The wonder of the freestanding kitchen

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Orford | A Classic Country Kitchen With coastal Inspiration, Davonport Davonport Classic style kitchen Wood
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There’s no misunderstanding when it comes to the term ‘freestanding kitchens’, as they are exactly what they say: kitchen units that are not attached to the wall or floor, meaning you can move and swap and change your kitchen layout to your heart’s delight! 

Even though freestanding cabinets are not an everyday sight in modern kitchens, there was a time when everything in the kitchen was unattached and movable – including appliances and furniture. In the olden days, just about the only thing that was fitted was the sink. Then came the 1940s, a period when freestanding kitchen cabinets were considered outdated and impractical. Kitchens all over the world underwent a sort of makeover and the modern-day, conventional design became the norm.

However, they say that history repeats itself. And lately we’ve been seeing a comeback of freestanding cabinetry in kitchens and are rediscovering all the facts that made them so appealing in the first place. 

1. A freestanding kitchen is versatile

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Davonport Classic style kitchen Wood

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


Considering that the main components of a freestanding kitchen are the ones we tend to use most (appliances, island units, storage compartments, display dressers and wheeled trolleys), a freestanding kitchen is most flexible. 

Think about how it allows you the option of moving your cabinetry around whenever you’re in the mood for a kitchen switch-up. No longer do you have to save and save to rip out those costly cabinets if you feel that it’s time to change the layout – freestanding cabinets allow the homeowner to be more creative with the use of space, as well as kitchen décor. 

Remember that some of the elements can also be moved to other parts of the house, like placing a dresser unit in the dining room, bathroom, study or children’s bedroom. 

homify hint: Add a touch of vintage aesthetic to your kitchen with a freestanding cabinet. Something classic is sure to add interest and could even become a focal point in your cooking space. Just be sure that the piece flaunts a complementary colour to your kitchen’s existing palette. 

2. A freestanding kitchen is aesthetically pleasing

Considering how many houses in the UK are quite dated, freestanding furniture can blend in perfectly with the country / traditional look of these residential structures. And don’t overlook those beautiful French-inspired spaces that remind us of a time when life was less hectic (one could even say more romantic) than it is today. 

Fortunately, freestanding units are also available in a multitude of different designs, ensuring that more contemporary pieces are readily available for the more modern home. 

homify hint: Freestanding pieces can also help you save on storage. Modern kitchens tend to focus more on streamlined finishes and a minimalist approach, meaning storage is often moved to the backburner. Solve that problem quickly and creatively by adding a full-length cabinet! 

3. A freestanding kitchen is a high-quality option

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Kitchen Architecture

Glass box extension on thatched cottage

Kitchen Architecture

One fact that adds a major bonus point to freestanding kitchens is the fact that freestanding units are made from higher quality materials than regular fitted kitchens. Fitted kitchen units are made from melamine, which is a chipboard with a PVC coating. And what makes a fitted kitchen strong is the fact that it’s attached to your home’s walls. Anyone who’s witnessed an old kitchen will surely know what water does to melamine – once it becomes wet, it’s basically destroyed. 

On the other hand, freestanding kitchens are made from a variety of materials, from MDF to plywood and solid wood. Not only are these materials more water-resistant than melamine, but they’re also stronger. In addition, all materials used in the manufacturing of freestanding units are treated to a variety of finishes and techniques which enhance their protection against water damage. 

4. A freestanding kitchen is more budget friendly

Marseille Distressed Granite Top Assembled Kitchen Island The Cotswold Company Country style kitchen Wood
The Cotswold Company

Marseille Distressed Granite Top Assembled Kitchen Island

The Cotswold Company

Freestanding units are often purchased as and when the need (and budget) for them arises. Apart from plumbing and electrical work, there is no professional fitting required, meaning no huge capital outlay on your part for something which you may not be 100% happy with in the longer run. 

In addition, those freestanding pieces can be taken with you when moving house, meaning your investments travel with you. 

Remember that a freestanding kitchen can evolve with your needs, instead of needing to be perfectly planned right from the start. 

5. A freestanding kitchen is super convenient

A sucker for new gadgets and modern accessories? Just because you have a freestanding kitchen doesn’t mean you have to miss out on them, as those units can easily be fitted with a variety of modern fittings while still keeping its charm. 

Some of the more popular examples include a soft-close system for doors and drawers, pull-out larder and spice rack systems, recycling systems, and electrically powered drawers. Best of all is that a lot of these modern gadgets can be retro fitted into your freestanding kitchen should you feel the need to include them afterwards.  

6. A freestanding kitchen is so practical

Feel that one of your units in your freestanding kitchen deserves a facelift? Or maybe you just purchased a new piece that would look exquisite in your existing kitchen, yet its colour stands out like a pimple? 

A visit to your nearest DIY store might be all that’s required. Depending on the paint technique, your freestanding units can easily be repainted to any colour you desire. With the proper steps and the right DIY attitude, you could flaunt a new-looking kitchen in a matter of days by purchasing simple items like sanding paper, painting brushes and paint! 

This means you’re not stuck with the same look for years and years, or until you’ve scraped enough money together to tear out those fitted units, allowing you to change with the trends.

Freestanding or not, you need to see Our best breakfast bar ideas for a stylish “good morning!” 

Are you perfectly happy with a fitted kitchen, or would you consider one with freestanding units?

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