8 Interior designer tips for making your home feel like a hotel

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Spegash Interiors Classic style dining room
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Coming home after a long day should be something to look forward to. And one thing that’ll definitely make the end of a work day even more enticing is if your home looks like it was done up by 5-star interior designers.

And to help you style your home into a hotel-like beauty, we’ve inspired ourselves with the works of Johannesburg-based interior design firm Spegash Interiors. No stranger when it comes to deluxe designs, Spegash Interiors is known for its consultancy and decorating service – not only in the Gauteng region, but also across South Africa, the African continent, and in Europe. 

Both residential and commercial spaces make up the firm’s ever-expanding portfolio, so what better professionals to look up to for a high-class, super stylish home design?

1. First impressions are everything

Don't overlook the importance of a well-done entryway. Stylish lighting, a clean layout, subtle colours, and a commitment to storage are all key for styling up a wow-worthy entrance hall. 

But go even further by always keeping fresh flowers on hand, keeping it interesting with patterns and colours (as long as it reflects your personal style), and adding in a statement piece like a fabulous floor rug or even a sculpture (if you have the space, mind you).

2. The dining room

A Dining Room With A View Spegash Interiors Classic style dining room
Spegash Interiors

A Dining Room With A View

Spegash Interiors

Think about adding elements that can serve as conversation topics during your next dinner party. A striking chandelier, interesting fabric for your upholstered dining chairs, or an amazing portrait against the wall are all fantastic options.

But keep practicality in mind, such as ensuring there's enough legroom around the table for comfortable movement, that your chairs aren't too high / low for the table, etc.

3. A relaxing lounge

Intricate Details for Visual Character Spegash Interiors Classic style living room
Spegash Interiors

Intricate Details for Visual Character

Spegash Interiors

Whether it's for formal socialising or a casual chat with a friend, a living room must be welcoming and comfortable. Decide what it is you want the space to focus on (i.e. the television, conversation) and plan the layout accordingly.

4. A stunning hallway

A Hallway that Wows Spegash Interiors Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs
Spegash Interiors

A Hallway that Wows

Spegash Interiors

Even transitional spaces like hallways can't be underdone. Include touches that speak of your personal style (i.e. framed photos of family members, a favourite credenza). And since hallways tend to be narrow and sometimes dingy, opt for layered lighting (wall sconces along with ceiling downlighters, for instance). If possible, include a generous mirror to help cast the light around.

5. An amazing bathroom

A Bathroom of Royal Splendour Spegash Interiors Classic style bathroom
Spegash Interiors

A Bathroom of Royal Splendour

Spegash Interiors

Some guests make up an excuse to use a host's bathroom just to see what it looks like. Make it worth their while! Include delicate touches that hotel bathrooms always opt for such as liquid soap and hand creams in fancy containers, a vase with fresh flowers, and towels neatly rolled up and placed next to the sink. And of course it goes without saying that all surfaces (from your vanity to the floor) need to be immaculately clean! 

6. A bedroom that stuns

Forget about flimsy curtains or blinds and opt for elegant drapes, complete with tie-backs and all. It is obvious when draperies are done on a budget, and it can ruin the look of your hotel-like home.

For the bed, go with a supportive mattress and layer it with luxuries like plump down pillows, Egyptian cotton sheets, and a down comforter. Bonus points if you can include a plush headboard.

6. A bedroom that stuns (continued)

Lighting-wise, your bedroom needs to be bathed in a soft glow. Change outdated overhead lights with modern, sculptural lighting fixtures that complement the room's decor. Install dimmers onto your overhead lights, and complete the layered lighting look with lamps on your nightstands. If your budget allows for it, we recommend having an electrician install wall sconces for some further illumination.  

And always include an extra furniture piece, like a lavish armchair in the corner or an upholstered bench in front of the bed. 

8. A top-notch patio

To kick your outdoor socialising / entertaining up a few notches, imagine you’re decorating an exterior living room. Settle on a beautiful and super comfortable sofa (intended for outdoors, of course) and layer the look with scatter cushions and even a rug. A coffee table can ensure a stable surface for patio drinks and snacks.

Add a touch of greenery via potted plants and flowers and don't forget about adequate outdoor lighting. 

Not much to spend? Let’s take a look at The perfect interior design for low-budget, 1st-time homeowners.  

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