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Hanging wall art ideas

Alissa Ugolini—homify UK Alissa Ugolini—homify UK
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It takes only a few minutes to turn a boring white wall, into something special. Pieces of art are often the final installation in our newly furnished rooms, some coming years after completion, others bought or collected well in advance. Wall art doesn't necessarily denote the standard oil on canvas pictures that we are used to seeing, nowadays, you can pretty much hang anything inside a frame.. if it fits! Trinkets, ornaments, motivational quotes or family photos; whatever you want to see on your walls, you can. Avid art collectors and regular homeowners collectively understand the importance of wall art; it denotes personality, desires, and can even be a tool of self expression for those who do not have a way with words. 

The problem is generally not WHAT to hang, but WHERE, and HOW? Do you go for the standard, above the couch or bed position, or, do you opt for something totally different? Do you tie the picture in with the room, or do you make it clash? Lastly, do your frames match, or will you choose the more eclectic approach and show off your flea market finds? The choice has just become too large; and when you don't have a clearly defined style or preference, it can make the decision process grueling and hard. The best thing to do, as we always recommend, is to look for inspiration first. Have a look at the common pit falls that are associated with wall hanging art, and look to other examples from both famous and everyday designers.

Please note, if you are renting or temporarily leasing a space, that you will need to consider how many holes and nails you make in a wall. If you damage it, you will have to pay for it. So think carefully about how much the art means to you. In saying this, there are other options for hanging art that do not entail the standard nail and hammer method. You can find other versions of hooks and hangers that come with different adhesive methods to ensure your walls are left in pristine condition! Whatever the case, our homify experts have a huge variety of inspiration and ideas available for you today. Take a look..   

Modernists rejoice

 Living room by alba najera
alba najera


alba najera

This is a picture perfect scene of a modern living room. A low lying couch, retro 60s table, 20th century modernist lamp, and of course, an array of geometric and typographic images. Any true lover of architecture and design will feel a little tickle in their stomachs; that little thrill caused by modern design—when it is done properly. It isn't easy to balance a scene like pictured, in fact, it is highly likely that hidden behind this harmonised arrangement of frames, are markups and lines, outlining exactly how the frames and images should interact. It would appear, that on a large scale, these seemingly separate images, are married together to create one image of total unison. 

Vintage finds

A Traditional English Home:  Living room by Rosangela Photography
Rosangela Photography

A Traditional English Home

Rosangela Photography

A trip to a weekend flea market can yield a myriad of results; from diamonds in the rough, to complete and utter trash. If you are lucky, you may have inherited a set of ornate vintage frames, or, if your local market is selective about what they sell in their stalls, you might be able to stumble upon some truly characteristic and charming picture frames. Of course, what you place inside them is entirely up to you. Do you create a juxtaposition between old and new worlds by placing minimalist designs inside or ornate art deco frames? Or do you do the opposite, and retain the era of the frame with a complementing image? Your artistic license here can run wild—try out a few different things and settle upon what works best with the room. 

Strict geometry

Modern Living room with an Asian Touch:  Living room by Rosangela Photography
Rosangela Photography

Modern Living room with an Asian Touch

Rosangela Photography

If you prefer your wall art to be neatly aligned, then this scenario would suit you perfectly. A set of images, of matching size and matching frames, always looks elegant. It is suitable for any room in the house, and can house a wide range of different art pieces. For lovers of strict geometry, you can see how the pictures in each of these frames differs only slightly; the variation is subtle and unassuming. In this case, the wall art becomes a filling element in the room, rather than a focal or feature point. Not all spaces are suited to loud art, a classic setting like this is a perfect example of how a neatly arranged set of frames complements, rather than overtakes a space. If you stop for a moment and imagine the space minus the art, you would indeed think something was missing. This is an unassuming and delicate illustration of how to include wall art in a formal and slightly more conservative space. 

Reaching new heights

Private Residence in Beykoz:  Living room by ARKITEX INTERIORS

Private Residence in Beykoz


If you are presented with a space that is either plundered by low ceiling heights, or conversely, double height walls, tall wall art is the perfect way to fill the empty space. Just like the common fashion advice we receive in glossy magazines, you should never wear stripes horizontally, only vertically, if you want to create an illusion of additional height. Loft or mezzanine spaces that are generally under 2.4 metres in height could use the help of a simple optical illusion, adding a bit of welcome relief to the occupants of a bedroom or living space with a very low head height. On the other side, staircases and areas with tall bare walls graciously accept elongated versions of wall art, to ensure the space looks inviting and warm. This living room for example, has been cleverly finished off with these two tall canvases. The chosen design and colourway complete the room. 

Preserved memories

If your favourite band or artist has a special place in your heart, it is only natural that you would want to have their work, at its very best, everyday. After the death of some singers, the value of their records and CDs skyrocket. So, if you want to preserve the memories of your favourite crooner or band, immortalising them behind a plank of glass is really the best thing you can do. This layout is not reserved for music studios or record shops; you can show your devotion in any room of your house. Given these items are usually linear in shape, you can employ any of the tactics mentioned earlier in terms of placement. Create a harmonious example of different levels and heights, or, line it up with a spirit level so that it lines up like a regiment of soldiers. Major stores and high street retailers sell frame sizes to match standard records and CDs, as this notion is growing in popularity. You can be sure when you have guests over that you will hear them say to you ’I didn't know you liked such-and-such! or I didn't know you were a fan of so-and-so?!’.

Mix & match

Finally, in response to all the aforementioned examples, here we see an eclectic fusion of different frames, housing an array of different artistic styles and designs. Placed with a little less rigidity, you can see here how the home owner and designer have created a wonderful and eclectic blend of words, pictures and drawings. The wall colour in this example, has played a huge part in highlighting the wall art and making it stand out. Instead of blending in with its surroundings, this art is lifted from the walls in which it hangs, and is made one of the feature and focal points of the room. On top of this, what we see in this example is an excellent approach for those who bore of wall hangings easily. You can change the position, and the contents of the frame on a yearly, monthly or even weekly basis—depending on your needs. You also don't have to have expensive images inside, postcards, printouts and even fun reproductions from design oriented web-shops have a myriad of styles and design to choose from.

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What is your favourite style of wall hanging? Let us know your thoughts and experiences below. 
Whitton Drive:  Terrace house by GK Architects Ltd

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