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Amazing attic trusses

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A design statement that is consistently gaining popularity is exposed attic trusses and we can see why. Opening up a space to the highest point gives a property a sense of vastness and grandeur, plus, with attic trusses generally being made from wood or metal, they are beautiful style additions in their own right. Whether exposed in a country style or industrial chic inspired room, trusses add a new dimension of elegant architecture that everyone can admire.

Take a look at these attic trusses and see if you may be tempted to open up your space to make the most of your braces. 

Bare beauty

There's little more to say about this example than wow, but we will try to expand on that thought a little! These attic trusses look utterly breathtaking and not only act as a focal point for the room, they drive the styling on a wider level. Clearly a heritage property, we love that these beams have been lovingly restored and kept in situ rather than replaced or even hidden and really think that they bring a warmth and depth to the space that no other installation could. Popping against the white walls and complimented by the stripped floor, there can be no getting away from the inherent beauty and high end quality of this room from VPS Architetti.

Perfect partners

Imagine, for a moment, that the attic trusses were not visible in this kitchen space. It's still a stunning room isn't it? It still has warmth and a finish that screams of quality and consideration, but with the trusses in place it has been utterly transformed. A nice kitchen becomes an outstanding space that offers character, style and beauty in equal measures. For a county feel, dried flowers could be hung from the trusses, or perhaps dried vegetables, but we are in love with this antique meets modern approach which sees glossy black worktops perfectly paired with vintage roof beams.

All white on the night

Exposed doesn't have to mean bare, as this beautiful white-washed example shows. For a loft conversion bedroom, decorating styles may need to be adapted, allowing for personal tastes and we love how the exposed attic trusses in this picture have been sympathetically included in a wider theme. A bright, airy and modern space, had everything but the trusses been painted white, they may have stood out in a jarring way, but given a light white-wash, they look utterly beautiful and perfectly at home in this simplistic and effortlessly chic conversion.

Complimentary contrast

What a space! Not only is this amazing area filled with natural light, the honey wood of the exposed attic trusses melds perfectly with the white wall panels, creating a strangely modern yet very old fashioned harmony.  This hybrid appears to be something of a theme for the space, with new materials, such as the glass staircase wall and integrated storage, happily co-existing with older and traditional installations, such as the vintage leather sofa. A perfectly symbiotic and relaxing reception area, we just can't stop looking at all the fabulous wood!

Subtle but striking

We know that it's difficult to tear your eyes away from the fact that this loft space has been elegantly converted into a home spa area, but try to for one second and you will notice the exposed attic trusses just popping into view at the top of the picture. Though lovely and subtle, especially due to having been finished in white, we think they really add a certain something to the space. Clever lighting has been installed to really showcase the beams in all their glory and we could imagine that with all other lighting turned off, the effect would be absolutely gorgeous and especially good for a midnight sauna!

In and out

Exposed attic trusses do not necessarily have to be fully on show to still have a big impact on a room and the subsequent decorating techniques employed, as this elegant example demonstrates. We love how the beams have been semi-exposed, with some parts recessed into the plaster to give a hint of heritage without it overshadowing the rest of the space. Taking this approach has allowed for a relatively modern style of furnishing to be employed, without it looking jarring or out of place. Modern, clean lines are working well with the non-uniform beams and we love the impact of the room as a cohesive whole.

Naturally nice

APARTMENT IN PARIS Atelier UOA Modern kitchen
Atelier UOA


Atelier UOA

In a space as rustic and pared back as this, where the innate beauty of natural materials is left to shine, we can imagine nothing better than including some exposed attic trusses. They just look so at home next to the bare brick of the chimney breast and the rustic terracotta floor tiles and add a gravitas to the space that really would be lacking without them. Even the inclusion of a modern, though modest, kitchen cannot detract from the old world chic of this Parisian apartment and we are totally in love with it. J'adore!

Modern chic

Exposed attic trusses don't have to speak of old world glamour or rustic styling, in fact, they can be as modern and chic as you want them to be. Take a look at this fabulous example of trusses in a very modern and high end space. Finished in white to perfectly compliment the rest of the surroundings and decor, the roof almost manages to blend in and not draw attention to itself, but the lovely uplighting that is in place ensures that our eyes are naturally drawn upwards. A huge, airy and undeniably elegant space, we really love the use of a traditional architectural finish in a modern setting.

Superbly Scandi

Chalet Gstaad Ardesia Design Rustic style dining room
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

When wood is so beautiful, why cover it up or treat it with anything at all? We absolutely adore this Scandinavian-inspired new build, especially as the designers clearly took into account the potential for leaving the roof totally bare right from the start.The exposed attic trusses allow for a lovely tall and open plan property to be built, with no expansion or conversion necessary. The attic is part of the room, the beams are a major focal point and the space, as a whole looks utterly magical. As we've said before, you can't have too much of a good thing when that good thing is natural wood!

Use the space

Imagine that you are keen to have a loft conversion completed in your home, but you would be left with awkward spaces and exposed attic trusses that may get in the way of open plan living. What would you do? We hope that you would embrace the quirkiness and individuality of your property and work with what it offers you, like in this example! The ideal location for an extra bathroom, this unusually shaped gap offers little else in the way of practicality and yet, the exposed beam work looks fantastic. Bringing some character and tradition into an otherwise modern room, we think it is fun and fantastically different.

For more attic inspiration, take a look at this ideabook: Stylishly renovated attic spaces.

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