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It is a well-known fact that the way we dress and look speak volumes about ourselves. Not only will that tight-fitting top reveal to the world that you are not ashamed of your body, but its bright red colour will also tell everybody that you want to get noticed. There is definitely some truth to this notion, especially when we consider volumes of research and information like colour psychology. 

However, if you thought that your home is the one zone that lets you hide from the world and will not reveal the real you to visitors, you are very much mistaken. Just the way your choice of car and fashion reflects your lifestyle, so does your home environment reveal volumes about your personality. And we don’t mean this the same way that dozens of souvenirs from different countries displayed on a shelf discloses a person’s love for travel.

So, read on and see if these subtle household hints really do reveal something about you…

Your front door colour

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Extension and renovation, Wimbledon SW19


What does your front door colour reveal about your personality? What does it convey to your neighbours or the guest entering your home?

A lot, apparently. Like, for example, whether you are the outgoing type or not. According to colour experts, a red front door means you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and let your voice be heard. And a blue door says that you are naturally at ease in most situations.

A green door showcases your traditional values, while a black door means you are probably consistent, conservative, and reserved. And what about a turquoise door? It means you crave emotional balance in your life, while also pursuing big hopes and dreams. And although you are a bit idealistic, you believe anything is possible.

And if your front door is painted white, it means you like to keep things simple and organised – the same way when you wear your favourite crisp white shirt.

Your wardrobe

Do you want to remain a mystery? Don’t let anybody near your wardrobe, then. Lifestyle psychologists agree that closets really tell on us as people, and that how we dress, shop, and manage our wardrobes can be reflective of our personalities – like whether we may be holding on to our past. 

If, for example, your wardrobe is filled with suits from your last job, old team uniforms, or clothes that no longer fit, it means you are in love with the memories associated with those clothes, and not necessarily the clothes themselves. 

This is what we call “the sentimentalist”, and it is the person that has a very difficult time of letting go. It is perfectly acceptable to keep some things that have special memories, but it can become a real problem when virtually every single object in your wardrobe has sentimental value attached to it. 

The best remedy? Take a photograph of each item, and then donate them to charity. 

Discover how: Nobody’s Perfect But Your Wardrobe Can Be.

The state of your sock drawer

First impressions aren't always everything. Behind closed doors, dirty little secrets may be hidden… in sock drawers, that is. 

Your sock drawer can reveal how type A you are. “Type A” has become the pop psychology buzzword and description of choice for people who are considered more driven, anxiety-prone, and go-getters. One survey revealed that orderly and detail-oriented people tend to have the messiest sock drawers. The experts theorise that people who are meticulous are more likely to spend time prioritising and organising more important parts of their lives – not their sock drawers.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing, as a chaotic sock drawer shows its owner is conventional and respectful of rules. Therefore, an untidy sock space reveals an organised person (in other areas, anyway) who has their life so together that they don’t have time to organise their socks!

The neatness level of your bed

Your bedroom is the one room in your home that you decorate just for yourself / you and your partner. It is your sanctuary, your private space, and the place where you recharge. 

Well, it is also the space that reveals how often you exercise and how much you love your job. If you think that making your bed is a waste of time, it probably indicates that you hate your job and avoid the gym. 

A survey where thousands of people were interviewed revealed that those who make their bed are more likely to be happy in their work, and also exercise on a regular basis. Psychologists say it could be because happy people aim for an ordered life (rather than a chaotic one).

Your scatter cushions

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Keir Townsend Ltd.

Penthouse apartment, Vauxhall

Keir Townsend Ltd.

Those scatter cushions of yours have been telling everybody about your personality and how you live in your home. And here you thought that they only brought out the colour of your sofa.

Cushions with big, bold stripes could mean that you are a confident person who is not afraid of what people think. And while polka dots communicate your fun side, animal prints secretly show the world that you are creative. However, geometric prints usually mean that you have a need for order and that you might be type A. 

homify hint: Want to show your romantic side? Opt for cushions with a softer and more textural edge. Soft flowing fabrics and unmatched sizes can reveal that passionate side of you. But if your cushions match your sofa fabrics and coordinate in an alternating pattern, you are telling everybody that you are a traditionalist.

Under your bed

What the space underneath your bed looks like will reveal to strangers your anxiety levels. 

Most people – even those with neat and meticulously organised houses – have hidden messes under their beds and in their closets. This is where a person’s true messiness is revealed, as they know that (almost) nobody will witness that side of them. 

Well, if you are somebody who is guilty of this type of “secret mess”, it means that you are the calm and collected person other people look to for guidance, as you seem to have your life together – you’re well dressed, poised, and you know how to strut down the street with an enviable air of confidence.

If you’re one of the few who doesn't have a secret mess in their house, you are likely a bit obsessive and may be an anxious person. Social scientists say the more anxious a person is, the more they try to control their environment.

Did we strike gold? Do these household hints reveal the truth about you? Tell us if you agree or not!

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