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Canford Cliffs, Poole David James Architects & Partners Ltd Modern houses
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Now this is an unusual project that we bring you today, as far from just being one home, the design team in place, David James Architects, reveal that it is in fact a development of, Three luxury homes, all featuring a double garage, study, wine room, pantry and laundry room. Two of the houses also have indoor swimming pools and gymnasiums.

We feel sure that we could cope with having the house that is sans pool but in order to give you a more inclusive overview of this project as a whole, we have pulled together our favourite snapshots of all the houses so you can see what a luxury development this was.

Prepare to start packing your bags in a bid to move in because these are not your average homes…

Spectacular shapes

If you were thinking about commissioning a new build project we are willing to bet that something like this will be enough to tip you over into the 'calling an architect' stage. Would you just look at the amazing shapes and proportions that this building offers!

While this is demonstrably a very modern and chic building, we get a flavour of something a little more retro as well. 1960s beachfront houses in LA come to mind and, with the dramatic overhangs and wood cladding in place, this is a home that certainly doesn't strive to blend in.

Variation on a theme

As we have already revealed, this project encompasses not just one but three similarly styled homes, each with its own personality and nuances. Here we see a home similar to the first but rather than being built over three levels and in a boxy formation, it is a two-storey structure with an elongated reach.

While the idea of buying a home that is part of a tryptic might not be for everyone, especially if they are new builds, we think the design team have made it impossible to resist here. Nothing is a carbon copy, everything is unique and what can be better than that? 

Out and out opulence

The exterior of these homes certainly made it clear that these were not just a new incarnation of a housing estate but if you were still in any doubt whatsoever, this shot of a master bedroom will quickly dismiss any lingering concerns. Wow!

Spacious, modern, elegant and perfectly thought out, this space, complete with terrace, is making us envious in all the right ways. There is something so timeless about this scheme and if we didn't know this was a new build, from the inside, we might not know either.

Pull up a chair

Isn't it wonderful to see just how socially driven this house is? Far from being a closed off, secluded property, this is a home that screams of parties, gatherings and closeness. Well, not too much closeness, as you'd struggle to fill this huge space with people!

The dazzling white interior simply mirrors the exterior render and keeps this house feeling modern, fresh and elegant but there is ample opportunity for personalisation. Large artworks look terrific here and stylish breakfast bar stools really add a certain something, too.

Dip a toe in

Well, we know we said we could happily cope with having the one house that doesn't have a pool and a private gymnasium but now we've seen it maybe we'll stick to this one! After all, this pool is the epitome of understated luxury, with a simple rustic wall and pared back walkway.

We don't pretend that we would use the gym much but knowing that there is a stunning view out into the English countryside would certainly spur us on, on our exercise bike, as would knowing that we never had to leave our palatial, perfect home in order to get fit. What a dream!

If these incredible homes have inspired you to start thinking about new builds a little differently, take a look at this Ideabook: A Suffolk New Build Home that Raises the Bar. We think this will really help change your mind!

Could you happily live in one of these exclusive homes? Tell us what you like best about these builds!

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