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​Adding new space to your home

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It has finally happened. You have saved up and cut expenses left and right, and now it is paying off. No, we are not talking about that expensive holiday, but something much better – an additional room to your house! 

Adding a new room to a house means a world of possibilities, regardless of its actual size. So many uses, so many functions – and, of course, so many design and decor options to choose from. 

Will you build a completely new room, or just add a few metres to an existing room? Do you know what you’ll be using it for yet, or are you just looking forward to the extra legroom? As a prime provider of architectural and interior inspiration, we at homify consider it our responsibility to inform you of options for your new room/space. 

Let’s consider some stylish options.

A sunroom

Want to make full use of that sunshine? A sunroom could be your answer. With glass taking over the majority of the materials used, natural lighting becomes a much more permanent feature, with no concrete walls blocking out those friendly glows. 

In this example by Imago Design, we see an ingenious idea of adding a glass sunroom to a mid-century house, creating one stylish contrast between old and new. This creation still allows us to fully appreciate the surrounding exteriors, yet provides full protection from the elements (especially useful in wet or windy weather).  

The perfect setting for a romantic dinner by candlelight, with a starry ambience in the background for some sparkling company.

A shed

Should your property allow the extra space, a shed can be a wonderful addition. Although a free-standing space from your home, it is still regarded as part of your house – thus, you are free to use it for whatever purpose you desire, not just for storing those garden tools. 

It can function as a domestic area. Transforming this into an extension of the house offers up various uses, including a music room, an art space, a playroom for the youngsters, a laundry area, etc. It can even function as a storage area, allowing you to free up some much-needed space inside the home. 

So many possibilities…  

For all our DIY lovers, see how to: Build A Shed With Your Own Hands!

A living room

Should you be acquiring some extra legroom in the form of a new room, a living room can be just the thing to add to your home. The living room is the space where we entertain guests and welcome friends and relatives. It is where we serve tea and catch up on gossip, but it is also the space where we lounge with a good book for some peace and quiet. 

However, who says you can’t enlarge your existing living room? This will present additional storage areas (such as closets or cupboards), or inject some practical functions, such as adding an art easel or a grand piano. Or simply add a table and chairs and let your home be the venue for the next game night.  

Adding (or extending) a living room increases the flexibility of your home space, and therefore it is definitely a thought worth considering.

A kitchen

The hottest trend in terms of kitchens is to make them more extensive and part of other areas of the house. Long gone are the days where the kitchen was solely meant for preparing meals. These days, the kitchen is the space where we socialise with friends, where the kids do their homework, or where we can just sit and relax with a cup of tea while gathering our thoughts. 

A very popular idea is also to have an open-plan space, where the kitchen and dining room (and sometimes even the living room) become a seamless space. This allows for even more interaction between family members / friends, particularly when Mom is preparing dinner and Dad has the responsibility of setting the table

A bigger kitchen certainly benefits the entire house, so why not consider increasing the heart of your home?

A garage

Adding extra space? Don’t really need/want a guest bedroom or study? Well then, why not treat your four-wheeled friend to some enclosed protection? 

Adding a garage to a house doesn’t just mean your car will be protected from the elements, for a garage is a space with multiple possibilities. Apart from housing your car, your garage can also become your laundry room (you only need a little corner for the washer/dryer, after all). Or how about inserting a few shelves / cupboards for some smart storage, thereby saving up some space in the home? 

The majority of car garages are connected to the main house. Incorporated for both safety and practical reasons, it makes this space a literal extension of the house – thus, it offers up an ideal location for some extra practicality (should your Mini Cooper not mind sharing its space).

A unique setting

A new room for your house also presents new opportunities. What will we do with that new space? Will it become an art room? A personal library? Or how about creating something truly unique that is relevant to your home and its outside spaces? 

Studio Olmeda, as shown above, made excellent use of new room to fully utilise the view of that gorgeous swimming pool. A porch swing without the porch! A comfy setting where we can sit with our glass of Chardonnay and enjoy the sunshine dancing on the water surface, regardless of the temperature.

Authorities and approval issues

Adding a new room (or two) to your house is definitely an exciting phase. The new colours, the wallpaper, the decor and furniture… However, this is not just a change for you, but also for your neighbours / street. 

The transformation will undoubtedly affect the landscape of your neighbourhood, and will also introduce some construction elements (such as loud noise, additional vehicles and workers, etc.). So, to make sure that your construction doesn’t cause a war, ensure that your neighbours are made aware of the pending work to your house. And should you need any form of approval from the authorities, make sure you receive that before calling up a contractor and lifting the first sledgehammer. 

And after that, enjoy your new space!

Have you decided what you want to do with your new room/space? Tell us all about it...

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