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sam designers house is a digital printing

sam designers house sam designers house
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Sam Designers house is a state of the art

digital printing and advertising firm.  With more than two decades of professional experience, our team offers a variety of services to meet all of your printing  & advertising needs. We provide indoor and outdoor printing, digital sheet, direct printing on rough surfaces, laser cutting and carving, digital cutting area and many other post-printing services such as laminating and  printing on wood. چاپ دیجیتال

With the help of  our  professional staff and state of the art facilities, our group pioneers in offering services to commercial, cultural, artistic, sports complexes , and many other areas of trade, commerce, education, entertainment , and technology.

Aside from the services above, our group offers assistance in advertising  focused on environmental marketing, printing packages and stands.  our printing skills along with our advertising professionals give us the necessary tools to boost your business to the next level.