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Your 7-step guide to a hotel-style bedroom

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When was the last time you checked into a luxurious hotel for a bit of R&R? Do you remember how royal, relaxed and tranquil you felt upon returning home? Wish you could feel like that every morning?

There is just something about a luxurious hotel bedroom that immediately calms one down. Is it the layout of the room? The type of linen used for the bed? Or the type of accessories that help to establish that lavish feeling? Here’s the secret: it’s all of those, plus some more!

Fortunately, we have collected the secrets that interior designers use when asked to create the sleeping spaces for hotels, and of course we don’t mind sharing.

So, let’s see how you can turn your ordinary room into a hotel-style bedroom.

1. Creating a hotel-style bedroom: De-clutter the space

Ever noticed how hotel rooms are a bedroom, study, kitchen and living room all in once? That’s the beauty of an open-plan layout designed well. 

First, decide what areas you want to include in your bedroom. Of course the smaller your room, the fewer options you are going to have, but one can always squeeze in a tiny chair in the corner for relaxing, right?

But before you start splurging on extra furniture, de-clutter your bedroom! Part of the reason why we love hotels is because they provide a neat and clean environment. And simplifying your bedroom is going to involve more than hiding some clothes under the bed. 

Sort through the clutter and decide which items to bin and which to banish. Not so much as a sock is allowed to be scattered on that floor!

2. Creating a hotel-style bedroom: Fix the lighting

Most five-star hotel rooms incorporate the following techniques for their lighting:  

• A three-way switch at the entry for the bedside lamp 

• A closet light that turns on automatically when the door is opened 

• Reading lights at the bed that are individually controlled 

• Dimmer controls on everything.

The secret? Layered lighting! Don’t be content with just a single table lamp on your nightstand. Add to the illumination and consider fixtures for every part and action of your bedroom, from reading in bed to working at that chair and little desk you managed to get into the corner.

3. Creating a hotel-style bedroom: Incorporate flexibility

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For your bedroom furniture, think “multi-use”. As hotel bedrooms are used not only for sleeping, see where you can incorporate some of the following: 

• A pivoting desk that allows you to watch TV (or the view outside) while doing a bit of work. 

• A stylish upholstered chair with matching ottoman for relaxing. 

• A loose-standing ottoman that can be used for various actions, from resting tired feet and extra seating to a flat surface for board games or a dining table.  

• A mirror above your desk/table to turn your workstation into a make-up vanity.

4. Creating a hotel-style bedroom: Treat yourself to luxe sheets

Let’s not forget how we like to wake up refreshed after spending the night in a snazzy hotel. That’s because of the sheets they use!

For your bedroom’s hotel look, go for a crisp, white set of sheets that are at least 300 thread count. Although hotel rooms tend to use sateen or percale sheets, opt for the material that feels most comfortable to you (and doesn’t destroy your makeover budget).

To treat yourself some more, have your sheets professionally laundered, so they come home nice and pressed. 

homify hint: A peaceful colour palette is key for your hotel-style bedroom. If you’re not a fan of crisp white, explore the other neutrals like mocha beige, stone grey, Dunmore cream, dove white, etc. You can always add some bold/bright colours in the form of accessories, but ensure that your bedroom’s main colour palette is soft and relaxing.

5. Creating a hotel-style bedroom: Get a fluffy rug

A soft underfoot sensation is key for a hotel-style bedroom. Even if your room already has carpet, think about layering up with an extra rug. 

As we’re barefoot most of the time in the bedroom, the softer and fluffier your new rug, the better!

6. Creating a hotel-style bedroom: Zhoosh up your bedside table

Bold and bright splahes : Soft furnishing : Bedroom 1 In:Style Direct Modern style bedroom
In:Style Direct

Bold and bright splahes : Soft furnishing : Bedroom 1

In:Style Direct

It’s amazing how hotels always manage to provide plenty of space and surfaces for personal stuff, from our hand creams and cellular phones to books and laptops. Let your bedside tables follow suit.

Invest in a smart and practical table that provides adequate flat surface for the bedside lamp and perhaps a book or two (and a glass of water, tissue box… ), and also additional ‘hide-away’ storage like a drawer and/or cubby.

7. Creating a hotel-style bedroom: Style up the window treatment

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Hotel rooms are all about luxury, and that includes sleeping late. To repeat that at home, rethink your window treatments.

What hotels normally do is hang a layer of sheer curtains combined with a blackout layer for maximum room darkening. So, invest in proper blackout shades (whether roller or roman) custom-sized for your bedroom windows, and then add a sheer curtain on top for light filtering, privacy and softness. And stay away from heavy valances or big droopy swags that collect dust – the last thing you want to think about while relaxing in your hotel-style bedroom is dusting! 

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Did we miss any vital points? What else is necessary for a hotel-style bedroom?
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