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This Home Went from Fine to Fabulous in Finchley

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It's not uncommon to come across gorgeous homes that have, at some point, been split into apartments and while we understand why this occurs, it's always really satisfying to find one that is being converted back into a single dwelling. It's as though the house is being restored to its former glory and we like nothing better than that! 

This is one such amazing home and the design team in charge of the project, Rozeman Architects, note the following, Converting two flats to a single dwelling reduced construction tax and regained planning rights. The deep plan and level changes between lounge and garden generated a design with an intricate section and roof as light-scoop at the centre of the plan. Zenithal light drawn from high up above the ceilings changes throughout the day and seasons. An open and fluid space was created with structural supports used to provide visual separation of the kitchen from the lounge and garden room. Materials are contemporary: metal windows, single ply roofing and Danish Petersen bricks, sympathetic to the existing brick used at the rear. A new porch and timber windows are in keeping with the streetscape.

Sounds impressive, doesn't it? When you see the gentle and sophisticated result, we think you'll be blown away.

In-keeping with the Jonses

Street facade with new porch homify Minimalist balcony, veranda & terrace Wood White

Street facade with new porch


On a street that has a period feel, thanks to the older houses and distinctive architecture, it is only right that every house attempts to blend in and look at home. While it might be tempting to opt for something ultra contemporary, if it would be jarring with neighbouring properties, you can end up standing out for all the wrong reasons.

We love how timeless and appropriate the frontage is here. Though a new porch has been added, it is perfectly in-keeping and adds something positive to the overall look and feel. Lovely!

Modern at the rear

House with new extension in North London homify Minimalist houses Bricks Red

House with new extension in North London


With the façade of the house having been kept wonderfully period correct and understated we think it's fabulous to see that the design team got to flex their creativity at the rear. Still a suitably modest and humble addition, this extension adds a little modernity, a wealth of extra room and a certain element of style but never at the detriment of the existing beauty of the house. 

The perfectly blended colour palette of bricks and slate grey all meld together and, though you can tell this is a new addition now, in a few years it will be far more aged and wonderfully weathered.

Bijou and beautiful

We've said it before and we'll say it again, you don't need a huge kitchen in order to have an incredibly stylish one and if you ever needed proof, just take a look at this superb space. Modern and traditional all at once, we love it!

The heavy slate floor brings a touch of old world glamour while the glistening white and rich deep purple cabinets add a modern nuance. Filled with light, both natural and electrical, this is a room that we can imagine being a joy to use.

Next level up

Extension to Lounge homify Minimalist living room Wood

Extension to Lounge


As the design team stated, there is a noticeable level drop from the living room down to the garden and seeing it like this, decorated with a heady mix of natural wood and white walls, we think it's a fantastic addition that adds a bit of playfulness and drama.

Almost Scandinavian in feel, this spot seems to naturally exude a sense of calm and with a natural floor leading you out into the back garden, the indoor and transitional areas have been expertly defined. It's impressive just how retro and modern a home can look all at the same time.

Bespoke building

Bespoke furniture homify Living roomTV stands & cabinets Wood

Bespoke furniture


What else says 'luxury transformation', quite like bespoke joinery? We don't think there can be much in this world but, unusually, you won't find that in the kitchen. Instead, it's to be found in the living room of this fabulous Finchley home that keeps surprising us!

With built-in sideboards made to exacting specifications, storage and display functionality is built into the very bones of this home. Still with a distinctly Scandinavian feel, this room manages to look chic, modern, cosy and retro without any single element overshadowing the rest.

Luxe for all

Guest bathroom homify Minimalist bathroom Tiles Beige

Guest bathroom


Why transform your home if you are going to leave guests feeling a little left out? We think this amazing guest bathroom is all the proof that you need to understand just how much thought and detail has gone into this refurbishment.

Frosted glass, unusual tiles and eye-catching ceramic elements all come together to create a space that is as stunning as it is usable and if this is only the guest en suite. Imagine what the main bathroom is like!

For more home transformations, take a look at this Ideabook: Before & After: London Mews Conversion. Even if a house looks dilapidated or has been split into flats, the right design team will be able to help you recapture its essence!

Did you like how gentle this transformation was? How would you have decorated? Share your ideas us with, below...

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