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Modular kitchen design ideas by interior designers in Faridabad

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S.R. Buildtech – The Gharexperts KitchenStorage
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Having a kitchen that is organized exactly the way you want is precious. It not only saves time and effort but looks great too. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can pick the combination of colours and patterns that works for you. A customised design means that you can create the shelves, drawers and storage units as per the things you have in your kitchen. Electronic gadgets, appliances, and crockery can be arranged easily and smartly if space is designed to include all of it. The interior designers and decorators of SR Buildtech-The Gharex have put together charming ideas.  

Smart use of space

This is a wonderful kitchen that features dark and light tones in exceptional ways. The dark refrigerator seems to balance the use of the dark colour wood. The kitchen units are classic and complement the entire set up. A lovely counter has been created at the entrance that works as a breakfast counter.  

Modern space

This is modern and spacious as there is a wonderful balance in the use of wood and white. Using a dramatic false ceiling has helped to give this kitchen a unique and attractive feel. The wood effect is spread all around the kitchen giving the design fluidity and consistency.

Great combination

The combination of brown and cream makes for a lovely look in a kitchen. Keeping things sober and subtle is a great idea especially when you like neutral tones. The granite counter is a little unusual yet attractive as it matches the overall look.  

Peach splendour

This is a bright colour for a kitchen. The peach and white combination works as the white colour prevents the peach from dominating the room. A simple breakfast counter sits at the entrance of the kitchen. A wall here would have restricted space and by using this ingenious idea the designers have created a spacious home.

Red and wonderful

Using red in your kitchen is a bold move but if you balance the shades by combining it with a softer tone, you can have a room that is vibrant, stylish and great at the same time. These cabinets and drawers seem to have been designed for convenience. Natural light comes streaming in through the window which has been left untouched.  

Black and white

Using black and white shades is quite common yet it creates a dramatic effect in any room. This kitchen is elegant, stylish and modern. The designers have used a combination of shelves, drawers, and cabinets to create a convenient space for the homeowners.  

Contemporary design

This is a marvelous design as it looks great and is also quite different. It has been made and designed to suit modern sensibilities. All possible modern appliances have a spot and this gives the kitchen a clutter-free and sophisticated look. The bright, magenta pink colour works in this modern space as the translucent cabinets seem to balance the look.

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