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Considering that your bedroom floor is the first space your feet touch in the morning and the last surface in the evening, we’re going to be blunt and proclaim that it’s quite an important area in your home! Thus, why would you not want to put some thought into ensuring that surface is as soft and comfy as possible?

Even though we here on homify are big fans of wooden floors, sometimes one wants something much softer underfoot – especially when it comes to a tranquil and quiet space like the bedroom. 

But before you dash out and opt for the first best carpet you see, wait up – a little thought and research is essential, which is what we’ve already done on your behalf.

Scroll on and be informed!

1. Carpet in the bedroom: The pros

Sound muffling: A bedroom with carpet will be much quieter than one with wooden- or tiled floors, thanks to the insulation properties against unwanted ambient noise. The thicker the carpet, the less sound will travel out the room, nicely enhancing the serenity of your sleeping space. 

A soft sensation: Of course we just couldn’t leave this benefit out, seeing as it’s the main reason why so many people opt for bedroom carpets.

Warmth: We’ve all experienced getting out of bed on a frosty morning and having our bare feet touch an ice-cold floor. Carpet cancels out that problem! 

Little maintenance: Apart from combating stains, regular vacuuming is the only regular maintenance your bedroom carpet will require. 

2. Carpet in the bedroom: The cons

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Open Spaces colour Quay

Wools of New Zealand

Eventual replacement: Even though a bedroom is known as a private space and has considerably less foot traffic than a living room or hallway, that carpet will still be subject to wear and tear. And that material will need to be updated eventually.

Stains: Although there exists various methods of removing different stain types, the most important thing is to wipe up that spill immediately and begin treating it as soon as possible. Depending on your speed and commitment, that stain may leave residual colour on your carpet.  

Snags: The occasional snag could happen with loop-pile carpets, and if left untreated could result in a material that starts to unravel. 

Pets: Certain pets, especially cats, could see your bedroom carpet as a surface that simply must be rolled on or, worse, scratched. And even though a little discipline can curb this habit, it could still result in wear and tear. 

3. Carpet in the bedroom: Environmental considerations

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Petroleum, a non-renewable resource, is used to manufacture most carpets. For natural, renewable carpeting, we suggest materials like wool, jute, and seagrass.

Another factor concerning the environment is the dust or mould getting trapped within the strands of certain carpets. This causes harmful toxins to be released into the air. To combat this, simply spray your carpet with a non-toxic finishing agent. 

4. Carpet in the bedroom: Considering pile

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Silver Birch

Crown Floors

Uncut carpet pile: Carpet is created by threading loops of fabric through matting to make the fibres in the surface. When the entire loop is left uncut, the carpet is called a “loop pile”. This type of carpet provides various advantages, including the fact that it’s highly durable, very resistant to stains, and easy to maintain. The drawback, however, is that it’s not as soft or padded as “carpet pile” carpets, making it less comfy for a bedroom. 

Cut carpet pile: If the loop that’s used to make the carpet is cut, it leaves behind single strands that make up the plush surface. The angle at which the loop is cut, as well as the way the individual fibres are treated afterwards, can result in carpeting with various textures. And while this type of carpet is very soft and attractive, the bristling nature of the fibres allows indentations and footmarks to be seen much clearer. And as it tends to show wear and tear quicker than other types, it often needs to be replaced more regularly as well. 

5. Carpet in the bedroom: Choosing your colour

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Amazing Design with Carpet Tiles


Colour is quite crucial for any carpet, not only in terms of appearance but also for practical reasons. Think about how long a white carpet will stay white if it has children and pets dashing around on it on a regular basis. Rather opt for mid-tones to help disguise dust and stains if this sounds like your lifestyle. 

Also consider how your carpet will relate to the rest of your bedroom’s palette and how it will complement the other textural elements. Everything from wall colour and finish to window treatment and bedding can influence the colour of your carpet. Think about what you want the focal point in your bedroom to be and then opt for a carpet that complements that instead of overpowering it. 

6. Carpet in the bedroom: Which materials?

While wool, nylon and wool-nylon blends are popular for carpets, more luxurious options are made from alpaca and wool-silk combinations. If you want your bedroom to flaunt a sense of luxury and gracefulness, a pure wool carpet is certainly one way of achieving that. 

But don’t overlook nylon, especially the latest high-quality, solution-dyed options. Technological innovations have resulted in synthetic carpets becoming softer and more luxurious. And don’t forget that they are more cost-efficient, hard-wearing and stain-resistant that your pure wool designs. 

Our recommendation? Go with a wool blend – it’ll ensure the durability of a synthetic (perfect for busy lifestyles) while still offering the natural appeal of wool.

7. Carpet in the bedroom: Take note of shading

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Montford Place


One last thing: if you’ve already started dreaming about a cloud-like, plush carpet in your bedroom, take note of shading. Plush carpets are created by cutting the loops before shearing the fibres’ tips. Pile reversal shading is when the colour appears to change between walking and vacuuming over it. This effect is also more noticeable on darker carpets. 

That’s why it’s recommended to leave the plush carpet for the bedroom and other quiet spaces in the home. 

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What do you look for in a bedroom carpet?

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