10 ​Inspirational and Easy ways to Make Your Home Unique

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It’s only natural for us to make a new house or flat more comfy and liveable by putting our own personal stamp on it. After all, it’s most unlikely that your new abode flaunts finishes, fixtures, colours and layouts that are 100% you, seeing as personal taste is, well, personal.

Interior designers know this, and their ability to transform a bare shell of a house into a private, stylish sanctuary is one of the reasons why they’re so popular. But here’s the wonderful news: you don’t need a pro to personalise your home. This is especially great news for those moving into a rented house or flat, which severely limits the amount of make-over tricks that can be implemented. 

So, with beautiful living spaces in mind, let’s see how you can personalise your home in no time at all!

1. Personalise your home: Use removable wallpaper

Heavenly Ocean Pixers Modern style bedroom Blue colors,Pixers,wallmural

Heavenly Ocean


Wallpaper is making a huge comeback in the interior design realm, seeing as it creatively incorporates both colour and pattern to give a space a new look. But if you’re worried that you won’t be able to remove it when it’s time to move out (or you feel like a change-up), don’t fret: that’s the beauty of modern wallpaper that’s easily removable. 

Take your pick from the wealth of super chic, highly removable wallpaper options that are out there – they can all be removed quickly and effortlessly without a trace!

2. Personalise your home: Paint a wall or two

Don’t have the time or energy to paint all four walls of a room? How about just one?

A lot of people (and professionals) would argue that a single focal wall goes much further in terms of visual appeal than painting an entire room. All we can say is that it sure saves a lot of effort, plus looks fantastic!

3. Personalise your home: Change your lighting

A stunning elliptical orb available in two sizes with various combinations. IQ Furniture Living roomLighting
IQ Furniture

A stunning elliptical orb available in two sizes with various combinations.

IQ Furniture

Far too few people understand the visual value of lighting inside a home. In addition to illuminating spaces, lighting also forms part of your home’s décor – thus, how could you not pay a little extra attention to it? 

Don’t like the lighting that came with your house? Change it! Swap out those drab hallway sconces with a striking chandelier (pay attention to head space, though), and add a floor- or table lamp to your living room’s ceiling light (layered lighting goes a long way). 

homify hint: To really make your new kitchen shine, opt for pendants dangling above the island / breakfast bar / dining table. It sets the tone for the rest of the room, plus draws attention to the work / dining space of the kitchen.

4. Personalise your home: Lay down new rugs

Living Area homify Modern living room

Living Area


Although we do love beautiful wooden floors and tiles, there’s no denying the appeal of the right rug. Rugs are killer ways to showcase your personality while also ensuring a soft underfoot sensation. Not to mention the fact that a soft rug is much warmer than a bare wooden/tile floor – winter’s coming, you know!

5. Personalise your home: Style up your window treatment

Window treatments are expert and easy ways to enhance a room’s look, regardless of whether you opt for light and breezy curtains or dramatic drapes. And if you’re working with less square footage than you’d like, installing your curtain rod high above the windows and investing in extra long curtains will definitely maximise the room’s visual spaciousness.

6. Personalise your home: Hang some art

Belsize Park Gardens, Living in Space Living in Space Living room
Living in Space

Belsize Park Gardens

Living in Space

One great piece of artwork immediately creates a focal point. It doesn’t need to bust your budget – as long as it speaks to you and complements the rest of the room’s look in terms of colour, it works! 

For reasonably priced works, seek out galleries that feature up-and-coming artists, or attend student shows at a local art school.

homify hint: What about hanging some personal photos? A gallery wall showcasing smiling friends and family is sure to introduce a big batch of your personality, plus make your new home feel much more welcoming. If you’re concerned about putting holes in the walls before you know for sure where everything will go, we suggest removable picture-hanging strips instead of nails.

7. Personalise your home: Put plants in surprising places

Grey Exposed Brick Dining Room Gracious Luxury Interiors Minimalist dining room White Dining Room,Dining Table,White,Exposed Brick
Gracious Luxury Interiors

Grey Exposed Brick Dining Room

Gracious Luxury Interiors

There’s no denying the importance of house plants – they add colour, texture and pattern, plus help to freshen the air and introduce new scent to your indoors. 

We sure love large potted plants and –trees, but also see where you can squeeze in a little pot of succulents (on the bookshelf), a pretty vase with colourful florals (the coffee table), or even a hanging fern dangling from the ceiling.

8. Personalise your home: Style up your hardware

The Arts and Crafts Kent Kitchen by deVOL deVOL Kitchens Industrial style kitchen Blue
deVOL Kitchens

The Arts and Crafts Kent Kitchen by deVOL

deVOL Kitchens

We don’t blame anyone who feels like changing up their new home’s cabinetry – after all, the previous owners picked it, not you. But if your budget or landlord won’t budge on installing brand new custom cabinets, ensure a new look by changing up the hardware. 

Sleek steel pulls, whimsical agate knobs, or even good-old timber handles if it fits in with your look and personal style – so many options!

9. Personalise your home: Customise your storage

The right storage in the right place is key. Get that right, and your daily life immediately becomes easier. 

So, in addition to playing with new colours and cabinet knobs in your new home, take the time to plan out where you need shelving or cabinetry. Then commit to outfit your closets with storage systems, especially if your new home isn’t that big.

10. Personalise your home: Up the cosy factor

Master Bedroom cushions Katie Malik Interiors Modern style bedroom Bespoke cushions
Katie Malik Interiors

Master Bedroom cushions

Katie Malik Interiors

A comfy throw to snuggle under; lush cushions scattered on a sofa or bed for those unexpected naps; a spread of candles on a credenza; fairy lights draped from a porch railing… there are so many personal little touches one can do in order to make a home seem more welcoming and cosy. After all, it’s the little things in life that count!

For extra inspiration, we recommend How to personalise your home via colours.

How else would you personalise your new home?

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