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8 Ways to create a modern looking living room

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Your living room is definitely one area of the how that needs a lot of planning and research before designing begins. More than likely, this will be the room where you spend the majority of your personal time and also the space you're going to use to host your guests.

Most people however, struggle to create a modern looking living room, a lot of which can be put down to not knowing the basics of the space. With today's ideabook, we will tell you about eight things that can be added to your living space, in order to make it look modern. So, make sure you read till the end!

1. Side table

The first element that every living room should have is a side table. Glass side tables in particular help to give a modern look to the space.

Here the designer has combined two different materials, in order to create a unique looking piece of furniture.

2. Floor lamp

The next thing which can make your modern looking living room stand apart is a floor lamp. However, make sure that there is enough ground area in the room before opting for this element. Besides, you can even play with the designs of the floor lamp to give it a contrasting look. For example, here the designer has opted for an industrial style lamp.

3. Cushions

Cushion covers also add a touch of beauty and modernness to your living space. If your sofa is plain and simple, then you can uplift its vibe by using decorative cushion covers.

4. Sofas

In case your planning to add a lot of decorative elements, then make sure you keep your sofa neutral. In this picture, the sitting area has been created using of white fabric that makes the sofa blend well with any type of decor theme and colour palette.

5. Incense burners

Apart from making your living room look modern, you also need to make sure that it smells good. For this, you can use incense burners throughout the room. Placing it on your side or centre table is the ideal way to turn this object into a decorative one as well.

6. Decorative objects

If you are not a big fan of incense burners, then you can even consider using scented candles. These to can act as a decorative element in your modern looking living room. Besides, you can find candles of different shapes, sizes, and colours easily.

7. Floor rugs

A floor rug or carpet is also a must-have element when it comes to creating a modern looking living space. Moreover, these rugs allow you to pull together the entire decor of the room easily. Although, the floor rug should be of a contrasting colour then the rest of the room.

8. Wall hangings

Lastly, your vertical space can also help make your living room look modern. Usually, people like to add paintings or pictures to decorate this area. However, you can even opt for a modern looking wall hanging. In this room, the designer has created a wooden structure which adds a rustic touch to the room.

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