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​Interior inspiration: Bright-coloured dining rooms

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Dining room Pixers Modern dining room Multicolored
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As not all homes get to have a dining room, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the less-used spaces nowadays. True, space is on the decrease, and a dining room (seen as a symbol of luxury to most) is usually one of the first to go. 

But for those who are fortunate enough to have a separate space for their fancy dinner parties, a dining room is one more excuse to indulge in some interior design. That table, the surrounding chairs (or bench, if you’re so inclined), the wall art, the additional décor… just like any other room in the house, the dining room also provides the perfect opportunity to try out new designs and show off your quirky side (if a contemporary and sleek dining space is not what you seek).

And that brings us to colours, especially bright-coloured dining rooms. From the window treatment to those upholstered dining chairs, there are so many ways in which to flaunt some colour in a dining space that we thought we simply had to pick some of our favourites to inspire you.

So, here they are…

1. Bright-coloured dining rooms: Playing with the colour wheel

There’s a lot to be said for the colour wheel. It teaches us so many things related to colour – which ones are complementary, which ones are best suited for contrast, cool and warm hues, etc. 

And speaking of contrast, we just love it when two opposite colours come together, as they do in this classic dining room. Sunflower yellow and teal blue ensure a striking effect for the dining chairs, and a dash of rouge in the background lights up the armchair while also complementing the cheery yellow of the window treatment.

2. Bright-coloured dining rooms: Using the wall

Geometric bubbles Pixers Modern dining room Multicolored

Geometric bubbles


There’s no reason why your dining room walls need to be completely white. Or even a slight off-white. Instead of a blank and dull background, add a bit of excitement via wonderful wallpaper.

If done correctly and stylishly (as in this example), your dining table and –chairs can be left quite subtle and minimalistic without looking the tiniest bit dull. 

Notice how the accessories on the bookcase complement the hues of the patterned wallpaper. Now that’s smart interior design!

3. Bright-coloured dining rooms: Unifying a multi-functional room

Even though modern style dictates a love for open-plan layouts, we still have quite a few options to ensure those various spaces (such as the kitchen, living room and dining area) don’t blend in too well with one another and end up getting lost. And colour is the easiest and most fun!

Staying with a neutral backdrop throughout, this open-plan dining area opted for warm autumn tones to give itself a welcoming, enticing look. Cherry red, marigold orange and daffodil yellow not only complement one another, but also fit in superbly with the earth tones of the wooden dining table.

4. Bright-coloured dining rooms: Leave it to Mother Nature

Why not let nature provide colours for your dining room? With big windows and glass doors, garden views can come flooding indoors, treating your interior spaces to a host of fresh greens and pops of cheerful tones (depending, of course, on what you’ve got going on in your garden). 

This modern dining room didn’t want to take any chances and opted for a handful of colourful pops in the Scandinavian dining chairs to complement the fresh greens of the lawn.

5. Bright-coloured dining rooms: Perk up with pattern

Dining set Deja Ooh Industrial style dining room
Deja Ooh

Dining set

Deja Ooh

Who says we’re only restricted to solid colours? That’s the beauty of patterns and motifs! Depending on your dining room’s style, there’s a multitude of patterns you can use to give your dining room not only some colour, but character as well.

This dining corner may be tiny, yet it is the way it flaunts those motifs in baby blues, rose pinks, pear greens and tiger oranges that makes it an exceptional design.

6. Bright-coloured dining rooms: A red look

Dining Room Fisher ID Classic style dining room
Fisher ID

Dining Room

Fisher ID

Colour psychology teaches us that every colour under the sun has a specific meaning. And although red can signify danger in some cases, this classic dining room opted for a royal and lavish look with its bold reds. 

Yes, one can opt to use only a dash of red in an otherwise neutral dining room (say, red upholstered chairs, for instance). But if you’re brave enough to go all out with your hot colour palette, why not opt for something striking such as this?

7. Bright-coloured dining rooms: Leave it to the floor

Mid Century Eclectic Pfeiffer Design Ltd Eclectic style dining room
Pfeiffer Design Ltd

Mid Century Eclectic

Pfeiffer Design Ltd

Colour can be flaunted in many different ways, so don’t discount the surface that you’re walking on. Rugs and carpets is another opportunity for your dining room (regardless of its style or size) to flaunt a few tints.

We especially love how this modern space uses the soft blues of the rug to complement the electric blue of the dining chairs. And how these cool hues offset with the warmer yellows of the living room in the background.

8. Bright-coloured dining rooms: Shades of blue

A Navy Situation homify Modern dining room

A Navy Situation


Blue is the one primary colour that can pretty much work in any space, given its multitude of different hues that can go from cheery and playful to classically elegant in an instant. 

See how this grey-blue tint not only provides a luxurious look for this contemporary dining room, but also works with the golds and off-whites that colour in the rest of the room. 

But since blue can be a pretty cold colour, how does one go about using it correctly in the dining room (a space where ‘cold’ is the last look you want for your dinner parties)? Start by using it in smaller quantities, like perhaps a beautiful vase for the table’s centrepiece, or striking china which brings colour to the room. Once you’re sure about the shade of blue you’ve chosen and you wish to add more, then start looking at rugs, lighting fixtures, chair covers, etc.

9. Bright-coloured dining rooms: Stylish seating

Colorful Triangles Pixers Modern dining room

Colorful Triangles


Of course it’s not only the colour of your dining chairs that matters, but also their shapes. And we especially love these brightly coloured ottomans that ensure a fresh touch for this dining room. 

But see how those yellows and blues of the ottomans are repeated in the wallpaper, even though the hues are not 100% identical? Complementing colours are important, as they help to establish a visual link that makes the entire room’s design flow.

10. Bright-coloured dining rooms: Dashing décor

Whole House Renovation, Cheam, Surrey Model Projects Ltd Modern dining room
Model Projects Ltd

Whole House Renovation, Cheam, Surrey

Model Projects Ltd

Let your décor pieces help complement your dining room's colour palette. This striking baby blue is balanced perfectly in the Scandinavian chairs and wall art (and look how those soft oranges are repeated in the sunflowers), ensuring a design which flows effectively from one side of the room to the other.

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Which colours would you add to your dining room, and how?
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