Classic and rustic interiors for the resturant in Delhi

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If your restaurant needs to stand out then it is not the food alone that plays a role. The ambiance of the restaurant can do a lot in bringing in the customers for you. This charming and rustic little space called Spago has been put-together by the interior designers and decorators of The Workroom, Gurugram. Lending a certain industrial chic look along with making the space warm and inviting the decorators to seem to have done a fabulous job. There is an emphasis on homeliness which comes from the rustic and earthy shades that have been used all through. Also, another aspect that is impressive is the choice of lighting which seems to work wonderfully well in creating the right image and look. 

Elegance in space

One of the most impressive things about the classic dining area is the use of a number of things to contribute to the right feel. What works here, is that not only do customers have a varied number of things to appreciate but the warmth in the choice of colours is attractive and impressive. The designers have been successful in creating a mood that coincides with the drinks and the kind of food that the restaurant serves. The wood beams that run along the ceiling seem to have been picked with a specific purpose to create a rich and antiquated look.

Wonderful presence

The front-end of the restaurant has been used exceptionally by placing tables in a manner that evokes the ultimate response. Also, it is the perfect use of available space. Enclosing the staircase within a wooden enclosure is charming way to create drama. The squares have been used to showcase interesting quotes and sayings. This makes it impressive and creative at the same time. Placing materials in a way that strikes up conversations about it’s the origin, nature and the styling is what is striking about this design.

Charming use of lights

Lights are a wonderful way to add spark to your interiors. As you can see here, the hanging lamps create the perfect scene against the open setting. The rectangular-shaped lamps give an old-world charm and that is also contributed by the wrought-iron encasing that these lamps have. The lovely Victorian-styled chairs are in contrast to the tone yet the colour and the pattern in the fabric is wonderful, elegant and stylish. The flooring is another aspect that seems to bring it all together. It has a rustic and earthy texture which adds a certain rich quality to these interiors.

Unique bar

The cosy bar has been given a unique feel thanks to the addition of the treasure chest-like table that acts as a counter. The opposite wall has been used to create the perfect storage for a bottle of alcohol and other drinks. The glass seems to reflect all the colours and the textures creating a wonderful feel. 

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