Ensuring your home is safe over the Easter holidays

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With the Easter holidays imminent, it's important to take a minute to think about how you will make sure your home is safe and secure if you go away. We'd all love to take a holiday and we think we all deserve one so by taking a few minutes to just double check certain things, you can rest easy and really relax.

We've put together our checklist for a safe home over the Easter holidays so take a look and check to see if you are really ready to jet off to warmer and more relaxing climes or if you have a few more things to take care of first!

Unplug your electrical items

Naturally, we don't include your fridge or freezer in this tip but for everything that you would normally just leave on standby, turn them off and take the extra step of unplugging them, too. By doing this, not only can you be sure that nothing will short out or start a fire, you will also be saving yourself money so it really is a win-win scenario.

Your living room will most likely be the main offender for electrical items left on standby so double check that you have turned off and unplugged the TV, DVD player and your digibox!

Close and lock all windows

The best deterrent to potential burglars is a house that looks like too much hassle to break into so the more you can make your home seem like a fortress, the better, especially if you are planning an Easter holiday break. Bank Holidays are perfect opportunities for break-ins. 

Go round each room before you and your suitcase leave for some sun and just give each window handle a tug to make sure they are all firmly shut, locked and secure. All it could take is one window left slightly ajar so be vigilant.

Turn off the heating

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If you are jetting off on an Easter holiday you won't need to leave your heating on. In fact, it would be a real waste of money and resources but so many people forget to simply turn the programmed thermostat off. It's because we are all used to having the radiators click on at certain times but without a family to keep warm, you would simply be heating an empty building.

Whether you have a super modern heating system or something a little more traditional, such as these radiators from UK Architectural Antiques, acquaint yourself with how they work so you can easily turn everything back on when you get home.

Clean the bathroom

Without your heating on you can run the risk of allowing moisture to build up in your bathroom while you are away on your dream Easter holiday so, to avoid this being a problem that you have to tackle when you get back, simply give your bathroom a good clean before you go. Air the room while you do so, too.

Be sure to remove any standing water round plug holes and make sure the taps are fully turned off. By taking the time to give the bathroom a spruce you know that you will be coming home to a super tidy and ready to use space. After a long journey you know you'll want a relaxing shower in your own home! 

Take out the rubbish

Pull out waste bins Urban Myth KitchenStorage
Urban Myth

Pull out waste bins

Urban Myth

If you are going to take the time to leave your house sparkling clean and ready to enjoy when you get back from your Easter holiday, don't forget to take your rubbish out. It might sound like a really obvious tip but when your mind is focused on not forgetting the boarding passes, tickets, passports and sun cream, it can be so simple to leave a bag of rotting food inside the bin.

Grab all your recycling and garbage and put it outside, in the right bin, and ask a friendly neighbour to make sure it is ready for collection day.

Give your fridge a clean

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If there is one thing you really don't want to forget before you swan off on your Easter holiday it's cleaning out the fridge. If you've ever come back from a trip to find gone off milk, rotting lettuce or unwrapped cheese in your fridge, you'll understand exactly why we are including this tip.

Try to use up any date sensitive items or, if you can't, give them to people who can. With anything that could go off removed, you should grab the anti-bacterial spray and give the inside and outside of your fridge a thorough clean. Trust us, you'll thank us when you come back!

Tell neighbours you will be away

Speaking of neighbours, you can never have too many eyes on your property while you are away so let a trusted neighbour know that you are planning an Easter holiday and ask them to keep an eye out for anything unusual. 

Leave them some contact details and the dates you will be away so they know that if they see anyone moving about inside during those dates they need to take action. At last… a good reason to be thankful for nosey neighbours!

For more Easter tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Easter Decorating. It might not be as popular as Christmas, but we love getting festive at this time of year!

Do you have a checklist of things to do before you go on holiday? Are there any extra tips you can share with us?

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