Clever and creative ideas for the ultimate playroom

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Dreaming of a space which your kids can call their own? It doesn’t have to remain a dream, as that’s what a playroom is perfect for. Having a space that stimulates young minds and imaginations, plus keeps active little youngsters busy, is a dream investment for a lot of parents, not to mention what it can mean for the rest of the house’s cleanliness and clutter levels.

But how do you go about creating the perfect play space for your children? Where do you even start?

Right here, with our creative playroom ideas…  

1. Why do your children need a playroom?

Underneath the soft cubes is a den with a mirrored wall Tigerplay Scandinavian style nursery/kids room Yellow

Underneath the soft cubes is a den with a mirrored wall


Tripping over a toy in the hallway or discovering a mess of a play space in the living room is something most parents have experienced. That’s where the beauty of a playroom can mean the difference between a clean and tidy house and a mum or dad about to lose their minds.

Apart from concentrating a mess of toys into one room instead of an entire house, a playroom has lots of other advantages:

• It’s a space where they can do as they please (within reason, of course)

• It supplies them with games and instruments to help develop their abilities

• It can teach them the value of cleaning up and looking after one’s possessions

• It’s a safe space which can ensure peace of mind for the parents

• It supplies them with a play area when going outside (i.e. during a downpour) is out of the question. 

2. Playroom ideas: Think about what it will be used for

Contemporary Replacement Dwelling, Cubert Laurence Associates Modern nursery/kids room
Laurence Associates

Contemporary Replacement Dwelling, Cubert

Laurence Associates

Finally decided to turn that unused room into a playroom for the little ones? Before you start picking out playful wallpaper and toy crates, first consider what that space will be used for. Of course it would be wonderful to create a room filled with every toy and activity under the sun, but let’s be reasonable.

Work together with your kids to figure out what it is they need (such as a room where they can do homework and colouring or engage in games as opposed to a simple storage room for their toys). The children are sure to feel a much stronger connection to their playroom if they had a say in how it was made up.

Focusing on one specific element (such as arts and crafts) can narrow your options and make designing the playroom much easier.

homify hint: Creating a fun and comfy reading corner for the kiddies can instil a love for reading at a very early age. To ensure they don’t get tired too easily and help protect their eyes, choose a spot that’s well lit (naturally and artificially) and has comfortable seating options. Display a selection of books on a colourful and playfully designed bookshelf that’s easily accessible to them.

3. Playroom ideas: Choose an eclectic mix of furniture

It’s unrealistic to suggest that the bed your four-year-old sleeps in has to last them until college, but certain furniture pieces can last much longer than others. 

An adjustable play table or regular-size desk is just one example of something which your kids can use when little (via an adjustable chair) and grow into. And speaking of chairs, ensure that their playroom has very casual and comfortable seating spots, such as bean bags, plastic chairs or poufs. And here we need to point out the practicality that is washable seat covers! 

Always pick light, easy-to-move furniture which can easily be rearranged when it’s time to give that playroom a new look – an activity the young ones can even help with! 

4. Playroom ideas: Focus on storage options

Pinner House Extension and loft Conversion The Market Design & Build Modern nursery/kids room
The Market Design & Build

Pinner House Extension and loft Conversion

The Market Design & Build

Although buying lots of storage options for a playroom (or any space) is easy, making it look effortless is a bit trickier.

Opt for a mix of open and closed storage. Closed storage will allow you to put away toys with lots of tiny parts (that aid in visual clutter), arts and crafts supplies like glue and litter, etc. 

Open storage, on the other hand, allows you to display beautiful and everyday items like books, toys that are often played with (such as during bath time), etc. 

And always include storage bins that don’t look too child-specific – there’s no reason, for example, why that storage bin must be shocking pink. A slightly more elegant colour palette or wood finish is perfect and can remain trendy and practical for years to come. 

5. Playroom ideas: Remember the light

One of the most important features in any playroom or child’s bedroom, lighting needs to be layered like with all rooms in a home. Combining, for instance, a ceiling light with a table lamp and wall sconces can help the room to feel less tiring and allow the children to play more comfortable – especially when reading or doing homework. 

Don’t forget to include a fresh batch of natural light via a generous window (if possible). Combining incoming sunshine with soft pastel colours on the walls (plus a mirror or two) will further help to brighten up the space. 

6. Playroom ideas: Pay attention to the floors

Soft stepping stones over soft artificial turf lead the way to the play structure Tigerplay Eclectic style nursery/kids room Multicolored

Soft stepping stones over soft artificial turf lead the way to the play structure


As the floor is often a child’s favourite place to play, it needs to be safe, comfy and rather on the soft side. But take common sense into mind, too. Hard-wearing vinyl floors are super easy to clean, and paired with soft rugs (inexpensive, of course) can ensure the best of both worlds for a playroom. 

However, if that playroom will flaunt high features like bunk beds and ladders which the young ones can jump off, opt for much softer flooring options like carpet and/or foam floor mats.

7. Playroom ideas: Don’t overthink colours or themes

Fairytale Castle And Princess Fabric Wall Stickers SnuggleDust Studios Nursery/kid's roomAccessories & decoration
SnuggleDust Studios

Fairytale Castle And Princess Fabric Wall Stickers

SnuggleDust Studios

Your child might be mad about a certain cartoon character now, but resist the urge to splash said character on every possible surface. Remember that kids’ tastes change quite fast – possibly even faster than you can finish that playroom. So, how about something more generic like the seasons, farm animals, under the sea, fairytale creatures, etc? 

Peel-and-stick wall decals is a great, inexpensive way to bring in certain characters and designs which can easily be removed once their trend has ended. 

In terms of palette, try limiting the room’s pop of colour to just one wall. It makes more of a statement and is much easier to repaint when your child’s love of Jungle Green or Lemonade Pink is replaced by another. 

8. Playroom ideas: Keep chaos at bay

North West London Terraced House VORBILD Architecture Ltd. Classic style nursery/kids room
VORBILD Architecture Ltd.

North West London Terraced House

VORBILD Architecture Ltd.

We’ve saved the best trick for last: in order to keep chaos out of your child’s playroom, there needs to be a constant purging of old items. Any toys and furniture your child outgrows (or gets bored with) must be put aside for donation. After all, they are sure to receive new toys quite often, which will only add to the cluttered effect. 

The rule of thumb is that any toy which hasn’t been played with during the last six months is ready to go, but this can vary from household to household. 

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What other tips and tricks can you think of for a stylish and practical playroom?

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