Getting your garage organised in a weekend

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They're the words we all dread hearing: the garage needs to be tidied. The idea of sifting through years of discarded wellington boots, bikes that nobody uses and countless lawnmowers is enough to make you want to run and hide but, alas, it needs to be done. 

We think you should take the bull by the horns during your next attempt to get an organised garage and really set some new systems in place to maintain the tidiness. It won't be as bad as you are imagining and just think; you'll never have to do a 'big tidy up' again! Surely that's worth a little extra time and effort now? 

Take a look at our top tips for creating a perfectly organised garage and see if you can persuade other household members to maintain the tidiness with you, but don't hold your breath!

Put boxes to good use

If you accept your limitations and know that there is no way you will ever manage to keep your garage tidy, clean and organised, why not take the easy option and simply hide the clutter away? It's still a form of organisation so you're actually halfway there!

Add some racking to the wall of your garage and get a large number of cardboard office document storage boxes in. These are great as you can write on the front of them what they have inside, therefore making it easier to give the impression of an organised garage. 

Use the full height

If you have a garage that has some height to it, don't overlook the potential that it offers. Not only do you have more room for storing things away, you could even add in a handy mezzanine floor that can act as an extra room. Now that really is organised!

We love this space, from Tai_Tai Studio, as it is just so well thought out and put together. An organised garage this gorgeous would ever get messed up again as you'd be too afraid of overshadowing all the interior design touches. What a great prevention method!

Hang bikes on the walls

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Henley on Thames—After


An organised garage is one that has a place for everything and sees everything being kept in that place. One thing that always seems to take up far more room than it needs to is a bicycle. It's a large, cumbersome item that can't be folded or stored away so it just seems to get thrown in with reckless disregard for taking up space.

We are huge fans of wall mounted bicycle racks as they allow you to put often overlooked vast areas of space to great use and furthermore, they also look good. Offering easy access to your bicycles without having to navigate everything else in the way is our top organisational solution!

Get plenty of shelving

In the fight for an organised garage shelving will be your best friend so try to include as much of it as possible. If nothing else, when your efforts to keep everything tidy fall a little by the wayside, you should be able to hide some of your mess in some well placed boxes, hidden on your shelves!

Shelving is fantastic for any room in the house but it is so often forgotten when it comes to getting your garage sorted. Stop thinking of it as an outdoor space that doesn't have to be stylish or accessible and start giving it some interior design flair.

Find a suitable place for your tools

Not everyone enjoys the luxury of a rolling tool chest but regardless, you need to find a good way to store tools in your garage if you want to keep it neat and tidy. If a large toolbox really isn't an option why not go for something a little more budget but brilliant?

A shadow board on one of your garage walls is a fantastic way to ensure you can see all your tools at a glance and, by having specific sections for each tool, you will know when something is missing. Easy to make with just a sheet of OSB and a Sharpie, we think this is the key to an organised garage.

Group similar things together

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Henley on Thames—After


For the ultimate in organised garage genius you can't go wrong by sectioning out the space so that certain things are all housed together in one spot. Imagine how great it would be to have a golf corner where all clubs, balls and shoes live. Then you could have a bike corner, a tools corner, etc. The possibilities are endless but by keeping similar things together you minimise the need to rummage and upset your harmonious, tidy space. 

While actually cleaning out a garage might not be the most fun thing in the world, the benefits far outweigh the chore factor so why not make the time this weekend? You never know what you might find in there, too!

For more garage inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Garage Doors And Gates Your Home Deserves. We think you'll want to take a little more pride in your space once it's tidy so see what doors you can choose from!

Are you keen to have a big garage clean out? Which of these ideas would you like to put into action? Share your thoughts, below...

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