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Tips for designing your bedroom from a London interior designer

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The Grey Bedroom Aorta the heart of art Eclectic style bedroom
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Decorating the perfect bedroom doesn’t have to be a long and tiresome process. Taking note of a just a few small (yet crucial) elements can ensure a quick and fun decorating process!

All the better to learn from a seasoned professional who has made a successful career out of providing clients with beautiful designs, including high-class bedrooms. That is where Aorta comes in, an interior architectural firm based in London. Known for creating unique and authentic interior spaces, Aorta’s portfolio reflects a variety of projects that showcase the firm’s extensive skills and experience. 

Since starting in 2014, the company has worked on international projects in various industries, including boutique hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, residential structures, and even art galleries.

Let’s be inspired by Aorta’s take on designing the perfect bedroom.

1. The perfect bedroom: Choose a subtle colour

Nobody is telling you to refrain from using your favourite hot reds or bold blues in your bedroom, yet if it’s a soothing ambience you’re after, the colour palette will need to be adjusted. 

For a restful space, opt for monochromatic and/or neutral tones. To set the mood of calmness and serenity, gentle natural hues of blue, lavender, or green are ideal. 

And if you really can’t live without a splash of your favourite colour in your bedroom, try using another hue of it in smaller doses. For instance, instead of choosing pumpkin orange for the entire bedspread, rather invest in a scatter cushion or tufted headboard in a toned-down Honey or Apricot colour.

2. The perfect bedroom: Keep the space simple

Doesn’t matter if you opt for the modern, rustic or traditional design style, a bedroom needs to have a simple and sophisticated look. After all, it’s your personal retreat to recharge, and attempting to relax in a cluttered and untidy space is just a waste of time. 

For ease of movement, leave at least 90cm of space between your bed and the side walls (or large pieces of furniture), and at least 60cm between the bed and low furniture pieces like side tables and dressers. 

And only include the necessary pieces. A bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser and chair are considered necessities – anything else is just clutter. 

For accessories, less is more – choose a beautiful piece of artwork, arrange a few family photos, perhaps some flowers and candles, and call it a day!

3. The perfect bedroom: Commit to storage

The Chalk Children's Bedroom Aorta the heart of art Eclectic style bedroom
Aorta the heart of art

The Chalk Children's Bedroom

Aorta the heart of art

To help keep your bedroom looking neat and uncluttered, you’re going to want to commit to storage areas. 

We recommend a bedside table with drawers or doors to keep a few elements out of sight; a trunk or storage bench at the foot of the table for extra sheets and pillows; a headboard with built-in shelves; and shallow storage boxes underneath the bed (hidden behind a beautiful bed skirt).

4. The perfect bedroom: Layer your lights

The Vaulted Industrial Bedroom Aorta the heart of art Industrial style bedroom
Aorta the heart of art

The Vaulted Industrial Bedroom

Aorta the heart of art

Ambient lighting (like a ceiling fixture) is there to illuminate the whole room, yet for reading you’re going to require task lights (such as bedside lamps). If you have space to spare, we suggest an additional floor- or desk lamp in the corner to further add to the room’s dazzle, especially near the dresser / wardrobe where you change. 

Now what if someone drops by for an overnight visit? Then you can Be the best host ever with these guest bedroom ideas.

Which of these four bedroom designs inspire you the most?
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