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Surprising ways ​you can use tree stumps at home

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As we all know, using natural materials (especially in their raw, exposed form) in the home results in interiors that project a unique atmosphere. Exposed brick walls, wooden beams, stone surfaces – they all add a brilliant vibe to a space, which is why they’re so sought after in countless homes worldwide. 

But today we want to focus on one of the most well-known natural elements, which is wood. Whether you have wooden floors or timber furniture, there is no denying that je ne sais quoi that it possesses. But have you ever thought of condensing that wood down into a more natural form, such as a tree stump? Could there be a more natural way to include the beauty of bark in one’s home? 

So, today we are coming out of the woods and bringing some tree trunks to see in what stylish ways we can use them in and around the house.

For your coffee table

Where do we usually lead our guests when they drop in for a visit? The living room, of course. And that is where we will start our list, as we definitely want our friends to witness our ingenious usage of these trunks. 

Place one (or a few) stumps in your living room for a very natural appearance, but just make sure those top surfaces are even. And don’t be concerned about the small diameter of the tree stump – you can always combine several trunks and space them close together to ensure a wider table surface.  

Another idea could be to place a plate of glass on top of the trunks, exposing their tops and making for an exceptionally raw vision.

As bedside tables

These raw beauties work so well for tables, we decided to include another option, only this time we move to the bedroom. 

In this case, we do not need a table surface that is long or wide, as bedside tables generally offer only a small amount of space. Your stump of choice only has to be big enough to fit a lamp, and perhaps a book and/or glass of water. 

And since we can paint the trunks, it means we have the choice of either making them blend in with our bedroom tones, or have them stand out most prominently. 

Very simple, very clever, but above all, a very cost-effective way to go about your interior furnishings.

Make a stool

From a table to a stool, these tree stumps are definitely more than mere pretty faces. And since they work so well as tables, we thought we’d try them out as seating options as well. 

Leave it untouched in its raw and natural form for a rustic vibe. That wooden surface, brown tones and rough texture will definitely grab your guests’ attention upon first look. Or sand it down, apply some paint, and maybe add a soft surface to the top for a less-raw-more-softer appearance. 

Place them in the house, or move them outside to your porch / garden. Imagine enjoying a barbecue with the friends. What other seating options will allow you to get this stylishly close to nature?

Use as table legs

What is the one household element that resembles a tree trunk the most? A table leg, of course! And thick trunks are sure to make strong and reliable table legs.

So, opt to attach two sturdy trunks to a table top for an effective (and very striking) study desk. And if you like that idea and want to continue with it in other areas, conjure up a raw and rustic-looking dining table, but use four stumps instead of two – we wouldn't want that table to buckle while the guests are enjoying one of your delectable dinners. 

Because no two stumps are 100% identical (shape- and colour-wise), they add a unique beauty to any table making use of them.

Perfect for potted plants

Living in apartments or small spaces usually means having to do without a garden. And for those of us who need a bit of greenery in our surroundings, we typically opt for a few potted plants in our homes. 

Well, since you don’t want those plants to be exactly the same height (diversity creates interest), consider placing some of them on tables – such as your unique tree stump table. Not only does it add an extra touch of nature to your plants, but that wooden texture and look is sure to fit in perfectly with your selection of foliage, especially if left unpainted.

Sensational stepping

Tired of placing stepping stones in the garden? Tree trunks can be a terrific replacement. 

A lot of stepping stones present surfaces that are uneven and uncomfortable. Tree trunks, on the other hand, are much easier to cut, meaning you can ensure that your selections all feel perfectly pleasant, even when walking barefoot (although we would advise some sanding down first to ensure nobody ends up with splinters). 

Leave them in their natural hues, or paint them in striking colours for an eye-catching path in your garden. Or how about ditching the round shape and cutting them into distinctive shapes and patterns? 

So many choices…

Some branch beauty

Let’s get even more natural and raw, to a state when trunks are just branches. 

Using branches as décor or furniture is a remarkable way of adding nature to your house. Using them as wall art, placing them loose as décor on a table, sticking them together to make a photo frame, or getting busy with a DIY project to result in a unique model like Paulo Crafter’s, above… the possibilities are quite endless. 

Wood, whether in trunk, branch, or other forms, is a hot commodity to use in interior, most notably in a lot of Scandinavian styles. Have a look at: The homify Guide To Scandinavian Style Interiors.

What other ways can you think of to use tree stumps in your home? We'd love to hear your ideas!

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