Bathroom Trends for 2019
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Bathroom Trends for 2019

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There is something about having a beautiful and clean bathroom with every detail perfectly fitting the overall décor. If you care about keeping your bathroom modern, here are some trends that you can use in remodeling projects in 2019.

Black Should Be the Color of Choice

We have seen gray dominating the last couple of years, but it is time for a change at the top. Black has already become the new favorite bathroom color of the year. Experimenting with darker tones will make bold combinations available, and that is the perfect way to make your bathroom stand out from others. If you insist on keeping things classic, you can remain faithful to the grey color and combine it with white.

Focus on Technology

Thanks to technology, each industry has significantly advanced. When it comes to the bathroom business, we have a vast selection of “smart” items, including high-tech toilets and automatic lid openers, as well as seat warmers.We will take things to the next level this year, and welcome smart showers. These showers will prepare hot water when you come back from work and automatically start when you are ready for a shower. You can also consider adjusting temperature and lighting with your voice, and integrated Bluetooth speakers are a must for everyone looking for comfort.

Creative Tile Shapes and Designs

Why would we keep things boring when we can get creative? That is the rule everyone should apply to when it comes to tile shapes in design. First of all, it is up to you to experiment with the size and shape. If you want a classic square design, go with that. But if you prefer large tiles or want various shapes, know that will be a trend in 2019. Ask a design expert, and they may recommend arabesque, hexagon, or diamond texture. The whole point is to attract the attention of those who enter the bathroom.

Large Bathtubs

Regardless of the trends, comfort should always be your primary concern. If you have enough space, having a large bathtub is mandatory. That will increase the level of relaxation you can achieve when taking a bath. It will be the perfect way of relaxing after a tiring day. You can even consider a jacuzzi tub, but if you have limited space, perhaps open showers would be a great option. They are incredibly convenient, and they can add to the available shower room efficiently.

Throw Away Unnecessary Medications

You can make your bathroom look beautiful without a drug cabinet. Unless you are taking medications necessary for your health, throw any other meds that might have caused your addiction in the past. When you have drugs nearby, the chances of taking them is big, and you might have a drug test around the corner. The wisest move is to throw away all unnecessary meds, but if you already made a mistake, you should check out the Review of Quick fix6.2. It is synthetic urine that can help you test positive so that one mistake doesn’t ruin your career.