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10 sensational wood-fired ovens and stoves

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Studio di Progettazione Arch. Tiziana Franchina Garden Fire pits & barbecues
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Having a kitchen that uses wood as fuel is undoubtedly an indication of adoration for tradition, and also for that distinctive cooking style that is reminiscent of our ancestors’ kitchens. Wood-ovens and stoves are one of the main elements of Brazilian daily life, because after all, they are a passionate BBQ Nation!

With that in mind, the team at homify has selected ten stylish wood-ovens that are a most unexpected encounter within our platform.

From traditional grills to the most modern and futuristic, minimalist design, whatever your barbecue or wood-oven preference, the techniques are always the same regardless of the product design. The most important element is tradition, which remains first and foremost!

So get inspired with these gorgeous ideas and find a model that best suits your taste. Here are 10 incredible examples!

1. Country style

Each of the materials that form this wood-fired barbecue area are of a handcrafted origin, and are an excellent fit for a traditional country residence. The clay bricks and stone emphasize the artisanal character and improve the flavour of the meat. The design is family friendly and best of all, provides a two in one action, with twin burners. Making it possible to bake breads, pizzas and much more. Would you like to have a garden barbecue like this?

2. Rustic and well-equipped

Exposed Braai The Braai Man Garden Fire pits & barbecues
The Braai Man

Exposed Braai

The Braai Man

Wood is an appealing option that captivates anyone with its warmth. The charm of rustic wood is very endearing, contributing to the overall elegant and inviting look. The design in this example also shows how to create a kind of frame around the kitchen. Additionally, the structure allows for greater storage of firewood, as well as housing the oven. A barbecue such as this is sure to leave your guests simply flabbergasted. Try to resist this gorgeous and stylish design!

3. Stone in all its glory!

Clad your Braai in Stone The Braai Man Garden Fire pits & barbecues
The Braai Man

Clad your Braai in Stone

The Braai Man

Moving onto the third must-have wood-fired oven, we see a wonderful sun terrace with this project by The Braai Man. The structure and perfect arrangement of differing stones sizes and colours ensures a unique and original structure. The small wood stove also has a great design. At the top there is a chimney to releases gases generated by the burning of wood, while the bottom has a twin burner. Functionality and style!

4. A fusion of modernity and tradition

This option is the homify choice for you! Designed by Brazilian architect Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris, it is a perfect combination that blends style, good taste, modernity and tradition - all in a complete and integrated setting! Here we see the beautiful wood stove embedded in one of the side walls of the gourmet kitchen. The space has been modernised with the help of metal pendant lamps that bring personality to this room. This is a wonderful way to get tradition and modernity all into one area!

5. A mobile kitchen

This is a peculiar and innovative cooking design! What we like most is its transportable quality, this barbecue area is very comprehensive, and with everything you might need for a lunch or dinner with friends. The project has been designed by Gen Bureau, and each part of this wood-fired barbecue area fits together easily, so it can be assembled or disassembled in a few moments. The kit also has built-in cutting board for meat and vegetables. Super-innovative, is it not! Can you imagine having something like this in your own garden?

6. The gourmet kitchen

This kitchen has a simple, rustic and very traditional design. It instantly transports one to the past. The copper hood and lining bricks make this seem like an actual colonial Brazilian kitchen. The design has been created by the Italian office named Studio di Progettazionem, and relies on these rich textures to create a homely and rustic feel. Although simple, a kitchen such as this can produce delicious meals that will leave you wanting more!

7. Modern

This is a great example of a wood-fired stove that has the ability to fit perfectly into a modern space. The combination of brick wall with iron barbecue area is something truly incredible. The team responsible for creating this modern beauty is the Lebarbecue company. Modern and without taking up much space, this barbecue area is practical and easy to maintain!

8. Ideal for indoors

This modern brasserie, also designed by architect Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris proves to be the perfect barbecue area that is also fashionable and beautiful. Travertine marble flooring makes this wood-fired oven area above all a magnificent decorative, yet useful piece.

9. The brick terrace

The team at Fabrilor Iberica, designed this incredible barbecue area with a striking wood-fired oven. A beautiful barbecue area, this piece’s large size is something ideal for people with big family. The mix of materials in terracotta tones further enhance the sense of well-being and comfort, with the possibility of a sumptuous traditional lunch, made directly in an oven such as this. The design is simple but functional and emphasizes a sense of heritage and history!

10. Ideal for a modern garden!

Soc Bou is responsible for this latest barbecue. The design is minimalist and totally innovative. The sink side has an extremely futuristic touch, which ensures the item does not go unnoticed. This stove side has a built-in wood-burner grill, which inspires our curiosity to see the barbeque fired-up and turned on!

Finally, we reached our 10th wood-fired barbecue area, so we want to know: which of these is your favourite?

And if you would like to see more, check out our other ideabook: Tips for the perfect barbecue

Have you cooked with a wood-fired stove or oven? Share your tips and tricks below!

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