, it’ll inspire you to do the same with others room in your home. Starting small is really the key, though, as your small(ish) bathroom was the perfect space for experimenting with simple living. 

Not too keen on an all-white colour palette for your bathroom? Relax, we have quite a few other suggestions with Interior inspiration: 13 bathroom colour ideas.

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