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When dreaming about your own home many of us conjure up images of a modern house, stylish and made of high quality materials. Modern houses attract us mainly because of their exceptional, unusual shapes and unique materials. The interiors are often surprising and not hinted at by the exterior. Appearance and style are paramount.

Today we’ll take you on a journey around what are, in our humble opinion, nine of the most interesting modern homes. 

Integrated into nature

This house proves that modern architecture can be perfectly blended into its natural environment. It was built from natural materials, including wood sourced from the surrounding area. A simple block, based on an ideal geometry and clear lines, helps emphasise the beauty of nature. The design of this modern home allows harmonious natural living. One of the key features is the spacious terrace with a built-in fireplace, which allows outdoors relaxation at any time of day.

The modern chameleon

This house also blends effortlessly into its environment with the building’s elevation helping it melt into the vegetation. The structure of the house consists of several cubic blocks, each one defined by a flat roof and simple lines.

Great thing in a small package

Modern houses don’t only belong into large suburban plots and some projects are ideally to suited to urban locations. In this example, a small, modern chalet tightly wedged between two larger buildings, design is key to the home’s success. The diminutive plot size dictated both the dimensions and shape of the building. Clear lines and interesting façade materials distract from the home’s small size and give it larger than life character.

A very modern view

This is another excellent example of design that effortlessly utilises its terrain. The house was elevated to create the effect of dominating the environment yet still working with it. The imposing main cube connects to a terrace that features a swimming pool. One entire wall is glass, opening the house to the external environment and inviting the outside indoors.

Designed to make a point

Although flat roofs dominate modern architecture, other shapes also work. Unusual shapes and surprising forms are attributed to futuristic architecture but, when used correctly, work perfectly with modern construction. In this case the upwards pointed roof suggests is a wonderful feature and gives focus to the outside surfaces of the building, which includes a beautiful window. Just imagine how much space there is inside!

A 21st century fortress

Materials such as concrete are increasingly popular in modern construction. They help give residential buildings a heavy duty, industrial appearance whilst also combining perfectly with other materials, such as glass.The house may appear fortresslike and cold from the exterior but this is usually compensated for by a pleasant interior.

Windows 10+

Modern homes are often bathed in natural light, radiating brightness and an intense glow. To make this possible you need many large windows, which open the house to its surroundings. Modern architecture often emphasises large areas of glazing, sometimes even covering an entire exterior façade. This house is the perfect example; huge windows on each floor not only welcome in the environment but also provide plenty of natural light.

Cosy character

Modern homes can also be warm and cosy. Although usually erected using raw materials, such as concrete, metal and glass, modern homes can be comforting. As shown in this example, wooden buildings can also be modern in nature. The basic cube shape, numerous windows and wood-lined façade give this house a pleasant, inviting ambience.

All's right in white

White is the darling of minimalist style and has much in common with modernist architecture. In this case, the complex design of the house, with its fanciful facade, is offset by its elegant white colouring. Numerous windows open the building to the environment and allow natural light to bathe the interior.

Which take on modern housing did you like the most? Please tell us in the comments.

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