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Easy colourful bathroom ideas anybody can try

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Full renovation on Trinity Road, London Grand Design London Ltd Modern bathroom
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Don’t get us wrong – we love neutral colour palettes in a home. It’s just that sometimes one does want a hint of colour for extra character. And after all, a touch of bright colour can still be inserted into a neutral-toned room without breaking down the space’s subtle, luxurious look.

That brings us to the modern-day bathroom. Many of them flaunt all-white colour schemes, and why not? You can get away very easily with soft, off-white tones in a bathroom, as it’s a safe way of bestowing an elegant look on a room. But let’s face it: an all-white bathroom runs the risk of becoming boring very quickly. Thus, let’s solve the problem by adding some friendly hues.

But how? Where does one start when one wants to enter the bright and big world of colourful bathroom ideas?

Right here…

1. Colourful bathroom ideas: Where to start

Look around your bathroom. Is there already a hint of a colour which you would like to enhance? It could be something small like the cherry red in one of the Moroccan tiles, the sky blue in the window treatment, or even a bright purple in the shower curtain. Start with one hue, and take it from there!

2. Colourful bathroom ideas: Play with paint

Of course paint remains one of the easiest ways to colour up any space, indoors or out. But bear two things in mind before picking a colour for your bathroom: 

1. It is a private space, meaning not all who enter your house will necessarily see it (like they do the living room, for instance). That means you can be a bit more adventurous with your choice of tones. 

2. However, a bathroom is supposed to be a calming space. Even though we don’t spend that much time in there, its colours help conjure up a certain ambience. Thus, consider the mood you want to feel while brushing your teeth, showering, or answer nature’s call in the bathroom. 

For a warmer, friendlier feel, go over to the hotter side of the colour wheel where the reds, yellows and oranges reside – they are all available in thousands of different tints. Or how about a dramatic feel by opting for a soft neutral palette, and then splashing one bright or bold colour on the focal wall?

3. Colourful bathroom ideas: Trying out your tones

Full renovation on Trinity Road, London Grand Design London Ltd Modern bathroom
Grand Design London Ltd

Full renovation on Trinity Road, London

Grand Design London Ltd

Once you’ve established which main colours you’d like to focus on (i.e. green), it’s time to play around with tones and hues (like chartreuse, lime, etc.). 

Always test paint samples on the walls. Place them at least three feet apart from each other so they don't blend. And be sure to paint them on spots that’ll receive both light and shadow – remember that the same colour can change depending on where you place it.

4. Colourful bathroom ideas: Experiment with fabrics

Of course paint is not the only option we have for bringing colour into the bathroom. And when it comes to well-chosen furniture, they not only add colour, but also enhance the overall scheme of the space. 

Think about window treatment, bath towels, mats, shower curtains, etc. All of these have the potential to add colour, pattern and texture to your space. Area rugs especially, since there are so many great type of woven ones, like bamboo (the ideal choice for a spa-like bathroom). 

Our favourite material for a bathroom mat? Wool. It’s comfortable to stand on, very soft, and the oil found in the fibre naturally resists water.

5. Colourful bathroom ideas: Try out tiles

Funky Cloackroom DeVal Bathrooms Eclectic style bathroom
DeVal Bathrooms

Funky Cloackroom

DeVal Bathrooms

Bathrooms are synonymous with tiles – they don’t have to be, but let’s face it that tiles are a tried-and-tested material for any space prone to wetness. 

And gone are the days when your entire bathroom needed to be covered in saturated tile in order to be “trendy”. Modern times inform us that colourful tiles are perfect for drawing attention to a focal point, plus showing guests that you value aesthetic beauty in your home’s private spaces, too. 

Consider using colourful tiles (we especially love Mediterranean ones) in a spa-like rainforest shower, as a striking backsplash behind the vanity, or any other wall/floor space you deem fit.

6. Colourful bathroom ideas: Furniture and fittings

Essex cast iron bath Heritage Bathrooms Classic style bathroom
Heritage Bathrooms

Essex cast iron bath

Heritage Bathrooms

Colourful bathroom ideas also extend to furnishings and fittings like tubs, bathroom taps, and basins. And choosing one or two coloured furniture/fittings is perfect for enjoying a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral space. 

For a subtle-yet-effective way to bring in a hint of bright colour, opt for unique hardware like faucets, drawer handles, cabinet knobs, etc.

7. Colourful bathroom ideas: Accessories

Richmond Family Home PAD ARCHITECTS Minimalist bathroom

Richmond Family Home


Then, of course, there are those little décor pieces that are merely there to add interest. Potted plants, mirror frames, wall art, and soap dispensers can definitely enhance your bathroom’s colour as much (or as little) as you want them to. 

But think of other elements like colourful radiators or funky towel railings – how will they be able to brighten up your bathroom in terms of visual appeal? Be sure to repeat your statement hue for a look that ties the whole space together.

8. Colourful bathroom ideas: Painting a small bathroom bigger

Broadgates Road SW18 BTL Property LTD Minimalist bathroom
BTL Property LTD

Broadgates Road SW18

BTL Property LTD

Let’s close off with where we started: paint. In case you fall in the majority who were left with rather tiny bathrooms, here’s how paint can help your bathroom seem more visually spacious and welcoming.  

1. Light and brightly coloured walls help to reflect light (both natural and artificial) and visually expand space. Popular tones to consider are whites, pinks, yellows, and greys. 

2. Stick with one colour, yet use various hues of it to add interest (for example dove grey, cloud grey, fossil, etc.) 

3. Blending your wall- and tile colours makes the bathroom feel like one continuous space. This also counts for your shower area.  

4. Paint the walls and ceiling the same colour, as this helps the eye to travel effortlessly from top to bottom.  

5. Wall trims, window covers, doors and mouldings should be a few tints lighter than the rest of the bathroom. This makes the walls appear further back and, thus, your entire bathroom seems bigger.

From one room to another, see these 10 great colours to paint your small living room walls.

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