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Modern kitchens by the outstanding Zed Experience

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In this ideabook we will get to know the ideas for the modern kitchen proposed and realised in Veneto by Zed Experience, a studio specialising in the design of innovative kitchens, the result of in-depth research, both in terms of materials and organisation of space .

The goal of Zed Experience is to help redefine the kitchen in a modern way, recognising it as a connecting and connecting environment, hybrid space in which different functions and activities are merged. As we will see, in fact, the modern kitchen condenses functionality and aesthetics in multifunctional structures such as those of the kitchen island, which becomes the true fulcrum of a fluid space that privileges the connection with respect to separation, the continuous exchange with respect to the net gap.

The idea of the kitchen as a multi-functional space, however, does not affect the maximum attention to the practical aspects of the preparation, with countertops and cooking stations that can be transformed into tables and counters as required. Another key feature of the modern kitchen imagined and created by Zed Experience is accessibility, thanks to solid organisation that makes the space functional and inviting.

Here, research on materials and the style go hand in hand, leading to customisable solutions according to the needs of the clients and the home, which make the modern kitchens of Zed Experience unique and fascinating experiences, between tradition and the future.

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1. A steel island—Functional as a classic kitchen

homify Eclectic style kitchen Iron/Steel

As mentioned, the kitchen island is one of the multifunctional furnishing accessories most often associated with the modern kitchen, precisely because it can condense a multitude of functions into a single element. The kitchen itself is made up of two distinct sections on both sides, joined by a solid central cutting board, characterising the structure also in this case in the combination of steel and wood. On the left side there is an induction hob, avant-garde, available in different combinations (with electric barbecue, teppanyaki plate, top wire suction, etc.), while on the opposite side we find the washing station with integrated tub and tap.

2. A bright kitchen

homify Eclectic style kitchen

The modern kitchen that we see enjoys a fluid connection with the rest of the house and the outside, making the most of natural light to make the environment welcoming and accessible, thanks in particular to the highly reflective steel structure of the multifunctional island.

3. Mixing materials

homify Eclectic style kitchen

The mixture of different materials is at the centre of the Zed Experience research. Steel and wood, as we see, coexist in a fluid way in the structure of the modern kitchen, which can then also accommodate plants and flowers. Tradition and modernity working together seamlessly.

4. Modern and functional kitchen

homify Modern gastronomy

The essential lines of Zed Experience kitchens are designed to be displayed, like this kitchen, with ad hoc technical solutions. Each element of the Zed Experience kitchens recalls the Z of the brand and the materials used are solid and reliable: stainless steel, weathering steel, wood.

5. Outdoor kitchen

homify Garden Furniture Iron/Steel

Zed Experience revolutionises the concept of outdoor cooking, elegant wall-less kitchens which are extremely functional. The great versatility of the kitchens’ designs allows you to adapt them to any environment with total customisation according to the needs and the destination of use. Perfect in any context.

Not only kitchens

homify Garden Fire pits & barbecues

The real luxury today consists in having the opportunity to enjoy the best moments of relaxation and fun with friends and family, both at home and outside. A barbecue party with friends can become a rewarding experience for the eyes too, thanks to the attractive design of the Zed Experience barbecues. This version in wood and steel can be customised with a gas cooker, a chopping board with a drawer and other options.

Elegant fire pits

homify Garden Fire pits & barbecues Iron/Steel

Zed Experience also creates elegant and luxurious fire pits equipped with grilling plates and space to hold the necessary wood. The minimal and contemporary design blends impeccably with the solidity of the materials.

homify Garden Fire pits & barbecues

The Zed Experience fire pits furnish the terrace, the courtyard or the garden, evoking suggestions of distant times and giving a magical and romantic atmosphere to the whole environment.

High class

homify Pool

Moving away from the kitchens, we can’t forget this splendid wine holder, made of wood (teak veneer or resin finish) with integrated but individual tanks in order to keep the wine and food, and lid tub stations separate. This original idea allows you to create some fantastic atmosphere while serving fresh wine and crustaceans, submerged by ice.

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