The Yellow Room: An interior gem by London’s Aorta

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Our newest inspirational piece comes from London-based design studio Aorta. Known for being fully committed to creative designs and mesmerising interiors, Aorta provides a variety of services that are unique to every client and project.

Ever since the company was established in 2014, it has made its mark on both local and international designs by working on high-end projects like boutique hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, galleries and, of course, residential spaces. 

Interior architecture might be the focus, but the company is also well skilled at bespoke furniture (handcrafted pieces and custom accessories as per clients’ requests), gift and home décor (from cushions and wall art to potted plants and vintage accessories), online consultancy services, and full project management for residential and commercial designs.  

Let’s take a look at one of Aorta’s newest (and cheeriest) projects: The Yellow Room. 

A sublime living- and working space

Where ordinary home offices / studies usually rely on a simple desk stuffed into a corner, this one brings both the space and style. A timber desk enjoys a unique location (complete with a garden view) that’s bathed in buckets of natural lighting.

In addition, a comfy modern sofa is just waiting to be occupied for some daydreaming, reading or just relaxing. And let's not forget about those rustic-looking floating shelves on the right—ideal for keeping clutter at bay while also displaying a few choice accessories. 

A clean, subtle design

Opting for a unique modern-meets-minimalist-sprinkled-with-rustic-finishes look, this study enjoys quite the eye-catching (and welcoming) ambience. Only the most basic pieces are present (ensuring lots of open space and legroom), yet said pieces are clearly of the rustic design. 

The result? Lots of open space with furnishings and décor that provide rich texture, warm colours, and the necessary visual detail. 

The visually complementary bathroom

We’ve waited until now to mention that sunny yellow splashed onto the focal wall of the study, for it makes a successful return in the bathroom. Colouring up the one wall and ceiling, the yellow complements the white surfaces fantastically. Accessories increase the neutral colour scheme with stone greys (another throwback to the study), while those square-shaped wall mirrors are just too playful to ignore. 

Let’s enjoy a few more visuals that speak of this fun, practical and overall super stylish design. 

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