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homify’s best purple bedroom ideas

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We all know how elegant and serene grey can be. And there’s nothing more graceful and classic than white and its many off-white hues. But don’t overlook purple just yet. 

Thanks to a multitude of different purple tints (each with its own unique style and vibe), purple can be as sophisticated, playful, subtle or refined as you want it to be. 

Known as a royal colour (it was said to be Cleopatra’s favourite), purple ensures a stylish vibe that, when used in the right context, immediately brings out the luxury in a room. It also stimulates creativity and brings forth a pleasant atmosphere, which is why it remains one of the top choices for bedroom designs.

So, if you’ve been dreaming about a purple bedroom but are not sure what your choices are or how to go about it, we’ve got you covered! 

1. The colour psychology of purple

St James's Gardens, London Nelson Design Limited Modern style bedroom
Nelson Design Limited

St James's Gardens, London

Nelson Design Limited

Colour psychology works on the principle that colours can have powerful impacts on our moods and even affect our behaviours. Each colour has its own effect, but the outcome it has on a person can change depending on which room it’s in, as well as the person’s experience and culture. 

The great thing about purple is that it can lead to a variety of different feelings, emotions and associations. As a combination of blue and red, purple rarely occurs in nature, which is why it’s viewed as rare and intriguing. One of its many hues, violet, shows up occasionally in nature, in both the fauna and flora fields. 

In ancient times, it required a great amount of effort and money to dye fabrics purple, as it is less common in nature than, say, green or blue. For this reason, purple has become associated with wealth and royalty, and usually it was only the very rich who were able to afford items in this colour. 

Even today, placing a purple element in one’s interiors has a certain sought-after look to it. 

2. What does Feng Shui say about purple (and bedrooms)?

When we delve into the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, we discover that purple is the best colour to stimulate and increase one’s abundance. So, when placing purple elements in the south-east side of a room, positive chi is released which could help promote wealth. 

Feng Shui is made up of five core elements:

• Fire

• Earth

• Metal

• Water

• Wood.

Perfect Feng Shui would be to have all five of these elements in one’s home, although that can be quite challenging. Because while each element supports another (such as wood supporting fire), certain ones diminish others (like water putting out fire). 

As red and purple are considered ‘fire’ colours, some pieces to use when styling up a purple bedroom (or any other space) can include candles, geometric patterns such as cones, pyramids and triangles, and landscape artwork of sunrises or sunsets. 

3. Dark purple in the bedroom

To strike a more formal note in the bedroom, opt for the deepest purples such as aubergine, plum and wine. But if you decide to go dark, really commit.

To make a brooding purple work in your bedroom, do something major, such as coating it on all four walls. Go a few tones lighter (to, say, mauve or mulberry) and those less-dark purples can make a bedroom seem quite cosy and inviting. 

And don’t think that dark purple is meant only for brightly lit bedrooms. In fact, dark walls are ideal for a dimly lit space because the saturated colour holds its own regardless of light intensity. 

4. Softer purple in the bedroom

Villa Alexandra, CANNES SoFarSoNear Modern style bedroom

Villa Alexandra, CANNES


Take purple’s intensity down quite a few notches and we find ourselves in an entirely different realm of more friendly colours. Soothing hues like byzantine can be far more interesting than plain neutrals, yet far from loud or brash. 

And as a cool colour (remember it’s made up of blue), certain purple tints have a naturally calming vibe, which makes it a perfect choice for a bedroom. 

Go much, much lighter on the purple spectrum and we get to clean, fresh hues like lilac, iris and periwinkle. These might seem quite girly when viewed on a paint chip, but in a bright room (and paired with modern finishes and furnishings) the result can be very mature. 

5. A serene vibe for a purple bedroom

Purple Galaxy Pixers Modern style bedroom Purple/Violet

Purple Galaxy


When combining milky, pastel tints of blue and purple, the result is a calming, tranquil vibe that can fit in with many different decorating styles – from casual to contemporary. This is when the relaxing properties of those cool blues, greens and purples really come alive. 

But when you bring in other muted colours of equal intensity, remember to add some contrast – a decorative pillow with a striking pattern or a furniture piece in a rich, raw material can ensure your purple bedroom stays far away from dull or underdone. 

6. Purple accents in the bedroom

Not sure you’re ready to go all out with purple walls? There are other ways to bring that colour in bit by bit…

Consider purple as an accent colour in your bedroom. Use it to adorn a scatter cushion or two on your bed. Consider it for the bed’s linen (it can style up as many pieces / fabrics as you like, and the look can be toned down by bringing in soft neutrals like white or light grey). A comfy pouf in the corner or an upholstered bench in front of your bed can also flaunt a purple hue of your choice. Or how about getting purple window treatment?

Other ideas include wall art showing off purple splashes, purple lamp shades on your nightstands, or a floor rug. But like we said, don’t be scared to bring in texture and pattern – the more purples you mix into your bedroom scheme, the more visual detail you need to include. 

7. Decorating a small bedroom with purple

Got a tiny guest bedroom that really needs to impress? Purple can help!

We recommend starting with three white walls (ensure the wall with the window is also in white to further brighten up the space via incoming natural light). The focal wall behind the bed can be covered in a broody purple. But here’s the secret: the majority of your bedding needs to be a soft neutral colour like white or off-white. That includes the headboard! Purple can be brought in in very small doses, like the pillows or a small motif on the linen – no more! 

For the rug underneath the bed, we recommend a darker neutral – like stone grey – to visually anchor the space while ensuring plenty of texture. Add purple only two or three more times (such as in wall art or purple flowers in a vase) to ensure the purple link remains visible. 

And focus on layered lighting via a ceiling downligher / chandelier, table lamps, and even wall sconces. 

In the end, this limited colour palette (white, purple and grey) will really help make a small space seem cosy instead of cramped. 

Seeking something more neutral for your sleeping space? Have a look at homify’s best grey bedroom ideas.

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