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Household cleaning while you’re dreaming

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We all know the joys of cleaning – polishing floors, dusting shelves, and doing the dishes. Although chores like these and others differ on the ‘fun’ level for most people (some claim that cleaning helps them relax), we can all agree that keeping a house spick and span takes a decent amount of time and effort. 

Wouldn't it be nice to just leave those dishes and cups on the table after dinner, just to discover a neat and clean house the next morning? The fantastic news is that there are certain household chores that can be completed while you catch up on your beauty sleep—and it doesn't involve dabbling in magic and inviting supernatural forces into your home to do your cleaning for you. 

Without further ado, let’s get right to these fabulous tips that will help you clean while you dream.

Soak your showerhead

It’s your shower’s job to keep you clean on a regular basis. So why not return the favour?

Occasionally it happens that showerheads start to spray unevenly, thanks to their tiny holes getting plugged with mineral deposits. In order to enjoy free-flowing water, you need to remove these deposits. But there’s no need to ring up a plumber.

Slip a rubber band over the top of the showerhead. Loop it around as many times as possible. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar. Attach the bag to the showerhead by slipping the top of it underneath the rubber band, submerging your showerhead in the liquid. Leave it there overnight, and simply polish with a soft cloth after removing the bag the next morning.

The vinegar will break down the build-up by morning, allowing you to enjoy your cleansing rituals once again.   

homify hint: This method is best for showerheads made from chrome, stainless steel, or other protected metal surfaces.

Remove stains on pots and pans

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Eva Solo

A little TLC now and again is what we need from our loved ones – well, your scorched pans require the same from you, but in a significantly different manner. 

If your baking tray is covered in burnt food, place a dryer sheet on the pan and fill with warm water. The cleaning agents in the dryer sheet will help to loosen stuck-on grime and stains. Come morning time, simply wipe off with a sponge.  

homify hint: It is advisable that you soak your dish the moment the food leaves the pan. However, since that is not always possible (or desired), simply make a solution of hot, soapy water afterwards, and let it soak while you snooze. The next morning, test how loose the scorched food is. Depending on how bad the burnt situation is, you may need to make a paste of a gentle abrasive, like baking soda, and use a scouring pad to remove the rest off the pan. Then just treat it to a regular wash.

Polish the stove grates

Whipping up a five-course meal for family and friends is a delight for some. Cleaning the kitchen afterwards is decidedly less pleasant for all. 

Let’s reduce the cleaning of our oily, food-stained stove burner considerably, shall we? Take about ¼ cup of ammonia and pour into a plastic bag. Add a burner to each bag. Remember that you don’t need to soak the burner completely – you just need a little to seal it up with some fumes. 

Leave it to soak overnight, and then simply wipe off the surfaces with a sponge the following morning. 

Out with the bad, in with the good… let homify show you: The Recipe For A Feng Shui Kitchen.

Away with wet messes

Sharing your house with a child or pet means you will definitely encounter a urine or vomit stain at least once. Still though, accidents do happen.  

So, to get that wet mess off your sofa or rug, blot up all that is possible with paper towels. Spray on a solution of ⅓ white vinegar and ⅔ cool water. Continue to blot repeatedly. When dry, treat with some carpet spot remover if you see a stain. 

Should the mess prove to be a bit of a challenge, mix a paste of baking soda and water and pour all over it. Use a spoon to spread the paste over the dirty area. The baking soda should draw the moisture out of the mess until the material is dry enough. Therefore, leave it overnight.  

The next morning, vacuum up the baking soda residue using your vacuum’s hose without any attachment – the hose provides the strongest suction on your vacuum cleaner.

Descale your kettle

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There is a reason why they haven’t invented a chalky flavoured tea or coffee: it tastes horrible. So, to save your kettle (and your palate), simply follow this guide when limescale builds up from carbonate deposits in your water. 

Cut a lemon into large slices and place in your kettle. Add water and bring to a boil. Take the kettle off the heat and leave it overnight. The lemon’s citric acid will loosen the limescale, getting rid of that off-white, chalky sensation in your kettle. 

The next morning, toss the lemon and water mixture. Rinse, boil and toss (just to be sure that lemon taste is gone). And then start brewing your first cup of tea or coffee for the day. 

Descaling your kettle regularly will help to: 

• Keep the inside of your kettle clean 

• Reduce the boiling time and thereby save energy 

• Extend the lifetime of your kettle.

Remove red wine stains

Red wine may go to your head, but it certainly has no business staying on your favourite garment.  

If red wine sinks into a fibre for too long, it will definitely leave a stain. That stain will become permanent if heated in a dryer. Your goal is to lift the red off of the fibres by diluting it and cleansing it away – which is why scrubbing is off limits. 

Whether it’s a spill on a rug or your favourite sweater, the best method is to treat the stain immediately. Without rubbing, dab at it with paper towels to absorb as much wine as possible. Then get moisture into the area to break up the stain and keep it from settling. Sprinkle with salt and cover with some club soda. The salt absorbs the stain while the club soda’s carbonation and sodium helps to lift it. 

Leave overnight before adding it to your laundry pile.

Did our remedies help to save you some cleaning time? What other tips do you have for us? We'd love to hear them, below!

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