How to Decorate a Kids' Bedroom in Style

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Kids' bedrooms are an absolute delight to work with. The décor can be imaginative and colors can be used without great fuss and a lot of creativity. However, there is so much information around that it can be difficult to make choices when it comes to colour, furniture, and accessories. When beginning to decorate or redecorate a kid’s room it is important to avoid clutter and aim for a clean room. Children need uncluttered space to move and a secure environment. If there are many toys strewn around it will be difficult for them to move about and they will not be able to clear up on their own. Simple and easy storage ideas work best in a child’s room. Utilizing the vertical space to make a bed with built-in drawers is also a great idea.

It is also good to consider all kinds of safety angles, which will minimize accidents when kids begin to use the room. For instance, electric outlets should be covered if there are very young children. If the furniture in the room is large, ensure it is fastened to the floor. 

If the children are smaller, an all-inclusive children’s space can be designed that includes a play area and a study area with bookshelves. If the room is shared, then a loft bed or a bunk bed can be considered.

Make full use of the space

Any type of design is possible once the size and space available in the room are finalized. Once the wall space and design are determined, the walls can be filled with imaginative décor, like cartoon characters, different kinds of wallpaper etc. Another fun option is to have a chalkboard where the child can use their creativity to draw or write. Most kids like to scribble on the wall, so providing a chalkboard with colorful chalk can help unleash their creativity. A study nook is also a space to consider while designing the room. For a school-going child, a study nook is important with a table and chair and an easily accessible bookshelf.

Think about security

While designing the child’s bedroom, care should be taken to provide proper security. The power outlets should be covered and care should be taken to keep these outlets at a safe height. Placing them lower is also dangerous when little children are around. Windows should have a safety latch that cannot be opened easily by children. If there are bunk beds, ensure that only light switches are accessible to children and not light bulbs. Fans, if any, should not be too close to the bunk bed.

A place to play, a place to study, a place to relax

If the child has grown out of their bunk bed stage, the design of the bedroom can be based on the child’s interests or a theme that they would enjoy. There are beds in different shapes like airplanes, castles, and ships. A theme can be chosen and the color of the accessories can be matched and made into a comfortable room. While taking care of the bed, the place can be designed to house a small play area, a study nook and window seat where he or she can relax. The study nook can have a small chalkboard, a place to store stationery, a comfortable chair, and table. Ensure that window seats are safe and the window is not easily accessible if very small children are going to use the room.

Creative and colourful walls

Walls can be creatively decorated using wallpapers that go with the overall theme of the room. The walls can be filled with cartoon characters, 3D paintings, superheroes and animals. A small portion of the wall can be utilized for chalkboard paint and this will be an ideal space to unleash the child’s creativity. For overactive children, a rock-climbing wall can be fixed that would help them play in their room when they are not outdoors. As long as the rocks do not go high up this is a fun idea to have in the room. There are several wallpapers options in pastel shades for children’s rooms. Non-toxic paints are also another option that can be considered.

Single bed or bunk bed?

KIDS TENT BEDROOM CABIN BED in Green Cuckooland Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs



Choosing the bed can also be a lot of fun. There are several options for children’s furniture. There are also DIY options wherein a carpenter can help fix the bed according to the dimensions given. This may be a tad expensive, though. Bunk beds are fun options where the bed can be shaped like a ship, airplane or animal, according to the child’s choice. If bunk beds are out and the room is small, cots can be placed strategically, allowing some space for study tables and bookshelves. If separate beds are going to be used, extra storage can be considered under the beds. This eliminates the need for extra cupboards.

This gorgeous and innovative bed from UK-based furniture store Cuckooland is sure to lead to sweet dreams!

The bookshelf or shelves

Bookshelves can be arranged depending on the child’s age and the number of children that are going to occupy the room. For a child under the age of six, a small bookshelf would suffice. For bigger children who are going to share a room, bookshelves can be fixed depending on their interests and needs. There are several creative options for bookshelves in the market. There are standalone bookshelves, wall-to-wall bookshelves or wall sconces, where books can be stored. There are also several functional wall displays for books like picture ledges, door/shutter bookcases or tree book cases

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