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These front doors are fab (but not for the faint-hearted)

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It always strikes us as a little odd when people have taken the time to commission a stunning home, decorated the inside to impeccable standards and then just put any old front door on. 

We know that might not be your favourite part of the project but it pays to give even your entrance a little more thought as it sets the tone for the rest of the property. What your front door looks like says a lot about you, your tastes and your style and it can prove to be your most valued security device. 

So, rather than just opting for the first draught excluder you stumble upon, let us guide you through some fantastic options!

1. Contemporary and classic

If your home has something of a contemporary flavour so too should your front door. Try to think of it as the icing on the cake and the garnish on the meal. Your front door can either eloquently match the rest of your home design or stick out like a sore thumb. Which would you prefer?

We love this door as it looks modern, authoritative and stylish all at once and doesn't break up the sleek render too much. We bet there is an equally high-end interior inside and the semi-industrial hardware looks absolutely phenomenal.

2. Antique and accessorised

If you have a period property or have designed one that is supposed to nod to traditional styling, you should definitely think about furnishing your entrance appropriately. We think this gorgeous rustic wooden front door, complete with iron lion-head knocker, is just the ticket.

The architects at Seymour-Smith could spot an opportunity to install a suitably heritage front door and we think you should be wise to the variety of hearty, traditional options out there. Whatever you do though, we hope you don't resist affixing a bold knocker!

3. Eastern and exciting

So, we know that this front door won't be perfect for every home, but we love the way it looks, what it infers about the interior and the vibe it gives off. What an immensely impressive and almost foreboding entrance it helps to create.

A touch of Eastern influence looks amazing in the right house so, if you're heavily swayed by the Orient, don't think that you have to negate fabulous, authentic pieces such as this one. Simply find your nearest importer and start talking about your options.

4. Foreboding and fabulous

Upper Park, Loughton Boscolo Windows & doors Doors

Upper Park, Loughton


For a UK home that has that typically British sense of a stiff upper lip and trepidation when it comes to strangers, we love a bold front door. These might be inanimate objects but they seem to be almost querying the legitimacy of our presence through a picture. 

We know we're not getting past them and into the hallway unless we have permission and what a great attitude for your home to have. While you might like your home to look approachable and friendly, there are times when something a little more stern would be useful and we think this black double-door installation is perfect for those occasions.

5. Glazed and gorgeous

We don't think this would be a suitable front door for a home in a built up or urban area but imagine you lived in a sleepy little village where everyone knows each other. Now that's the kind of home that could make a door like this work.

Allowing bags of natural light into the house, the wood and glazing partnership is making easy work of looking inviting, friendly and homely. We love that some simple blinds can shut the world out as, let's be honest, nobody is in the mood to receive company all the time!

6. Metal and mesmerising

Industrial styling has been infiltrating residential builds for a while now and, though exposed ducting and polished concrete are nice touches, we think it's great that more commercial front door inspiration is being seen.

This door offers the perfect amount of style and privacy, while looking perfectly sturdy and fit for purpose. We certainly wouldn't fancy our chances if we tried to break in!

If you think your front door could be letting down your property, perhaps it's time to upgrade?

For more door inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 sliding door ideas that work great in small homes.

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