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If windows are the eyes of a home’s soul, then what does that make window dressing? Very important, we’d say! Unfortunately, far too many homeowners deem window treatment as an afterthought, choosing instead to splurge on other items like sofas, wall art and dining chairs. And even though these elements are also crucial, there’s no overlooking the fact that the right curtains (or drapes, or shutters… ) can make or break your home’s style. 

But when it comes to beautiful window treatment, what are our options? And how do we ensure that touch of pizzazz to really make the windows of our living rooms (and bedrooms, and kitchens, and studies… ) come to life?

With these window dressing ideas, of course!

3. Window dressing ideas: Shutters

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Cafe Style Shutters for Bay Windows

Plantation Shutters Ltd

There is something about a window shutter that inspires a look of traditional style, although they can also be perfect for modern-day designs too. Forming part of their many different styles is full solid shutters to block out light – perfect for bedrooms. 

If you are dreaming of window shutters for your kitchen and bathroom, opt for the waterproof vinyl kind to ensure water and humidity don’t do any damage. If you’re faced with a rather small budget, we recommend crafted shutters (made from medium density fibreboard) as opposed to hardwood – and doing only your front façade windows. 

homify hint: Opt for a wide-blade shutter to usher in more daylight. Paint your shutters in a stunning colour for a statement window dressing that coordinates with your exceptional room scheme.

2. Window dressing ideas: Roll-up and Roman blinds

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Kitchen area-window treatment

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As one of the top choices when it comes to effective window dressing ideas, Roman blinds and roll-up varieties are not only stylish, but also practical, especially for conservatory windows. Depending on where the sun shines through, they can be hung over each glass panel and be tied at various heights, ensuring some decent shade to avoid stuffy interiors. To further fight the heat, we recommend lighter colours to reflect heat and maintain a feeling of spaciousness. 

homify hint: Don’t forget to consider the backing colour of your blinds so that they look good from the outside as well!

1. Important tips for window dressing

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Duette—Energy Saving Thermal Conservatory Blinds

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Before you start scanning numerous fabrics and wooden shutters, first ensure that your windows are ripe and ready to receive some dressing – clean them! Banish the cobwebs and get rid of the fingerprints and stains so those glass panes and surrounding surfaces sparkle both inside and out. 

Keep functionality in mind. For the bedroom, blackout curtains are especially popular as they have been specifically designed to prevent extra sunshine from creeping indoors. Similarly, roller blinds with a blackout lining can also be the ideal touch for bedroom windows, both for adults and children. 

When it comes to spaces prone to humidity and moisture (like the kitchen and bathroom), venetian blinds are a smart idea. Available in numerous varieties (including metal, plastic and wood), venetian blinds can be tilted to allow more or less light in for privacy. For conservatories, vertical blinds are a practical choice, yet tend to look a bit dated; hence, roller blinds are often picked for a more contemporary style.

4. Window dressing ideas: Sheer curtains

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Dress Curtains and Voiles

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Want to dress up your curtains to allow in the light, yet not so much provide a view to passersby? Sheer curtains made from voile or chiffon fabric is your perfect choice. We suggest using a narrow rod that fits the frame so that it’s almost invisible and hem curtains just under the glass. Fit your curtains one or two panes from the top to allow in natural light above where people can see in. 

homify hint: For bathrooms or front façade windows, use a voile fabric with a subtle embroidered detail for a frosted effect.

5. Window dressing ideas: Using a pelmet




Thanks to pelmets, an even neater finish is possible for your windows, seeing as pelmets effectively hide curtain poles and other fixings. 

To perfectly copy the look of a five-star bedroom suite (in terms of window dressing, at least), select pillows and scatter cushions to match your pelmet and tie-back fabric. Go with a simple geometric pattern with a Moroccan vibe to mimic the style of an ornately shaped pelmet, but keep the colours fresh and neutral for a modern look. 

homify hint: For extra privacy and to keep light out of the bedroom when required, install a venetian blind behind your window pelmet.

6. Window dressing ideas: Single curtains

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Inkat Ink blue and Splatter Ink Blue

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Scared that an abundance of curtains in a room with a sequence of large windows will lead to a cluttered look? Then choose single curtains instead of pairs hung centrally. To further enhance an open and relaxed feel, omit holdbacks and opt for a lightweight fabric like linen which drapes quite beautifully. 

Be sure to also allow for plenty of fabric length so the curtains can pool on the ground to complete that slightly lavish look. 

homify hint: Use a narrow chrome pole with small curtain rings so that you don’t overpower the overall effect. Small curtain rings can also help to gather the curtains more tightly to usher in more light when not using tie-backs.

7. Window dressing ideas: Combining blinds and curtains

Of course there is always the possibility to combine window dressings for a super elegant look, like printed Roman blinds layered with plain curtains. We recommend choosing a bold pattern that enhances your room’s colour scheme and then opting for a plain fabric for the curtains. For additional detail, add some pretty tie-backs. 

If your blind is not made from black-out material and you really don’t want that morning sun to creep inside, then draw both curtains and blinds before going to bed at night. 

homify hint: Although it’s possible to mix and match window treatments throughout your home, it’s best to stick to the same window dressing on all the windows in the same room. Remember, even something as small as curtains can add to a cluttered or mismatched look. 

Don’t let dust and dirty smudges steal the spotlight from your beautiful window dressing; see Window cleaning advice that really works.

Which form of window dressing is your favourite, and why?

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