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These are the most hygienic kitchen countertops

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Nobody wants a grubby kitchen that is hard to keep clean and fresh and one way to ensure you don't fall into that trap is to make sure that you choose suitably hygienic countertops. We hope you aren't picturing nothing but stark white, self-disinfecting surfaces as that's not what we mean at all.

Certain materials work wonderfully well as a kitchen counter as they are either easy to clean, non-porous or have natural germ-fighting abilities. As an added bonus, many of them look absolutely phenomenal, too. Well, you don't want to totally sacrifice fashion for function, do you? Not when you can enjoy a mixture of the two!

Wonderful wood

A timeless classic, wooden worktops are wonderful because they look great and add a sense of warmth but did you also know that they make for fantastically hygienic countertops? They do, despite being an organic material that can be at risk of damage from knives.

This kitchen, from Kiveda, looks great. The almost retro styling of the breakfast bar stools and the units themselves are perfectly complemented by the natural wooden countertop and with a host of cleaning products available for such surfaces, staying healthy has never been easier!

Lovely laminate

When you love the idea of real wood or chunky stone but the price tag is a little steeper than you are willing to climb, there is another way to get the look, but for less. Laminate offers the best of every world as it can imitate expensive materials flawlessly while being purse-friendly and creating perfectly hygienic countertops.

Don't think of laminate as a cheap alternative as it certainly doesn't look inexpensive and with super smooth, sleek finishes available, it is incredibly easy to keep clean. Spills will wipe straight off with little to no effort and a quick spritz of anti-bacterial spray will keep everything as tip-top as a busy family needs it to be.

Stunning steel

The ultimate in hygienic countertops, stainless steel makes light work of transforming even the busiest and most abused kitchens into a shining beacon of cleanliness and good health. Seriously, you could even spill a brightly coloured curry on it and it wouldn't leave a mark.

Easy to clean, effortlessly stylish and easy to combine with any interior design scheme or colour palette, stainless steel countertops really are the kings of kitchen accessories and while they might not be the most budget-friendly option, they more than make up for that in impact.

Miraculous marble

If we're talking about luxury materials we have to give an honourable mention to the most decadent finish of all: marble. The undisputed pinnacle of expensive kitchen materials, what we love about marble is that it comes in so many colour variations, making it suitable for everyone's tastes.

As a cool, sleek stone, marble creates hygienic countertops with ease and makes even the most dramatic spills a piece of cake to sort out and with a quick blast of anti-bacterial spray, you'll never have to worry about hidden germs or potential illness again.

Gorgeous granite

When the good looks of marble get your interior design spidey senses tingling but you wallet doesn't feel quite so excited, why not consider granite? You can get a similar look with the benefit of many varieties having natural 'sparkle' but will still have some money left over for extra treats, too.

Much like marble, granite makes for fantastically hygienic countertops as the smooth surface lends itself to easy cleaning and lack of absorption. There'll be no chance of e-coli or any other nasties lurking in your kitchen with a granite worktop in place, that's for sure.

Calming concrete

If you are looking for the ultimate combination of value for money, impactful looks and the properties that any hygienic countertops will have, then polished concrete could be a great option for you.

If you love industrial styling, this could be even more the case. Strikingly gorgeous, polished concrete makes for a wonderful countertop that won't absorb and harbour any nasties. We love how rugged and hardy concrete is too, as you know you could give it a really good scrub and still not even scratch the surface. It's the muscle of the kitchen world!

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: A Heavenly Clean And Shiny Kitchen. It's not just your countertops that you want to be hygienic!

Which of these countertops would look great in your kitchen? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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