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A4AC Architects Modern living room Ceramic Multicolored
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When it comes to beautiful property and building designs in general, it takes the works of a skilled architect and design team to accomplish. You can be at ease knowing that your project is taken care of even the intricate stuff or problems that may occur along the way.

Architects from Johannesburg-based A4AC take the liberty to help another family to construct the perfect building with inspiration from nature, innovation and a love for sustainable living. The De Souza house is located near the Cradle Stone Mall and is close to other amenities making it the perfect location. Hence this well designed modern house is not only ideally located but ticks off all the boxes when it comes to entertainment, space, and accessibility.  

Generous patio

Who wouldn’t want to entertain in this beautiful patio area? Guests and family members can fully enjoy the pool and sun loungers whether it’s a house party or simply soaking up the sun to unwind. Neat finishes create a marriage between the flooring, greenery and outdoor furnishings.

Spacious yard

North Facing Entertainment A4AC Architects Detached home Bricks
A4AC Architects

North Facing Entertainment

A4AC Architects

The back yard isn’t neglected in exchange for the rest of the home's beautiful features, instead, the architects incorporated lush green lawn to complement every angle of the backyard. It's perfect for kids to play here, ride bicycles or simply enjoy the open air.  

Neat driveway

Entrance & Garage A4AC Architects Detached home
A4AC Architects

Entrance & Garage

A4AC Architects

This neat driveway features a combination of concrete flooring and red face brick walls that complement the exteriors setting a beautiful contrast to the garage doors.


Broken plan living for a modern look

New Living Room A4AC Architects Modern living room Ceramic Multicolored
A4AC Architects

New Living Room

A4AC Architects

Large spaces can sometimes look bare and plain, but with a touch of broken plan living as seen here, it adds a sense of depth and extra creativity. The architects blended arch-like doorways leading to the patio outside and the modern furniture sets the tone for an on-trend living room.  

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Spacious and inviting

New Dining Room & Kitchen A4AC Architects Kitchen units Granite Multicolored
A4AC Architects

New Dining Room & Kitchen

A4AC Architects

With a home layout like this, it allows for seamless communication between guests and hosts as well as creating an open space with no boundaries. Even while some people could argue that this a more “broken plan living” design, either way, both guests and home owners will enjoy each other’s company over a tasty meal.  

A smart way to divide up the space

While smooth walls are lovely and easy to paint over, the wall finishes as seen in this picture adds a touch of industrial design at its best. Architects also knew that these walls are very easy to maintain as opposed to smooth walls, and as a result not only great looking but innovative too.  

Bright and cosy

New Master Bedroom A4AC Architects Modern style bedroom Concrete White
A4AC Architects

New Master Bedroom

A4AC Architects

Even though this room is cosier, it still has the characteristics of a spacious bedroom, because the designers have used the correct furniture pieces to complement the space.

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