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Embracing darkness: The beauty of the black kitchen

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When it comes to the fashion world, black is considered timeless – just think of the classics that will never go out of style like a little black dress and a debonair black tuxedo. For the interior design field, black might be one of those colours that don’t get that much exposure, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely verboten. 

The trend of bringing black into the kitchen started in 2016 and gained lots of steam in 2017. And with each passing day, more and more homeowners are making the choice to ‘go dark’.

But trust us when we say that a black kitchen is really not as unsettling or sombre as it sounds; it all depends on how you approach that black and where (and how) you choose to flaunt it in your cooking space. 

Let’s have a look at some things to keep in mind before choosing black, and then a few fun and easy ways to introduce black into your kitchen palette. 

1. The benefits of a black kitchen

High Gloss Black Pisa Kitchen Dream Doors Ltd KitchenStorage
Dream Doors Ltd

High Gloss Black Pisa Kitchen

Dream Doors Ltd

Black, regardless of the room or surface, is always a more dramatic style choice. It’s a colour that stands out and demands attention, which is exactly why so many people choose to bring lots of it into their kitchens.

Another benefit is the fact that black (like white) blends perfectly with every colour and style. From traditional cooking spaces to über modern kitchens, black can make just about any design look extra good! 

2. Adding black to your kitchen

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Holkham | Rural Meets Urban


The main drawback of adding black into a kitchen? It can make your space look very tiny very quickly, especially if it’s not very big to begin with. And since the kitchen is already an area filled with cabinets, shelves and appliances, it has even less space to spare than the other rooms in the home. 

But careful use of black in the kitchen, paired with perfect lighting, can quickly banish those fears and turn an ordinary cooking space into a posh culinary zone. That’s why we recommend you start small: a dark tiled backsplash, covering only the cabinets in black, black-upholstered bar stools, etc. 

homify hint: Black absorbs instead of reflects light; thus, if you’re planning on splashing a lot of black around in your kitchen, balance it with plenty of light – both artificial and natural. 

3. A black kitchen: Try playing with grey first

Urban Style Kitchen - White handle-less kitchen with satin black glass units Urban Myth Modern kitchen
Urban Myth

Urban Style Kitchen—White handle-less kitchen with satin black glass units

Urban Myth

Not sure you want to take that giant leap into black-tinted territory? Consider a lighter alternative in the form of grey! 

Considered by many to be the most versatile of all the neutral hues, grey can also be used as the primary colour in your kitchen while beautifully balancing with other colours. And with darker grey tints like charcoal, you can still get the idea of a black kitchen without going full black.

Another great idea for modern kitchens would be a bluish-grey tone – combine it with warmer wooden surfaces (such as your floors or countertops) for a striking backdrop.  

4. A black kitchen: Introducing accents

Accents play a huge role in any space. They are also a great way to introduce a new colour into a palette without letting it dominate the entire room. So, before you resort to a full-on black kitchen, introduce this moody colour in smaller amounts via your accessories (which can easily be removed should it not work out). 

How would a few black vases or decorative pots placed on your windowsill look? Heck, while you’re at it, how about colouring the entire window trim black? 

As we said earlier, light is important for a kitchen, but it can also be a clever way to include black. How about black lamp shades or dangling pendants in a dark hue? And speaking of black hardware, look to your cabinet knobs and drawer handles to further increase that dramatic look you’re experimenting with. 

homify hint: Black plumbing fixtures and appliances are still very trendy, and are becoming more affordable all the time. Thus, consider adding a bold black refrigerator or stove into your kitchen if you feel you’re ready to commit to a big chunk of this broody colour. 

5. A black kitchen with a dashing island

The one feature that just about every second homeowner yearns for these days is a kitchen island – and it could also be the perfect way of bringing black into your cooking space.

Considering the fact that an island instantly becomes the main focal point of a kitchen, getting one in black (or one which flaunts a touch of black, at least) is a surefire way of getting people to notice your brave colour choice. You can either keep the backdrop neutral to highlight your island’s visual impact, or repeat the black colour and finish elsewhere to balance out the look – your choice. 

homify hint: Remember that counters are one of the more costly things to change in a kitchen. Thus, before investing in black countertops, be 100% sure that this is what you want. Ask your designer as many questions as possible and request to see as many samples as you need.  

6. The wall space in a black kitchen

Bachelor Pad JKG Interiors Modern kitchen
JKG Interiors

Bachelor Pad

JKG Interiors

Last but certainly not least, your wall space – the other way of flaunting black in your kitchen. And it’s definitely one of the easier ways as well, seeing how quick it is to repaint a wall should you not be happy with your colour choice. 

Like a kitchen island, a black wall can become a great focal point. To stop it from looking like a black hole, add different colours and textures (like photographs, natural wood shelving, or accessory pieces that show of your personal style). 

Another great idea is chalkboard paint, which affords you the opportunity to flaunt a black wall that can be edited (with chalk, obviously) as many times as you like! We love the idea of recipes, shopping lists and motivational quotations being scribbled onto a black kitchen wall!

In the end, approach that black kitchen like you would any other colour: start out with small doses to determine whether it works for you, see if it really complements your existing space and style, and enjoy. After all, interior design (especially on a DIY basis) is meant to be fun! 

If black is a bit too much, you may want to consider these 7 stylish choices for your coloured kitchen

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How do you feel about bringing black into your kitchen: the more the merrier, or little by little?
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