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Ceiling designs that really raise the roof

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It seems as though we are all so preoccupied with looking at the walls and floors in our homes that we are shockingly neglectful of our ceilings. They can make a huge impact too, if you let them!

It's not just a case of plastering and choosing a suitable colour for your ceiling as there are myriad ways that you can put your stamp on one of the biggest areas in any room. From rustic brickwork through to sleek modern panelling, we have compiled some of our favourite ceiling designs so take a look and see if anything sets your interior styling heart aflutter! 


Honestly, the second we saw this we totally forgot that walls, flooring and furniture existed! Don't you just love how intricate, different and eye-catching this rustic brick ceiling from Elix is? It's basically turned the room upside down, with white walls and bricks up top!

Adding a warmth that is undeniable and unavoidable, the plethora of exposed bricks look staggering here and naturally lend themselves to encouraging a far more pared back and neutral design scheme. We don't think you can get much more rustic than this ceiling design.


Just when we thought we'd found the most rustic ceiling possible, up springs this incredible design! Created from roughly carved stone, this is a work of art that even Michelangelo would be impressed by, regardless of the lack of paint.

Obviously this is a rather different house that has been able to support such a dramatic ceiling design but we still think you can take some inspiration from it. Perhaps stone tiles would be an option for you? Or maybe you need to renovate a cavern, if you love it enough!


We know we shouldn't be biased or have favourites but we can't help it and when it comes to a much loved material, we are real suckers for a large amount of natural wood. We don't think we have to go into great detail about why as this example really sells it for us.

This delightful home office, complete with utterly enviable view, looks so at home sitting underneath a great ceiling design completed in all wood. It just never looks too much, does it? It's because the creamy tones are light and airy and add warmth, not overbearing colour.


If a little DIY doesn't scare you and you want to make a bit more of a feature out of your ceiling design, why not grab the extendable handle and roller and get painting it? While this example is really special, thanks to being not only wooden but also curved, we think it gives you some real inspiration for trying your hand at a little colour selection.

Has anyone ever actually said that striped or polka dot ceilings can't be a thing? What about painting a stunning night sky mural up there? The potential is endless!


If heritage homes have always appealed to you, you must already be a huge fan of vaulted ceilings and we can see why. They create such a vast sense of freedom and space and, not only that, they are recognisably an expensive and high-end feature. 

We rather like it when property owners seek to put their stamp on a home by choosing some daring colour combinations and though a plain white vaulted ceiling will always look classic and pretty, we wonder what a more intricate design would look like. It might not be the Sistine Chapel yet but it could be…


For a modern take on traditional ceiling design, scrap the perfect plaster finish and abolish the Artex as there is a new showstopper in town! Metal panels, used to create a smooth and shiny ceiling finish, are really popular right now and for a contemporary build we can't think of anything better, especially if there is an industrial flavour to the décor, too.

Making your ceiling a key part of your design strategy allows for even more creativity so why not open your mind up to some of these ideas?

For more ceiling inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Solving The Low Ceiling Conundrum. You can still experiment, even if you have a low ceiling!

Have you ever considered jazzing up your ceilings? Which of these ideas would you most like to try? Let us know in the comments!

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